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This month we added more than 700,000 pages to HeinOnline, updating 32 libraries! We took 8 states back to inception in our Session Laws Library and we are pleased to announce we now offer this library in our Digital Ownership Program.

We have also rolled out the first phase of HeinOnline's Librarian's Corner. This new page on the HeinOnline homepage includes posters, widgets, logos and more to help you promote HeinOnline at your organization. Learn more about the Librarian's Corner below!

We are excited to announce a new contest this month: HeinOnline Trivia! See below for details!


Marcie Baranich
Manager, Marketing

August Content Release

Below is a snapshot of the August Content Release:

  • 32 Libraries updated
  • 15 new titles added and 187 titles updated in the Law Journal Library
  • 20 titles updated in the Bar Journals Library
  • 89 new titles added to the Legal Classics Library
  • 12 states updated in the Session Laws Library, plus 8 additional states taken back to inception
  • 20 new titles added to Taxation & Economic Reform in America, Parts I & II
  • 17 new titles added to the U.S. Congressional Documents Collection, including History of Congress, Biographical and Political (1848), Rules of Procedure for Senate Investigating Committees (1954), Story of Congress, 1789-1935 (1936).
  • 127 new titles added to World Constitutions Illustrated
  • 30 new titles added to World Trials
  • 14 new titles added to the History of International Law Collection
  • 13 new titles added to the Intellectual Property Law Collection
  • 8 new titles added to Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law, including Collection of the English History (1634-1636), Grounds of the Lawes of England (1657), Law Tracts (1762), Tracts, Chiefly Relating to the Antiquities and Laws of England (1771).

Introducing HeinOnline's Librarian's Corner

We are pleased to introduce a new page on the HeinOnline homepage called Librarian's Corner. This page was created to support your efforts to promote the use of HeinOnline in your library and community, and to your end users.  To assist you with these efforts, we have created different promotional materials that you can download to use in newsletters or other print material, blogs, emails, web pages and other online materials!

The following resources will be available on this page:
  • Logos & Branding
  • Posters
  • Promotional Brochures
  • Law Journal Library Citation Widget
  • New Library Press Release Announcements
  • Description of HeinOnline
  • Description of HeinOnline Libraries
To visit HeinOnline's Librarian Corner, follow this link:

This page will continue to grow and expand. If you have a suggestion for a resource you would like to see on HeinOnline's Librarian's Corner, please email us at

One Box Search (BETA) Enhancement

This month, we released our One Box Search in BETA. This new enhancement will be found at the top of the subscribed libraries page inside HeinOnline, and will allow you to search all collections you are subscribed to. This search box will function as an advanced search, and therefore you will be able to use Boolean operators, quotes, wildcard, and proximity searching. You will also be able to narrow your search results by facets, such as collection/library, date, section type, and etc.

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August Content Release

HeinOnline's Librarian's Corner

New Enhancement

Session Laws Update

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Featured Print Product:

Legalese to English:
Civil Procedure

By: Elura Nanos, Esq. & Michele Sileo, Esq.

Legalese to English: Civil Procedure is the first volume in a groundbreaking series of law-school study guides. The step-by-step approach set forth in Legalese to English is one that has already propelled thousands of students to the top of their law-school classes. The authors use their signature straight-talking style to break down tough cases and concepts into simple, manageable components. What’s more, this is the first study guide truly written for students.

Also Available:

Compiled by
Bernard D. Reams &
Michael P. Forrest

Edited by
William H. Manz
The print volumes contain the major documents of the legislative history of the Act, comprising more than 10,000 pages. Because of the voluminous size of some of the bill drafts, related bills and hearings, it is not feasible to include them all in the hardbound volumes. Supplemental materials to this legislative history are included in the accompanying DVD, which contains the core collection as well as an additional 11,000 pages of documents. Scholars and practitioners conducting an in-depth investigation into this health care reform legislation will find the expanded materials on the DVD well suited to their research needs.


Session Laws Update

Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Oklahoma Back to Inception!
This month, we have taken Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Oklahoma back to inception in the Sessions Laws Library! With the addition of the back files for these eight states, we now have the complete session laws of 42 U.S. states and the Canadian and Australian Acts of the Parliament, so there are only 8 states left to take back to inception!
HeinOnline's Session Laws Library is the only complete online source of all 50 states, and by October 1 we will have complete coverage for all states available back to inception. After that, we will continue to add new session laws as they are published.
We are pleased to announce we are now offering Digital Ownership of the Session Laws Library by individual state. This means you now have the opportunity to obtain ownership rights to PDF files of the scanned images of all pages of session laws for the state of your choosing. Learn more about HeinOnline's Digital Ownership Program.

Not subscribed to this a-la-carte library? Click here to view a brochure for the Session Laws Library.


Upcoming Webinar

"What's New in HeinOnline" Encore Presentation
This webinar will be held Wednesday, September 14 at 2pm EDT. Click here to register.

At AALL in July, we hosted two "What's New in HeinOnline" sessions. This 60 minute webinar will be a recap of what was discussed during these sessions, including everything we've added to HeinOnline throughout this past year and everything we have planned for the upcoming year.

Please review the system requirements when registering to ensure you have a seamless experience when the session is scheduled to start.  If you are unsure if your system will allow you to participate in an online meeting, please consult with your technical support team.
To view the recordings of past webinars, please click here.



Notable Titles Added to the Law Journal Library

Alabama Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Law Review, Vol. 1 (2011). The Alabama Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Law Review is a new publication at the University of Alabama that seeks to examine civil rights and civil liberties issues through the thought and writing of leading 21st century civil rights advocates and scholars. Topics covered include: age, gender, and race discrimination, disability rights, fair housing, voting rights and others.

China Law Review, Vols. 1-10 (1922-1940) All Published. China Law Review was published quarterly by students of the Comparative Law School of China, Law Department of Soochow University.

Duquesne Criminal Law Review, Vols. 1-2 (2009-2010). Founded in 2009, the Duquesne Criminal Law Review is a student run organization which publishes scholarly works semi-annually in an online format. Its goal is to bring a venue to analyze all issues in the field of criminal law.

Human Rights Brief, Vols. 1-18 (1994-2011). The Human Rights Brief is a student-run publication at American University Washington College of Law (WCL). The Brief was founded in 1994 as a publication of the school's Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.

Journal of Law, Vol. 1 (2011). The Journal of Law looks like a conventional law review, but it is really a bundle of small, unconventional law journals, all published together in one volume.

German Journal of Air & Space Law, Vols. 1-57 (1952-2008) Title Varies: as Zeitschrift fur Luft- und Weltraumrecht.  German Journal of Air & Space Law is edited in three languages in a quarterly rhythm by the Institute of Air and Space Law at the University of Cologne. The Journal publishes contributions on German an international air traffic law, in international space law as well as legislation, conference reports, judicial decisions on book reviews in these fields.
Federal Trade Commission Court Decisions added
to the US Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals Library

This 16 volume set contains virtually all administrative documents issued by the Commission, including Opinions, Final Orders, Complaints, and Consent Orders that result from negotiated consent agreements, as well as all Initial Decisions issued by Administrative Law Judges in administrative trial proceedings.

2011 National Moot Court Competition Now Available
We have added the 61st  National Moot Court Competiton to our National Moot Court Competition Library. This library offers online access to the winning materials from the 1st-61st annual National Moot Court Competitions.

Not subscribe to this a-la-carte library? Click here to view a complete brochure for the National Moot Court Competition Library.

89 New Titles Added to Legal Classics

Following is a list of notable titles added to the Legal Classics Library:
  • American and English Encyclopaedia of Law (1887-1896)
  • American and English Encyclopaedia of Law  David S. Garland, et al. Editors (1896-1905)
  • Cyclopedia of Criminal Law Hascal R. Brill (1922)
  • Famous Cases of Circumstancial Evidence S. M. Phillips (1879)
  • Interpretations of Legal History Roscoe Pound (1930)
  • Law of Evidence in Civil Cases Jones W. Burr (1896)
  • Law of Wills Executors and Administrators Jame Schouler (1915)
  • Lex Vadiorum: The Law of Mortgages (1706)
  • Synopsis of Mercantile Laws Joshua Montefiore (1830)

Where in the World is Hein?

Congratulations to our August Where in the World is Hein Winner:

Mary Hood
Santa Clara University School of Law

Roxanne Marmion, Dick Spinelli, Marcie Baranich, Dan Rosati, Shannon Hein, Tim Hooge, Kevin Marmion, Shane Marmion, Scott Fiddler, and Steve Roses were pictured at the American Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting in Philadelphia!

HeinOnline Trivia Contest

This month, we are introducing a new contest: HeinOnline Trivia, however we will still occasionally include the traditional  "Where in the World is Hein" photo contest.

The New Contest.
Each month, we will post 3 trivia questions in our HeinOnline Newsletter and on our HeinOnline Blog. These trivia questions will range in topic and will sometimes require you to use HeinOnline to find the answer. Following are the September HeinOnline Trivia questions:

1. In 1926 a devastating hurricane hit Florida.  What President authorized the use of funds appropriated for something else in order to help farmers in need of aid in the affected areas?  Also, what is the Bluebook citation to the page of the law review that this information is found on within HeinOnline?

2. What life changing invention that appeared first in Buffalo impacts many peoples lives year round and even more so in the summer?

3. As of September 1, how many people is HeinOnline following on Twitter?

Email your answers to by September 26, 2011 and you’ll be entered to win a collection of Hein Promotional materials, including Hein Coffee Mugs, padfolios, pens, post-its, etc. Be sure to include your name, organization or institution, and your mailing address. We’ll announce the winner in a follow-up blog post and in the monthly HeinOnline Newsletter, so stay tuned!

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