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New Arrivals: Music

A diverse and hand-curated selection of books and zines covering all three major musical genres: works by Brian Eno, works about Brian Eno, and works without any connection to Brian Eno at all.

And speaking of things having no connection to Brian Eno, we'll be exhibiting this Thursday in NYC as part of Bibliography Week. From 10am-4pm dozens of dealers (this bookseller included) will be hawking their wares in the ABAA-sponsored showcase at the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) (22 East 60th St.). Link and further details at the end of this email. If you're in the city, hope to see you there. Otherwise, change nothing and continue with immaculate consistency.

Set of three issues of the official Brian Eno newsletter, with a drawing from "Kurt's Rejoinder" by Russell Mills, laid in, and the 1979 ENOVATIONS calendar (detail above).  Calendar features black and white portraits of Eno, accompanied by one Oblique Strategy per month: in September, "GIVE WAY TO YOUR WORST IMPULSE." That's an order.

Fan-made devotional compilation of press clippings and photographs surveying the first ten years of Kate Bush's career. Fun fact: Kate Bush covered Eno's song "Chemistry" for a 1987 limited edition German 7".

Early issue of Paul Williams' classic pre-Eno music zine, with features on The Kinks and Buffalo Springfield; album reviews of Bert Jansch, Tim Buckley, and others; Richard Meltzer on "The Aesthetics of Rock;" and more.

Stuart Moxham's lyrics from his Eno-influenced band the Young Marble Giants, illustrated with drawings by Wendy Smith.

First three issues of the E.G. Records Newsletter. Inaugural issue celebrates "The Year of the Fripp" (and Brian Eno) subsequent issues spotlight Bill Bruford (and Brian Eno) and Brian Eno (and Brian Eno). 

Contains an 8'' flexi-disc of the Brian Eno single "Glint (East of Woodbridge)", first released in this issue, with an interview with Eno by Anthony Korner. 

Sheet music transcribed for piano, with guitar chords. Fun fact: Brian Eno was in this band just long enough to annoy Brian Ferry.

"I dreamed I was a dog in a dog show and you came by and pointed me out and you said, "Look. Look. Look. Now there's a dog for you."  
Laurie Anderson.


Pioneering and comprehensive self-published collector's guide to Texas psychedelia. An essential reference. I'm pretty sure Brian Eno owns one.
Discography of the "San Francisco Sound," focused primarily on the years before Brian Eno began making music: 1964-69, with a few releases from the early 1970s. Uncommon.

With Blair's historical preface and introduction to surf music as genre and phenomenon.

Detailed and extensively illustrated guide to the golden years of pop music, when the radiant sun of the Girl Group was not yet eclipsed by the looming shadow of the Boy Band. 


Set of the first eight issues of this officially sanctioned and heavily illustrated Beatles fanzine, whose photographer (Leslie Bryce) had unparalleled access to and cooperation from the band. 

Compiled and penned by B(rian) (Cass)idy and Zoe Selengut.
Copyright © 2019 Brian Cassidy, Bookseller ABAA, All rights reserved.

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