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New Arrivals: Pulps & Sleaze
"I'm not a punch card, I'm a human being!"  An upright married couple tries to resist a sinister computer corporation and the neighborhood bisexual dominatrix club. Amazing mid-60s pulp erotica: equal parts reactionary sleaze, satire of IBM, and dystopian warning against the gathering storm of relentlessly ambitious female computer programmers. Hostile to robots.
"What gets into a woman to go homosexual?" Vintage sleaze that does its best to investigate the question. With frequent pauses for equally explicit admiration of a house's huge basement, glassed-in sunporch, sprawling patio, and "handsomely wood-paneled den."


Pulp anthology with spectacular cover art by Eric Stanton. Lurid S&M erotica filled out with historical trivia (on King Ludwig of Bavaria, the Malleus Malleficarum, and the fall of the Romanoff dynasty.) Educational sleaze.



Third in the "Man from C.A.M.P." series. Holmes assembles a team to foil an assassin with spycraft and amateur theatricals. 


Fourth in the "Man from C.A.M.P." series. Holmes helps out Interpol by tracing the kidnappers of handsome blond teenage boys, from Tijuana to a 'stud-house' in Lisbon.

Fifth in the James Bond-esque "Man from C.A.M.P." series: Jackie Holmes falls in love with a baron and visits the haunted Castle Gaye. Cover copy promises: "THAT MAN FROM C.A.M.P CRUISES A GRUESOME GHOST!" By the legendary Victor Banis, who also wrote a number of genre gothic romances under other names.


Eighth in the "Man from C.A.M.P." series. A gang of dognappers, led by the dominatrix Anna Lingus, is "plundering the wealth of individuals whose lives of shameless sin will not allow them to seek police protection." 



Early and influential gay pulp, passing easily between code (young men are "vague," the "nervous type," "in the business") and transparent exposition: "Now, since the war, we've got this new thing in Bay City. Everyone calls them 'gay'. We have gay bars, gay parks, gay clubs, gay theaters and hotels."  


"The story of a rich but girlish young gentleman under the control of his pretty step-sister and her aunt: written by himself at his step-sister's order, with an account of his punishments, the dresses he was made to wear, his final subjection and his curious fate."


"A beard is your ticket to a torrent of passion down in -- LUST HELL!"  Beatnik sleaze erotica with some kind of style. Follow Basil Crowe, hipster; Rose, disgruntled bookseller (bookseller!); and Mechanical Annie, nymphomaniac, down the alleyways where "wine, pot and lust flow like water." Rare.



Uncommon beatnik sleaze pastiche, with more realism than strictly necessary for the genre: "Sometimes I was awful in bed--particularly if I'd had a lot to drink," but "A guy likes to feel he is extraordinary in bed, even if he is lousy."


Even more sin hipsters and sintime beatniks. Di Prima's classic semi-autobiographical erotic novel.


Pseudo-case-study of reincarnation and cosmic being: "[O]ne of the weirdest, one of the farthest out sexual histories you've ever heard of."


"I'm not a total idiot, Miss. I do know what goes on in hippie crash pads." 
Rare, explicit hippie sleaze with no socially redeeming virtues - except its title. Not found in OCLC or in trade.


Dr. L.S. Dee, Mind Spy of Haight-Ashbury, fights enemy agents infiltrating the psychedelic movement. "[D]anger, deep involvement in drugs and novel mental experiences, furious fights and beautiful girls."


Lovely gay biker sleaze paperback emphasizing sadomasochism, with a cover by an uncredited Darrel Millsap.


An edgy motorcycle gang in denim jackets picks up a nice college couple. "Follow the Bike Freaks on their wild trips, through intimate explorations of physical and mental rapture and agony!"



"Three Wicked Tales" concerning the Rites of the Devil, the Sacrifice of Flesh to Satan, and the Granlucifer Circle (swinging for suburban Satanists). Scarce.


Pseudo-historical guide to witch sex, cribbed from a variety of sources, with a bibliography ranging from Aleister Crowley to the author's own "Study of Deviate Sexual Fantasies."
Early '60s pulp erotica with incidental lesbian themes and a correspondingly suggestive cover. Women of a brothel "[sin] on thrones of their own design as if they were rulers of a lust kingdom..."


Torrid sleaze pulp set in an exoticized Puerto Rico.


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