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Well, it was a radically different world when we originally put this sale list together last month. We'd hoped to get it out before the NY Antiquarian Book Fair, but the always frantic preparations for that event meant that we couldn't get to this list, an admittedly imperfect moment. First and foremost, we hope you and yours are staying safe and sane and healthy at this difficult time. Next, if you're reading this, you are almost certainly a fellow resident of bibliomundo, and there are many ways we can help support each other during this crisis. Whether it's buying books from our local bookstores, helping support out-of-work booksellers, donating to the ABAA's Benevolent Fund, or simply volunteering as a citizen archivist to assist in transcribing materials for the National Archives, I am heartened by the generosity of our various bibliophilic communities. For those working (or just stuck) at home, I hope the list below provides at least some interesting reading. And for those who would like to order anything: we thank you in advance. Just reply to this email. Finally, in another instance of unfortunate timing, we also just released our first print catalogue at Type Punch Matrix (PDF, print copies available on request). We hope you'll take a look. But more importantly, be well. Take care. And stay in touch.
Limited edition signed by both Duncan and Faas, additionally inscribed by Duncan to poet Carl Rakosi and his wife: "For Carl and Leah / This lame-brained German [sic] / prosaic account of my adventures / in Bohemia [slash] and some country clubs / with love / Robert."

Archive of seven original comic strips by Jon Holmstrom, produced following PUNK Magazine's 1979 hiatus. Three examples are from Holmstrom's most recognizable creation, "Bosko," who appeared in the Village Voice, the East Village Eye, High Times, and elsewhere. Another three are from the "Detective Noodles" series, a satire of the hard-boiled private detective (one of which appeared in STOP #3). The final example, "One Day At The Kink Shop," appears to be a one-off. A vivid selection of original comic art from the end of the first decade of punk, from one of its cornerstone artists and key figures.

Bidart's debut collection, containing arguably his most famous poem, the chilling "Herbert White." Inscribed to editor and designer Harry Ford, who helped define not only the taste but also the visual style of mainstream American poetry in the second half of the last century.

A fine association, inscribed to Pat Caporaso, director of Castelli Graphics and a trusted aide to Leo Castelli for many years. Four illustrated essays by Van Bruggen in English are interspersed with plates featuring 301 black and white and color illustrations. Nauman's signature remains elusive, inscriptions scarce, and rare with any kind of association.

19th-century poem with the first mention in book form of the legend of the Big Foot (Sasquatch):

"You have seen and heard the story, too, / Of how, upon Mount Siskiyou / Was seen an ape, or spook, or tramp / In region near the happy camp some years gone by— / That was of stature taller than / The ordinary height of man / Who fed on berries, roots and grouse, / And from whose eye / There gleamed the fierceness of the beast..." The appendix reprints a newspaper account of the Bigfoot sighting, possibly the only place this account survives (we find no holdings anywhere). 



Lovely selection of original fashion art by New York-based designer David Leigh, ca. 1955.

Collection includes 24 completed portraits executed in pen & ink with watercolor or gouache on paper and 18 other preliminary works and sketches, including a brief series of Shakespearean costume design. With a large spiral-bound artist's notebook containing eight additional color studies, plus one sketch. Most works SIGNED by the artist. Quintessentially post-war in their style and taste, clearly indebted to VOGUE and their artists. A beautiful primary collection of 1950s high fashion.

SALE PRICE: $1,500.00


Album documenting the construction of the Plaza "Rocking Chair" Theater on Phillips Highway (U.S. Hwy #1) in Jacksonville, FL,  which opened its doors January 27, 1967. Photographs thoroughly detail the process from groundbreaking to completion, as well as finished shots of the theater's interior and exterior. The Plaza's amenities, including ample parking, rocking chair seats and easy access to expressways, marked a sea change in options for the moviegoing public - a move that culminates in our modern multiplexes. 

SALE PRICE: $750.00


Album of photos by an unknown attendee of President Nixon’s second Inauguration (January 20, 1973) all shot from the main platform less than ten rows behind the swearing-in. Comedic typed captions throughout poke fun at the President, Vice President, First Lady, and Bob Hope, referred to as “The original…Mr. What’s His Nose.” 

SALE PRICE: $175.00


 Izzy Young's copy, with his contemporary ownership inscription to last page: "Israel G. Young, December 1964, from Ed Sanders." Edited by Ron Padgett (who also typed the stencils), this remains the definitive statement of the Second Generation of the New York School as well as Berrigan's most influential, popular, and lasting work. From an edition of "300 plus an unspecified number of unnumbered copies", this is from the unnumbered series, estimated (by Berrigan himself) to be about 100.

SALE PRICE: $625.00

Collection of verse from Cleveland poet Salamon, printed letterpress and with two block prints by d.a. levy.

Invitation card for a show held to benefit Ambrose Hollingsworth, the then-hospitalized manager of the Quicksilver Messenger Service, on May 21, 1966. Acts on the bill included Big Brother and the Holding Company, in one of their final shows before the addition of Janis Joplin. An attractive artifact from the 60s Bay Area rock-and-roll scene.

Price: $175.00
SALE PRICE: $87.50


Association copy of an early Wright book, inscribed to fellow Pulitzer Prize winner, Charles Simic. With three instances of marginalia in an unknown hand, likely Simic's. 

SALE PRICE: $375.00


Clarence P. Hornung's TRADE-MARKS, the first book by one of the most important and influential designers of the 20th century. TRADE-MARKS is an elegant production, in keeping with the work it contains, with embossed French-fold leaves, each bearing a single color logo. More than half of the focus is on the bibliographic, including the logos of Encyclopedia Britannica, Scribner's, Farrar and Rinehart (two variants), Harper, Book League of America, Mazarin Press, Vanguard Press, Sunflower Press and Caxton Press. From the library of two noteworthy Chicago area book collectors.

SALE PRICE: $300.00

Deluxe edition of Cage's Charles Eliot Northern Lectures, delivered at Harvard between 1988-1989. Includes two 60-minute audio cassettes of Cage reading and of a lively question-and-answer section from one of the lectures. Uncommon, especially in this condition.

Fifth issue of this "poets' newsletter" edited by Myers and published by his gallery, Tibor De Nagy. SEMI-COLON, which ran ten issues, served as something of a semi-private mode of communication between these New York writers, not unlike the way FLOATING BEAR would a decade later. Issues are scarce, and this is a particularly strong one, featuring poems and collaborations from Kenneth Koch and Frank O'Hara.

SALE PRICE: $200.00


Final issue of this seminal rock zine, one of the most important of the pre-punk era. JAMZ was characterized by editor Alan Betrock's obsessional discographies, enthusiastic voice, and prescient taste. Articles in this issue cover The Kinks, The Who, Dada, The NY Dolls, Them, T. Rex, and more; writers include Richard Meltzer, Greg Shaw, and Mike Saunders. 

SALE PRICE: $125.00


Assemblage anthology in the Fluxus/mail art traditions: “The intent of this book is to call attention to activities in the area of notebooks, community art and correspondence art and to encourage other people to launch projects of their own." Contributors include: Russel Edson, Jim Harrison, Nelson Howe, Geoff Hendricks, Dick Higgins, Richard Kostelanetz, Richard Meltzer, Image Bank, John Perreault, Jerome Rothenberg, Alan Sondheim, and others. Compiled by Jerry G. Bowles. Though widely held institutionally, it is surprisingly scarce in the trade.

SALE PRICE: $550.00


First edition of this uncommon early collection from the noted Language poet. 

SALE PRICE: $400.00


Original flyer for the first Western Front Festival, produced by the Walking Dead record label and held in October 1979 at various venues of San Francisco’s punk scene. Over seventy bands were featured, including The Clash, The Dead Kennedys, The Mutants, Black Randy, Black Flag, The Feederz, Nervous Gender, The Units, and more.

SALE PRICE: $100.00


Original artwork by London spiritualist Madge Gill. Guided by an entity she named “Myninterest,” Gill (1882– 1961) began making art in 1919, and thereafter created hundreds of automatic, Dada-esque drawings, predominantly in ink. It has been suggested that Gill used her drawing to communicate with her children, two of which died in infancy. A favorite of many outsider art proponents, including Jean Dubuffet, Gill was a subject in Compagnie de l’Art Brut’s classic monograph series.

SALE PRICE: $625.00


Uncommon hardcover issue of Allan Kaprow’s ASSEMBLAGE, ENVIRONMENTS & HAPPENINGS, inscribed to photojournalist Paul Berg, whose photos are included in this volume. Artists covered include Robert Rauschenberg, Claes Oldenburg, Red Grooms, and George Segal, with contributions from Wolf Vostell, George Brecht, Kaprow and others.

Price: $1,000.00 
SALE PRICE: $500.00


The final installment in Mead's series of drug-laden diary excerpts, published between 1962-1968. A prominent face on the New York scene, Mead appeared in most of Andy Warhol's Factory films including "Tarzan and Jane Regained" and "Taylor Mead's Ass". With his large, bold signature to the first endpaper. 

SALE PRICE: $200.00


Publisher’s copy of this generously illustrated collection of Ernst’s later works. With a small, original drawing by the artist and inscribed by Ernst to Paul Anbinder, then president of Abrams, who later went to found the art-oriented imprint Hudson Hills Press. Genuinely inscribed books from Ernst are uncommon, and rare with such a strong association.

Price: $2,500.00 
SALE PRICE: $1250.00


Original holograph notebook recording the dating life of an unnamed California high school and college student from 1943 to 1946. The notebook meticulously notes girls’ names, contact information, what they did on the dates (movies seen, diners visited, parties attended, etc.) and a brief assessment of each date (“enjoyable,” “she likes to talk,” “never enjoyed dancing so much,” “no comment,” “alright,” and: “Undoubtedly she’d have enjoyed herself more with a trained dog — which I’m not!”
The 19-year-old author concludes his noteblook somewhat philosophically: “[T]hus I end this, the first report on girls that I know, or in many cases have known. I close with the realization that my search is not yet over. And so I look forward to new faces and new loves.” A fascinating look at romantic mores during the sociological dawn of the Teenager.

SALE PRICE: $487.50


Correct first edition of this pamphlet published by Mary Beach, the decidedly rarer "black paper issue," estimated to be 200 copies. Includes Burroughs' "A boy as quoted in The Desparate Years." Pelieu's "Objective Galactic Time Demolition Plan 23," and Weissener's "So Who Owns Death TV?" [Maynard & Miles A13].

SALE PRICE: $125.00


Striking flyer for a Jan. 31st, 1966 reading by poet, actor, photographer and Warhol associate Gerard Malanga at Izzy Young's Folklore Center. Beautifully designed (almost certainly by Malanga himself) with two stills of Malanga and Debbie "High School Drop-Out" Caen taken from Andy Warhol's 1965 screentest of the pair. Caen was Malanga's girlfrend at the time and the title subject of the poem series. A scarce and handsome literary survival from the height of Factory-era NYC.

SALE PRICE: $700.00


A first-year membership card for The Roxy in London's Covent Garden, epicenter of the UK's burgeoning punk movement. Date-stamped with an expiration date of 31 Dec. 1977, making the cardholder  an inaugural member: the Roxy's opening gala was New Year's day 1977, headlined by The Clash and The Heartbreakers. The club was at the center of British punk at its height, and its first 100 shows were remarkable: The Buzzcocks, The Jam, The Slits, The Police, The Stranglers, The Vibrators, Wire, XTC, among many others. A remarkable survival.

Price: $650.00 
SALE PRICE: $325.00

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