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We reached a new milestone this month: more than 1,800 journals are now available in HeinOnline's Law Journal Library!

This month, in addition to more than a dozen new journals being added to the Law Journal Library, we added 13 new legislative histories to our U.S. Federal Legislative History Library, more than 350 congressional hearings to our U.S. Congressional Documents Collection and the latest issue of IFLP to the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals library.

We have a webinar scheduled for June 19, and AALL is approaching quickly. Below is everything you need to know.


Miranda Rosati
Marketing Department

May Content Release

Below is a snapshot of the May Content Release:
  • 13 new journals added to Law Journal Library:
    • Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Conference Journal
    • DIREITO GV Law Review
    • Journal of Comparative Law
    • Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies
    • Journal of Land and Development
    • LSU Journal of Energy Law and Resources
    • Mid-Atlantic Journal on Law and Public Policy
    • Middle East Law and Governance (Brill)
    • Perspectives of Business Law Journal
    • Public Security Studies / Studii de Securitate Publica
    • Southampton Student Law Review
    • UCL Human Rights Review
    • UK Law Students' Review
  • American and English Railroad Cases: A Collection of All the Railroad Cases in the Courts of Last Resort in America and England, 61 volumes 1881-1895, added to Early American Case Law
  • Indian Child Welfare Act: A Legislative History of Public Law No. 95-608 added to American Indian Law Collection
  • Volumes 1170-1193 (1995-1996) of Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Patents. added to Intellectual Property Law Collection
  • Additional coverage for Georgia (1948-1979) in State Attorney General Library
  • Law Teacher added to Spinelli Law Library Reference Shelf & Law Journal Library
  • More than 350 congressional hearings added to U.S. Congressional Documents Collection
  • 13 legislative histories added to the U.S. Federal Legislative History collection, including Preserving the Past

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AALL 2013 Update

William S. Hein & Co., Inc. will once again be exhibiting at the upcoming AALL Annual Meeting this July in Seattle! The Hein Company can be found at booth 203; be sure to stop by to see what the Hein Company is cookin'!

Cookbook to be released at AALL!

As announced in our AALL kickoff email, we will roll out the cookbook at AALL, and you can get your copy when you visit us at booth 203!

Two Update Sessions Scheduled!

We will again hold two one-hour update sessions featuring What's New in HeinOnline. The sessions will be held in Room 201 of the Washington State Convention Center; the first on Sunday from 1:00 – 2:00 P.M. and the second on Monday from 10:00 – 11:00 A.M.

Joint Reception with Cassidy Cataloguing Services

Monday, July 15 we will be holding a joint reception with Cassidy Cataloguing Services at the Alibi Room. More details to follow about this event!

Stay tuned for an email announcement with more information about what we have planned for this year!


HTML Content List

Featured Print Product:

Defense of Marriage Act: A Legislative History of Public Law No. 104-199

By William H. Manz

The controversial 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, signed by President Clinton, defines marriage as the legal union of one man and one woman for purposes of federal and interstate recognition. Despite passing by wide majorities in Congress, the Act drew strong criticism. There have been two unsuccessful efforts by Democrats to repeal the Act, but the bills never reached a vote. This compilation includes the text of the Act, the reports and hearings that preceded passage, congressional debate and various bill versions. It also includes the text of bills that would have amended or repealed it, along with hearings held subsequent to its passage.


Alumni Access Program Now Available

Set up access to HeinOnline's Law Journal Library for your Alumni

Due to many customer requests, we are now offering an alumni access program to HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library, a collection of more than 1,800 law and law-related journals. We tested this program with a few academic libraries and the response was so positive that we are ready to make it available to all our law school customers!

If you are interested in learning more about the alumni access program, simply contact our Marketing Department at marketing@wshein.com or 800-828-7571or Steve Roses at sroses@wshein.com or 877-726-2590.

Original Letter from Joseph Story Available in History of Bankruptcy

An original letter from 1819 written by Joseph Story is now available to view in HeinOnline's History of Bankruptcy: Taxation & Economic Reform Library. This letter was provided to us by Boston College and showcases Story's support of a new bankruptcy bill Congress was considering at the time.

The letter can be found in the left sidebar of HeinOnline once logged in to the History of Bankruptcy library.

Thank you Boston College for providing the letter!

You can learn more about the letter here»

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals Update

6 New Journals Featured with Latest IFLP Update

Issue 2012:4 is now available in HeinOnline's Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals. This new issue which has not been published in hard copy as yet, contains the following:

New Journals:
  • Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law
  • Climate Law: A Journal on Climate Change and the Law
  • Global Constitutionalism
  • International Data Privacy Law
  • Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology
  • Transnational Environmental Law
Special Collections:
  • Intellectual Property and Private International Law: Comparative Perspectives
  • Laws, Lawyers and Texts: Studies in Medieval Legal History in Honour of Paul Brand
  • The Proper Tax Base: Structural Fairness from an International and Comparative Perspective: Essays in Honor of Paul McDaniel
  • Protecting Human Rights in the Americas: The Inter-American Institutions at 60
IFLP now contains 239,493 articles; 35,846 collection articles; and 32,782 reviews.

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New Videos Available in Spinelli's Shelf

The next installment of video interviews is now available in Spinelli's Law Library Reference Shelf. The new interviews showcase the following:
  • Frank G. Houdek - Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Southern Illinois University
  • Carol Avery Nicholson - Retired Associate Director for Technical Services, University of North Carolina Kathrine E. Everett Law Library
  • Steve Margeton - Director of the Judge Kathryn J. DuFour Law Library and Professor of Law, The Catholic University of America
  • Roger H. Parent - Retired Executive Director,  American Association of Law Libraries
Click here to watch the interviews, or learn more about the interviews here»

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Notable Titles Added to the Law Journal Library

Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Conference Journal, Vol. 1 (2012). Published by William & Mary Law School, United States. Beginning with papers from the 2011 Property Rights Conference in China, the Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Conference Journal is published annually in both electronic and print format. The Conference Journal contains the proceedings of the Conference, as well as non-conference articles selected for publication.

DIREITO GV Law Review, Vols. 1-7 (2005-2011). Published by Fundacao Getulio Vargas, Escola de Direito, Brazil. Revista DIREITO GV is a journal that publishes articles, book reviews and essays on several fields of Brazilian, international and global law. It also publishes research works and papers on theory of law, sociology of law, philosophy of law and history of law. It also reviews and publishes papers concerned with techniques for teaching law and law research methods.

Journal of Comparative Law, Vols. 1-4 (2006-2009). Published by Wildy, Simmonds & Hill Publishing, United Kingdom. The Journal of Comparative Law has strong input from numerous colleagues and institutions with expertise in the comparative analysis of law and legal change across a very wide range of jurisdictions and legal cultures, and is published twice a year. The Journal provides a scholarly resource for the field of comparative legal studies in a broad sense. In order to achieve this aim, it publishes articles on all aspects of comparative law, in all geographical areas of the world, and encourages analytical (rather than purely descriptive) work with a contextual, theoretical and interdisciplinary approach. Due weight is given to the practical aspects of comparative legal studies in a globalised world.

Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies, Vols. 1-2 (2010-2011). Published by Brill, the Netherlands. The Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies is a peer-reviewed journal aimed at promoting the rule of law in humanitarian emergency situations and, in particular, the protection and assistance afforded to persons in the event of armed conflicts and natural disasters in all phases and facets under international law.

Journal of Land and Development, Vol. 1 (2011). Published by University of Baltimore, United States. The University of Baltimore Journal of Land and Development is a scholarly, interdisciplinary legal journal that publishes in-depth legal and policy analysis on issues related to land and development. Topics covered in this publication include urban, suburban, and rural issues involving land use, environmental preservation, economic development, redevelopment, community development, real estate transactions and finance, property, civil rights, human rights, civil liberties, and state and local government. The Journal, published under the direction of a student editorial board, is committed to academic excellence and the dissemination of knowledge to the legal community.

LSU Journal of Energy Law and Resources, Vol. 1#1 (2012). Published by Louisiana State University, United States. The LSU Journal of Energy Law and Resources (JELR) is a student-edited journal devoted to the promotion of legal national and international scholarship in energy law. The JELR's mission is to expand energy law scholarship not only by publishing articles specifically addressing energy law issues, but also by publishing scholarly articles on related and overlapping issues in environmental, natural resources, or coastal law.

Mid-Atlantic Journal on Law and Public Policy, Vol. 1#1 (2012).  Published by Mid-Atlantic Lyceum, United States. The Journal is published by the Mid-Atlantic Lyceum, the Advisory Board for the Journal. whose purpose is to address issues in rapidly developing legal fields. The Journal was founded as a means through which to encourage civic engagement and as a platform for bringing diverse perspectives together for enhanced dialogue and decision-making, as well as improved public policy formation. It focuses on general advocacy issues, including but not limited to animal law, disability law, conflict resolution, and the legal and policy issues concerning members of the armed forces, particularly as they transition from service to civil society.

Middle East Law and Governance (Brill), Vols. 1-3#1 (2009-2011). Published by Brill, the Netherlands. The aim of MELG is to provide a peer-reviewed venue for academic analysis in which the legal lens allows scholars and practitioners to address issues of compelling concern to the Middle East. The journal is multi-disciplinary, offering contributors from a wide range of backgrounds an opportunity to discuss issues of governance, jurisprudence, and socio-political organization, thereby promoting a common conceptual framework and vocabulary for exchanging ideas across boundaries geographic and otherwise.

Perspectives of Business Law Journal, Vol. 1 (2012). Published by Law Department of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and the Society of Juridical and Administrative Sciences, Romania. Perspectives of Business Law Journal is a platform of international legal debate that examines recent developments and prospects for development of business law. Perspectives of Business Law Journal publishes studies and jurisprudence analyses in all areas of legal sciences.

Public Security Studies / Studii de Securitate Publica, Vols. 1-2#1 (2012-2013). Published quarterly by Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police Academy, Romania. The Public Security Studies journal is a scientific publication edited by the Police Department of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police Academy, and its purpose is to carry out studies, analyzes and research in public security by aimed at complex and current issues both nationally and internationally addressing to students and experts of state institutions with responsibility in public security.

Southampton Student Law Review, Vols. 1-2 (2011-2012). Published by Southampton Law School, United Kingdom. The Law Review aims to publish not only the best pieces of research from students in the School of Law, but any research on law-related matters from Departments across the University.

UCL Human Rights Review, Vols. 1-4 (2008-2011) All Published. Published by University College London, United Kingdom. The UCL Human Rights Review is the result of a student effort by the UCL Student Human Rights Programme, which features both student and academic articles. The Review also encompasses academic scholarship from staff and students of other universities and human rights practitioners.

UK Law Students' Review, Vol. 1 (2012). Published by UK Law Students' Association, United Kingdom. UK Law Students' Review encourages diverse research and analytical discussion throughout the UK student population by providing an effective venue for students to publish their ideas, along with assisting students in their understanding of significant cases relevant to the syllabi that comprises undergraduate and graduate law degrees through case comments.

New Journal Added to Spinelli's Law Library Reference Shelf

Law Teacher, Vols. 1-19 #1 (1993-2012). The Law Teacher is published twice a year (fall and spring) by the Institute for Law Teaching and Learning (previously the Institute for Law School Teaching, 1993-2008). It provides a forum for ideas for improving teaching and learning in law schools and informs law teachers of the activities of the Institute. This title is also available in the Law Journal Library.

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350 Hearings added to U.S. Congressional Documents Collection

More than 350 congressional hearings from Arnold & Porter have been added to the U.S. Congressional Documents Collection. Additional hearings from Arnold & Porter will be added over the next few months.

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New Legislative History added to American Indian Law Collection

Indian Child Welfare Act: A Legislative History of Public Law No. 95-608 is now available in the American Indian Law Collection. This law was enacted as a reaction to the high removal rate of Indian children from their traditional homes and, consequently, from Indian culture as well. The Act sets minimal federal standards for almost all Indian child custody proceedings, and provides that state courts have no jurisdiction over the adoption or custody of Indian children residing within their own tribal reservation. Since enactment, there have been criticisms that state courts are still playing too much of a role by determining what it means to be an Indian child or an Indian family. Also, critics have pointed out that despite the Act, large numbers of Indian children are still being placed in non-Indian homes. This compilation includes the text of the Act, related bills, relevant reports and hearings, House and Senate debates, and GAO reports.

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13 Legislative Histories Added to U.S. Federal Legislative Histories Library

Preserving the Past: A Legislative History of the Freedmen’s Bureau Records Preservation Act of 2000 is now available in the U.S. Federal Legislative Histories Library. The Freedmen’s Bureau Preservation Act of 2000 (passed and signed in the waning days of the Clinton Administration) would hardly qualify, at first glance, as a piece of landmark legislation. However its passage in a period of intense partisanship represents a rare example of both sides of the political divide coming together to protect an important but long-neglected piece of our nation’s heritage. The incredible growth and interest in African American genealogy was a key factor in the bill’s passage. Genealogical research has been extremely important in the African American community as the descendents of slaves have sought to better understand their history.
Twelve additional legislative histories have also been added.

Upcoming Webinar

Getting to Know the Session Laws Library and
State Statutes: A Historical Archive in HeinOnline

This webinar will explore and review HeinOnline's Session Laws Library and Statute Statutes Historical Archive.   Some of the topics we will discuss include:
  • Browsing session laws or superseded state statutes by state
  • Searching across a specific state
  • Understanding the table of contents for different states to demonstrate how to search for specific material within that state's codes or laws
  • How to use the Session Laws quick locator tool
  • How to search the Session Laws by Chapter
For more information, please visit help.heinonline.org/videos/webinars/.

Notification of Deleted Titles

Cassidy Cataloguing, our official cataloging partner, has informed us of duplicate titles in HeinOnline. Therefore, in order to correct the duplicates, the following titles (title - shortname) have been removed. Please update your records accordingly. Note: the titles are still available in HeinOnline, but will only be found in one location rather than in duplicate places.

State Statutes: A Historical Archive
  • Civil Code of the State of Louisiana: With the Statutory Amendments from 1825 to 1866 Inclusive (hein.sstatutes/ilcflo0001) (hein.sstatutes/clsamre0001)
  • Revised Civil Code of Louisiana with Annotations of Hon. A. Voorhies to Volume Twenty-Five, Annual Reports (hein.sstatutes/recolou0001) (hein.sstatutes/lanvoor0001)
  • Code of the Criminal Procedure of the State of Texas Adopted at the Regular Session of the Twenty-Fourth Legislature, 1895 (hein.sstatutes/ccstadr0001)
  • Penal Code of the State of Texas (hein.sstatutes/pecotex0001)
  • Digest of the Laws of Virginia, of a Criminal Nature, Illustrated by Judicial Decisions (hein.sstatutes/dlavilju0001)
  • Index to the Laws of Maryland, from the Year 1838 to the Year 1845, Inclusive (hein.sstatutes/inlamar0001)
  • Index to the Printed Acts and Resolves of, and of the Reports to the General Assembly of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, from the Year 1863 to 1873, with Tabular Indexes of Charters to the Year 1875, Inclusive (hein.sstatutes/iparerg0001)
  • Pollard's Supplement to the Code of Virginia, 1922 (hein.sstatutes/polsuvi0001)
World Constitutions Illustrated
  • Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation: Annotations of Cases Decided by the Supreme Court of the United States to June 29, 1992 (hein.cow/cusaninju0001)
  • Guide to the Study of the History and the Constitution of the United States (hein.cow/gtudtes0001)
  • Political Economy, and the Philosophy of Government; Selections (hein.cow/pecphil0001)
  • Cuba (hein.cow/cupreps0001)
If you have any questions about the deleted titles, please contact marketing@wshein.com.

HeinOnline Trivia

Congratulations to:

Barbara Gellis Traub
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