New Year, New Vision

New Year, New Vision


Dr. William K. Larkin

We are discovering that it is a “vision” of one’s life that will most heal the negative core beliefs of the past. It is also a wider vision of the future that will grease the passage through a transition. Negative core beliefs and transitions cause us to go into a DownSpiral and to “clutch” at what is, making ourselves the victims of this or that trauma or change. Actually, the brain is simply attempting to conserve glucose (the fuel of the brain) in order to maintain a constant level of synchronicity.

The function of vision is to heal the past and to guide the individual toward the future with eagerness and enthusiasm. Inspiration cannot come and the “how” cannot be created when there is no vision, or a puny vision that really does not move you through a transition in life.

A vision emerges from the deep structures of reasoning that exist within all of us. It is far more than “purpose” and much more still than being “purpose-driven.” A vision is not “driven.” It unfolds in the truest form of creativity. It doesn’t feel creative at all. It just feels like the beginning of something that goes on to the next thing and the next, inventing itself in the process of its discovering. To everyone else, a vision looks creative and inspired, but as most artists will tell you, creation is a process in which the doors open as you successively knock on them. A true vision blossoms from and is inspired by the stage of reasoning in which you find yourself in life. When it finally emerges, you realize that its essence has been with you for a very long time, waiting to express itself.

A vision doesn’t just pop up as a moment’s inspiration, even though it might seem to. You have been readied for a long time to bring it into being when your reasoning and believing could handle it. Visions start with specificity. Many people don’t believe that. They like the idea of a vision being something like popcorn - put a kernel under a little heat and it just pops. When that does happen, much else has gone before.

A vision is a result of some kind of discipline or strong intentional life. Visions emerge very well from goals. Setting goals is like setting up the brain to let the vision emerge. Goals that are well formed are the precursors to getting your brain to take the vision “leap.” If you have been diligent with your goals and you have really fleshed out your wanting so that you have strong goals that really represent you, your vision is close, if in fact you don’t already know what it is. If you don’t, keep working your goals until they are very clear and precise. This is sometimes difficult because between the stages of reasoning are transitions. It is difficult, in a transition, to get goals in place that lead to a vision.

Clear goals help move transitions along. If you have difficulty being clear and precise with your goals, just keep working on them, changing them and adding to them. The way you reason in a transition isn’t always going to be clear. It will be one way one day and another way another day – a frustrating but necessary part of the process.

We pay little attention to transitions and we know less about them. But they are the stuff of life. We are enthralled by people who keep reinventing themselves because it is the work of all of us. And it is the work to reinvent, sometimes in whole new ways, the visions that once drove us to greatness.

There is an enormous abundance of ideas and this is the time to get the billion dollar idea. This is the time to get the idea that will put you or your organization forward in a way that will speak to a new age with aliveness, vitality and verve. A vision, when it is right, arouses passion and the desire to “belong to it.”

Vision emerges from goals, and these goals change, especially if you are in the midst of a transition. The clearer you can be about what you want, even if it changes a million times, and the less you leave to stumbling along with chance, the more fulfilled you are likely to become. Your brain likes it better that way and cooperates much more.

The bottom line is simply this. You are made to know a sense of personal significance that emerges from the way you make meaning in your life, all of your life. There is always vision for you if you will cooperate with life and not give up living it fully, high in the UpSpiral


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All of us have beliefs that limit our experience of joy, that keep us from flourishing. Limiting beliefs are not necessarily negative thoughts, but they are beliefs about something that we want or would like, but that we think is out of reach.

What do you want, which, if you knew you could have it, you would want even more passionately?

Put everything you want into goals for the next few years. Keep them loose and malleable, open to change. Your wants, when you really own them and “want” them and attach to them, will change your core beliefs as you admit them.


The Research Evidence

Positivity In The Workplace

"...there's no doubt that workers could use a little cheering up. Employee satisfaction has hit the lowest level in the 22-year history of the Conference Board's annual survey on the topic.

Only 45% of U.S. workers are satisfied with their jobs, down from 52% in 2005 and 61% in 1987, says this 5,000-household study. Research shows that employees' positive attitudes can be good for business."


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Quotes from the Research Leaders

"You have within you the fuel to thrive and to flourish,and to leave this world in better shape than you found it. Sometimes you tap into this fuel – other times you don’t.

Where is this fuel within you? You tap into it whenever you feel energized and excited by new ideas. You tap into it whenever you feel at one with your surroundings, at peace. You tap into it whenever you feel playful, creative, or silly. You tap into it whenever you feel your soul stirred by the sheer beauty of existence. You tap into it whenever you feel connected to others and loved. In short, you tap into it whenever positive emotions resonate within you."

Dr. Barbara Frederickson 

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Vision or Shame?

 While shame and guilt occur in the DownSpiral and not the UpSpiral, it is only by being in an UpSpiral that we really “attach” to our longings, desires, and truest “wantings.”

Take these deep desires and wantings, along with the permission to be imprecise about them for a while, and form them into goals. Then from a collection of goals, formed over time, start to define and articulate your unique and personal vision for your life.


Thank you!

2011 has proven to be a year of remarkable growth for us. As we close the book on this year, we look forward with all of you to a New Year of even greater and more exciting milestones. Our wish for you all is a season of joy, love, gratitude, peace, and hope, wrapped in a huge "thank-you" for all of your faithful support. 

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