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I recently asked the Childhood 101 Facebook community what they, as a parent, wished they had more time for. The answers were many and varied and included playing, reading, gardening, crafting, eating, exercising, sleeping, me time, time with partner, hot baths (and showers), family mealtimes, chilled out time as a family, and family holidays. Our modern day lives are busy, filled to overflowing with competing priorities and pressing demands on our time, and I don't know about you but I often find myself torn between what I think I SHOULD be doing and what I WANT to do!

It's a dilemma, one I have been pondering a lot this year, especially since AJ joined our family almost six months ago. I certainly don't have the answers but I feel a sense of determination, a quest to make the most of the 24 hours available in each and every day. No more waiting for the sun to come out or this season to pass, instead I will find happiness in the rain, even if it means getting mighty wet!

It is from this determination that the Living Your Best Family Life series was born. Through the series I hope to share with you my plans, thoughts and findings as I look at individual elements of our family life and routines to craft a life less busy, lived with greater purpose and intention, with more time dedicated for the things that matter to us. If this sounds relevant to your family, I invite you to catch up on the series so far; I hope you will join me in this quest. Let’s tackle the issue of finding more time together, sharing our ideas and inspiration, and celebrating our success (because we WILL have success!)  Feel free to drop by and tell me what you would like to find more time for. What will help you and your family to live your BEST life together?

All the best, Christie xox

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Thanks for your time, I know how precious it is. - Christie
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