Are you taking advantage of HeinOnline's Complimentary Branding Opportunities?

HeinOnline provides the following branding services complimentary with your HeinOnline subscription:
  • Name of organization, library, school or firm listed on HeinOnline Subscribed Libraries page: this may also be hot-linked to a website of your choosing.
  • Organization Logo: this can also be hot-linked to an organization of your choosing.
  • Optional Links: these can be used for pointing users to online catalogs or to any other link your users may frequently visit.
  • ISSN Linking to your library catalog
  • ISBN Linking to your library catalog for bibliography listings

How Does ISSN Linking to Your Library Catalog Work?

ISSN linking allows you to enable your users to search your local library catalog when the full text of what you are looking for is not currently available in HeinOnline.  For content that we can’t provide full text, based on agreements with publishers, HeinOnline indexes the content to make it more discoverable, allowing us to at least inform your users that it exists.  By enabling ISSN Linking through your branding, users would be able to search your local library catalog to determine if the content may be available elsewhere in your library.

The "Search your library catalog" link will search your catalog by ISSN and direct users to your local library catalog results.

The link to your local library catalog can also be accessed from search results.  When a user does a search and sees a result for which we cannot provide the full text, the result will appear in a shaded red box and display the “Search your library catalog” link.

Branding Webinar

In March, we held a webinar titled, "Branding Your HeinOnline Account," which focused on HeinOnline's Complimentary Branding services. If you would like to view the archive recording of this webinar, please click here. 

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