HeinOnline's App is Now Available!
HeinOnline App - Now Available!

Now you can have access to the world’s largest image-based legal research database, HeinOnline, on your iPhone/iPad. View the image-based PDFs, access content by citation, browse by volume, navigate a volume with the electronic table of contents, and use full advanced searching techniques. HeinOnline account/authentication is required.


• View HeinOnline's Imaged-based PDFs
• Use HeinOnline's Citation Navigator
• Browse by Volume
• View Electronic Table of Contents
• Search HeinOnline using Advanced Searching Techniques

Can anyone use the HeinOnline App?

You must have a subscription to HeinOnline in order to access HeinOnline using the App. Simply use your HeinOnline username and password to access HeinOnline using the App. If you are a student or staff member at a university, or an employee of an organization that subscribes, your university/organization may have IP authentication for HeinOnline. If that is the case, in order to IP authenticate using this app, you must be on campus at your subscribing university or your subscribing organization. Note: After you IP authenticate via the app, your authentication will expire in 30 days. Therefore, after 30 days, you must return to campus or your organization to IP authenticate your app again.

iPhone Screenshots

iPad Screenshots


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