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Dear Valued Customer,

March is here! Spring is right around the corner. We don't know about you, but we cannot wait for sunshine and warmer weather!

This month we added more than 1,000,000 pages of content, announced that we are in the process of releasing an Android App for HeinOnline, and surpassed more than 100,000 titles and more than 237,000 volumes in HeinOnline - a new milestone!

Make sure you take a look at our collection specific Quick Reference Guides now located within the databases in HeinOnline; a new search option added to U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals; and March's Trivia!

Please take a moment to read the February Newsletter.

Kaylyn Zurawski
HeinOnline Marketing Department



Below is a summary of some of the notable titles included in this month's release.


State Reports: A Historical Archive Update

This month we added more than 215,000 pages to State Reports, which has grown to include nearly 10 million pages since its initial release. Notable additions to these collections include:
  • Cases Determined in the Supreme Court of Washington - 168v. Seattle: Bancroft-Whitney Co., 1903-1929
  • Pittsburgh Legal Journal - 55v. Pittsburgh: Allegheny County Bar Association, 1910-1963
  • York Legal Record - 77v. York: York Legal Record Print, 1880-1963
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Notable Titles Added to the Law Journal Library
De Jure: Vols. 5-48#1 (1972-2015) Title Varies: Vols. 1-5 (1968-1972) as Scintilla IurisDe Jure is a general law journal, accredited by the South African Department of Higher Education & Training. It publishes original research concerned with the development and dissemination of cutting-edge legal research, both national and international. The scope of the journal is wide and supports legal academics, practitioners and scholars.

European Journal of Legal Studies: Vols. 1-8 (2007-2015)Founded in 2007, the European Journal of Legal Studies is a European University Institute (EUI) review dedicated to the promotion of legal scholarship. It publishes articles on any topics of legal theory, international, comparative or European law.

Spinelli's Law Library Reference Shelf

This month we included numerous updates to the Spinelli Biographies section. Currently the section holds nearly 400 titles, more than 900 volumes, and more than 37,000 pages of biographies. Some updates to this section for this month include:
  • Life and Times of Aaron Burr - 2v. Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1867
  • Life of Matthew Hale Carpenter - 1v. Madison, Wis: D. Atwood, 1884
  • Memoirs of the Life and Times of Daniel De Foe: Containing a Review of His Writings, and His Opinions upon a Variety of Important Matters, Civil and Ecclesiastical - 3v. London: Hurst, Chance, and Co., 1830

U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals

We added the Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications this month to HeinOnline. This title was established by the Printing Act of January 12, 1895. The publication is issued each month by the Superintendent of Documents for the Government Printing Office for the purpose of cataloging all publications of the United States Government including those of Congress and all executive departments. Issues are arranged alphabetically by department or issuing agency. 

Embargo Removed from American Law Institute-Continuing Legal Education

Thanks to a new agreement with ALI-CLE, the five-year delay on the following four titles has been removed in HeinOnline's American Law Institute collection:
  • ALI-CLI Estate Planning Course Materials Journal
  • Practical Lawyer
  • Practical Real Estate Lawyer
  • Practical Tax Lawyer
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Sage Publications Coming to HeinOnline

Through a new agreement with Sage Publications, we will be adding 14 new titles to HeinOnline and continuing to carry 12 titles currently available, but recently acquired by Sage. Later this year we will be offering a special current content model package for these journals. Stay tuned for more details.

The journals include:
  • American Journal of Law and Medicine*
  • Antitrust Bulletin*
  • Common Law World Review*
  • Contemporary Drug Problems*
  • Criminal Justice Policy Review
  • Official Social Policy: A Journal of Theory and Practice in Social Welfare
  • Environmental Law Review*
  • European Journal of Criminology
  • ILR Review*
  • International Criminal Justice Review*
  • International Journal of Discrimination and the Law
  • International Journal of Evidence & Proof*
  • International Journal of Police Science & Management*
  • International Social Work
  • Journal of Criminal Law*
  • Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics*
  • Labor Studies Journal
  • Medical Law International
  • Medicine, Science and the Law
  • Medico-Legal Journal
  • Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly
  • Police Journal*
  • Police Quarterly
  • Prison Journal: An International Forum on Incarceration and Alternative Sanctions
  • Social and Legal Studies
  • Criminal Justice and Behavior: An International Journal
*Already in HeinOnline.
Now Available to U.S. Core Subscribers

We've added the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory to all HeinOnline core subscriptions at no additional charge. It contains the historical archive from its inception in 1868 to 1963. At this time we will not be adding any volumes beyond 1963.


The Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory originally consisted of two publications: the Martindale
Directory, which was first published in 1868, and Hubbell's Legal Directory, first published in 1870. When the first edition of the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory was published in 1931, it featured biographical profiles of attorneys and law firms, a digest of the collected laws from each state, and court calendars. 

In addition to the biographical profiles, the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory now includes information on law firms, banks, and real estate offices in every United States city for lawyers, bankers, merchants, manufacturers and others. The professional biographies, or lawyers' listings, include peer review ratings for legal ability and general ethical standard for lawyers and are arranged by state and city. These profiles also include the year of birth, the year they were admitted to the bar, where they received their degrees, and with what law firm they are affiliated.

Learn more here.


This new 7th edition of the National Survey of State Laws covers the dramatic changes that have occurred in many areas of law since the last edition was published in 2008. This indispensable reference work provides an overall view of some of the most important and asked-about legal topics in the United States.
Available in a Database Format for the First Time

This database is derived from Rich Leiter’s National Survey of State Laws print editions. The database allows state-by-state comparison of all laws included in the 5th, 6th, and newly released 7th editions, using the print editions' convenient chart format. All seven print editions are included in HeinOnline's  image-based, fully-searchable format PDF format. The NSSL database will be updated quarterly as new laws are passed or updated.

Want more information?

To learn more about the database and its features, visit the HeinOnline blog as well as our new NSSL training video. If you have any questions, please contact the Marketing department at or 800-828-7571.
Print & Online Access:

This includes the 7th edition of the book and access to the online database with quarterly updates. Access will last until the next edition is published (approximately 36 months). 

1 Print Copy & Online Access for 1 Location.....................................$225.00
ISBN: 0780837740262

1 Print Copy & Online Access for Multiple Locations..........................$295.00
         Additional Print Copies..........................................................$85.00


Collection Quick Reference Guide Links
In HeinOnline, if the collection you are working in has a quick reference guide associated with it, a link to the quick reference guide is now located at the top of the library page next to the collection name. Simply click on the link and you will be taken to a quick reference guide that includes searching help, tools, and tips associated with that specific collection. 


New Search Option Added to U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals

Per a customer suggestion, you can now search by Agency in HeinOnline's U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals. Simply click "Advanced Search" located at the top of the collection homepage.


Then go to the "Agency" drop-down and select what Agency you would like to search within.


Enhancements to Session Laws Library

Our monthly update of Session Laws continues as we index to the chapter level or act level in 10-year increments, in reverse chronological order, starting with the states that are ranked highest by access for HeinOnline users. 

The following states have been further indexed this month back to 2005:
  • Alabama
  • Colorado
  • Wisconsin
This brings the total to 27 states that are now indexed to the chapter or act level for the recent increments.

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If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback on HeinOnline's Enhanced Interface, or any feature, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at
or 800-277-6995.

We are currently in the process of developing a HeinOnline App for Androids. More details will be released soon!

In case you didn't know, you can download the HeinOnline App right now for your iPhone/iPad.

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Despite protests from Republican presidential candidates and Senate leaders, President Obama has made it clear that he intends to nominate a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who passed away suddenly on February 13. Based on reports from several news sources, including USA TodayNewsweekPBS, and CNN, here is a short list of candidates who could receive the nomination.


In September of 1915, Dr. Carter G. Woodson helped found the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH). The Association had the initial goal of bringing the historical contributions of African-Americans to national attention at a time when these contributions were largely overlooked; today, the organization's mission is to promote, research, preserve, interpret and disseminate information about Black life, history and culture to the global community.

In 1926, ASALH declared the second week of each February to be "Negro History Week." This week was chosen because it coincided with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. Negro History Week grew in popularity over time, eventually becoming Black History Month. The U.S. government officially recognized this expansion as part of the United States Bicentennial events in 1976. Black History Month has also been celebrated in the United Kingdom since 1987 and in Canada since 1995.


HeinOnline is a legal research powerhouse, filled with 60 unique collections, nearly 100,000 titles, and more than 130,000,000 million pages. The database is image-based and fully searchable, and it contains a tremendous depth of content. While other databases have law reviews and government documents dating back to the 1980s, HeinOnline's collections almost always date back to inception. In addition, HeinOnline often has the most current material, making it the most logical source for both historical investigation and today's legal research.

In addition to more than 2,200 law and law-related periodicals and a phenomenal collection of historical legal treatises which contains works by some of the most celebrated legal minds in history, HeinOnline is an excellent source for United States statutory material and Government Publishing Office publications.


What does the late music legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member David Bowie have to do with the concept of intellectual property? Back in the late 1990s, David Bowie's recording and distribution deal was about to expire, and his business manager was looking for new finance options to help buy out Bowie's former business manager and to raise a significant amount of money before Bowie returned to live in the United Kingdom.  During a meeting between Bowie, his manager, and investment banker David Pullman, the concept of Bowie Bonds was realized. Bowie was able to sell $55 million in bonds backed by future music royalty payments and copyrights. Nicole Chu's excellent article Bowie Bonds: A Key to Unlocking the Wealth of Intellectual Property, available in HeinOnline, provides an excellent explanation of Bowie Bonds, as well as valuable information about securitization, related legal concerns, and more.


New video interviews now available!

New video interviews are now available in An Oral History of Law Librarianship in Spinelli's Law Library Reference Shelf which now includes more than 200 videos!
The video interviews this month feature:

  • Jane Dizer Holland - Directory of Library Services for Norton Rose Fulbright (Retired) - Houston, TX
  • Lee Peoples - Director of the Chickasaw Nation Law Library  - Oklahoma City University School of Law - Oklahoma City, OK
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Remember to check out our newly available Oral Histories on HeinOnline's Youtube Channel as well as on the Hein Blog every Friday!


International Communication Reorganization Act : hearings and markup before the Committee on Foreign Affairs and its Subcommittees on International Operations and on International Economic Policy and Trade, House of Representatives, Ninety-seventh Congress, first session, on H.R. 1957, July 8, 13, and 14, 1981.
Kept: hein.cbhear/ticr0001
Deleted: hein.cbhear/incomr0001
Maritime redevelopment : hearings before the Subcommittee on Merchant Marine of the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, House of Representatives, Ninety-eighth Congress, second session
Kept: hein.cbhear/cbhearings1567
Deleted: hein.cbhear/mrti0001
Proceedings before the Supreme Court of the United States, April 4, 1955: In Memory of Robert Houghwout Jackson
Kept: hein.supcourt/pbsusrh0001
Deleted: hein.beal/psupcrhj0001
Regulatory Reform Act : hearings before the Subcommittee on Administrative Law and Governmental Relations of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, Ninety-eighth Congress, first session
Kept: hein.cbhear/cbhearings11172
Deleted: hein.cbhear/rgltoryrfm0001
Rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy: Hearing before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, United States Senate, One Hundred Thirteenth Congress, First Session
Kept: hein.cbhear/fdsysacfa0001
Deleted: hein.cbhear/fdsysachr0001
H.R. 3099, "Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper Conservation Act of 2013": Legislative Hearing before the Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs of the Committee on Natural Resources, U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Thirteenth Congress, Second Session
Kept: hein.cbhear/fdsysacex0001
Deleted: hein.cbhear/fdsysachj0001

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact
Where in the World is Hein? We will be attending the following meetings in March-April.
  • Southern California Association of Law Libraries (SCALL) - Temecula, CA
    • March 4-5
  • Northern California Association of Law Libraries (NOCALL) - Santa Clara, CA
    • March 18
  • American Society of International Law  (ASIL) - Washington, DC
    • March 30-April 2
  • Public Library Association (PLA) - Denver, CO
    • April 5-9
  • European Law Faculties Association (ELFA) - Groningen, The Netherlands
    • April 13-16
  • Southwestern Association of Law Libraries/Southeastern Chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries (SWALL/SEALL) - Dallas, TX
    • April 14-16
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