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Dear Radka,

In February, more than 850,000 pages and 2,500 titles were added, and more than 50 databases were updated. With this update, we are pleased to inform you that we have come to an agreement with the Florida Bar: the Florida Bar News is now available in the Bar Journals Library.

A special thanks to the Jenkins Law Library for their recent contribution of more than 2,000 titles. More than 100 have been added to our
 Legal Classics Library. We have also added a large number of legislative histories thanks to our friends at Kirkland & Ellis, added 41 new titles from UNC Press Law Publications, and completed Session Laws indexing for all 50 states back to 2000.

The first revision to Cataloging Legal Literature has just been issued! View this recent blog post by Melody Lembke describing the enhancement to the database.

Each March, the United States pays tribute to the women whose contributions to nature, the environment, and society in general have been invaluable. A featured section in this month's newsletter highlights the material located in Women & the Law (Peggy) which includes biographies of famous women, such as abolitionists and women's rights advocates the Grimke Sisters and Lucretia Mott. 

Please continue reading for additional details about February content additions and stay tuned for future newsletters where we will be announcing exciting new databases.
Benjamin Boron
HeinOnline Marketing Department
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  • Titles Coming Soon: We are also excited to inform you that we have several more titles that will be released in the upcoming weeks.
  • Women's History Month: Each March, the United States pays tribute to the women whose contributions to nature, the environment, and society in general have been invaluable.
  • Session Laws Library Indexing Update: All 50 states have now been indexed back to 2000; see which states will soon have full-coverage indexing!
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Below is a comprehensive list of all the databases that have been updated in February.
ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals
8 new titles have been added and 7 have been updated.

American Indian Law Collection
16 new titles have been added and 1 has been updated.

American Law Institute Library
1 title has been updated.

Animal Studies: Law, Welfare and Rights
2 titles have been updated.

Australian Law Reform Commission Library (ALRC)
1 title has been updated.

Bar Journals
1 new journal has been added and 35 have been updated.

Brennan Center for Justice Publications at NYU School of Law
3 new titles have been added.

Code of Federal Regulations
1 title has been updated.

Congress and the Courts
9 new titles have been added and 2 have been updated.

Early American Case Law
1 new title has been added.

European Centre for Minority Issues
1 title has been updated.

Federal Register Library
1 title has been updated.

Foreign & International Law Resources Database
2 new titles have been added and 3 have been updated.

Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS)
4 new titles have been added and 1 has been updated.

History of Bankruptcy: Taxation & Economic Reform in America Part III
1 new title has been added.

History of International Law
2 new titles have been added.

History of Supreme Court Nominations
4 new titles have been added.

Immigration Law & Policy in the U.S.
1 title has been updated.

Intellectual Property Law Collection
5 new titles have been added.

Kluwer Law International Journal Library
3 journals have been updated.

Law Journal Library
10 new journals have been added and 325 have been updated.

Legal Classics
234 new titles have been added and 1 has been updated.

National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL)
1 title has been updated.

New York Court of Appeals Records and Briefs
1 title has been updated.

New York Legal Research Library
6 new titles has been added and 1 has been updated.

Philippine Law Collection
1 title has been updated.

Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases
14 new titles have been added.

Religion and the Law
11 new titles have been added.

Scottish Legal History: Featuring Publications of the Stair Society
1 title has been updated.

Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law
8 new titles have been added.

Session Laws Library
5 titles have been updated.

Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law
55 new titles have been added.

Spinelli's Law Library Reference Shelf
21 new titles have been added and 9 have been updated.

State Reports: A Historical Archive
2 new titles have been added and 1 has been updated.

Taxation & Economic Reform in America Parts I & II
11 new titles have been added and 2 have been updated.

U.S. Attorney General & Department of Justice Collection
17 new titles have been added.

U.S. Congressional Documents
3 new titles have been added and 2 have been updated.

U.S. Congressional Documents - Committee Prints
106 new Committee Prints have been added.

U.S. Congressional Documents - Congressional Research Service Reports
955 new CRS Reports have been added.

U.S. Congressional Documents - Hearings
664 new hearings have been added and 1 has been updated.

U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals
7 new titles have been added and 10 have been updated.

U.S. Federal Legislative History Library
37 new titles have been added.

U.S. International Trade Library
2 titles have been updated.

U.S. Presidential Library
1 new title has been added.

U.S. Supreme Court Library
1 title has been updated.

U.S. Treaties and Agreements Library
2 titles have been updated.

United Nations Law Collection
4 new titles have been added and 3 have been updated.

Women and the Law (Peggy)
13 new titles have been added and 2 have been updated.

World Constitutions Illustrated
10 new titles have been added.

World Treaty Library
5 new titles have been added.

World Trials Library
6 new titles have been added.

Below is a summary of some of the notable titles included in this month's release.

Law Journal Library

10 new journals added, including:

CALL Bulletin
Full Text: Vols. 9, 11-241 (1955-2016). Title Varies: Vols. 1-121 as Chicago Law Bulletin.

The CALL Bulletin, the official publication of the Chicago Association of Law Libraries, is published four times a year and is provided to active members as a benefit of membership.

 FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
1932-2016; 2013-2016 are External to HeinOnline; Title Varies: Vols. 1-4#9 (1932-1935) as Fugitives Wanted by Police.

Since 1935, the FBI has provided information on current law enforcement issues and research in the field to the larger policing community through the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin.

Just as the FBI has adapted over the years to address the changing needs of the criminal justice community, the Bulletin continues changing to reach a more mobile and widespread audience.

Although the Bulletin ended its 80-year print run with the December 2012 issue, it continues to deliver peer-reviewed articles submitted by a wide range of authorities, including subject matter experts, national security liaisons, officers and agents in the field, and legal instruction advisors. These articles are now only available online at

Indonesia Law Review
Full Text: Vols. 1-6 (2011-2016).

Indonesia Law Review (ILREV) is an initiative of Djokosoetono Research Center (DRC) Faculty of Law University of Indonesia. It aims primarily to facilitate scholarly and professional discussions over current developments on legal issues in Indonesia as well as to publish innovative legal research concerning Indonesian laws and legal system. Published exclusively in English, the Review seeks to expand the boundaries of Indonesian legal discourse to English-speaking contributors and readers all over the world. The Review, hence, welcomes contributions from international legal scholars and professionals as well as from representatives of courts, executive authorities, and agencies of development cooperation. Novelty and currentness of issues, are priorities in publishing. The range of content covered by the Review includes fields of law such as private laws and public laws which include constitutional and administrative law as well as criminal law; international laws concerning Indonesia; various approaches to legal studies such as comparative law, law and economics, sociology of law and legal anthropology; and many others. Specialized legal studies concerning various aspects of life such as commercial and business laws, technology law, natural resources law and the like are also welcomed. A recommendation by the Editors on specific research issues to be covered in each volume may be made available to prospective contributors prior to publication of the volume in April, August and December.

International Journal of Advanced Legal Studies and Governance
Full Text: Vols. 1-6 (2010-2016).

International Journal of Advanced Legal Studies and Governance (IJALSG), published by the International Centre for Integrated Development Research, Nigeria, is a global academic and professional journal of high quality devoted to the publication of original research papers on law and political science with emphasis on all areas of equity, justice, human rights, politics, governance, security, international relationships and treaties, and policy formulations and their broad range of application and practice within society. The articles in this journal are written in scholarly acceptable English and uniquely focused on the problems confronting the emerging global society. The findings are described in terms intelligible to professional and non-professional as well as expert and non-expert readers. The papers in this journal are innovative. They have pooled and integrated required information from personal experiences, research, professional publications, and academic sources; they contribute meaningfully to the development and advancement of knowledge of the people of third-world as well as developed nations.

Labor Studies Journal
Full Text: Vols. 1-38 (1976-2013).
Indexed: Vols. 1-41 (1976-2016).

The Labor Studies Journal is the official journal of the United Association for Labor Education (UALE). It is a multi-disciplinary journal covering issues related to work, workers, labor organizations, labor studies and worker education in the United States and internationally.

Relations: Beyond Anthropocentrism
Full Text: Vols. 1-4 (2013-2016).

Relations: Beyond Anthropocentrism is a peer-refereed journal of trans-anthropocentric ethics and related inquires. The main aim of the journal is to create a professional interdisciplinary forum in Europe to discuss moral and scientific issues that concern the increasing need of going beyond narrow anthropocentric paradigms in all fields of knowledge. The journal accepts submissions on all topics which promote European research adopting a non-anthropocentric ethical perspective on both interspecific and intraspecific relationships between all life species, humans included, and between these and the abiotic environment.

Revista de Drept Constitutional
Full Text (2015-2016).

Revista de Drept Constitutional promotes scientific research in the field, the dialogue between theory and constitutional jurisprudence, and the constitutionalisation of law.

Social & Legal Studies
Full Text: Vols. 1-22 (1992-2013).
Indexed: Vols. 1-25 (1992-2016).

Social & Legal Studies was founded in 1992 to develop progressive, interdisciplinary and critical approaches towards socio-legal study. The heart of the journal has been a commitment towards feminist, post-colonialist, and socialist economic perspectives on law. These remain core animating principles. The journal aims to create an intellectual space where diverse traditions and critical approaches within legal study meet.

American Indian Law Collection
16 new titles added, including:

American Indian Law: Relationship to Child Abuse and Neglect
1v. Washington: U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, 1981

Report of the Alabama History Commission to the Governor of Alabama, December 1, 1900
1v. Montgomery: Brown Printing Co., 1901
Owen, Thomas McAdory, Editor


Bar Journals Library
1 new title added:

Florida Bar News

Full Text: Vols. 6-43#23 (1979-2016)


Early American Case Law
One new title added:

Court Decisions Pertaining to the Public Health: Published in the Public Health Reports before January 1, 1916

1v. Washington: U.S. Gvt. Printing Office, 1916


Foreign & International Law Resources Database
2 new titles added, including:

Firearms Regulations in Various Foreign Countries

1v. Washington, D.C.: Law Library of Congress, 1990
Nay, Robert L.; et al.


Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS)
4 new titles added, including:

Breakfast for Bonaparte: U.S. National Security Interests from the Heights of Abraham to the Nuclear Age

1v. Washington: National Defense University Press, 1993
Rostow, Eugene V.

On the Front Lines of the Cold War: Documents on the Intelligence War in Berlin, 1946 to 1961
1v. Washington, D.C.: CIA History Staff, Center for the Study of Intelligence, 1999
Steury, Donald Paul, Editor


Intellectual Property Law Collection
5 new titles added, including:

Index to the U.S. Patent Classification



Legal Classics Library
234 new titles added, including:

Big Business and the Policy of Competition

1v. Cleveland: Press of Western Reserve University,
Edwards, Corwin D.

Constitutional Law in the Political Process
1v. Chicago: Rand McNally & Co., 1963
Schmidhauser, John R., Editor

Negro in the American Revolution
1v. Chapel Hill: Published for the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg, Virginia, by the University of North Carolina Press, 1996
Quarles, Benjamin


Religion and the Law
11 new titles added, including:

Code of Jewish Law - Kitzur Shulhan Arukh: A Compilation of Jewish Laws and Customs

1v. New York: Hebrew Publishing Co., 1963
Ganzfried, Solomon; Goldin, Hyman E., Translator

Laws concerning Religion in the United States: With a Chapter on Religion in the Armed Services
1v. New York: Oceana Publications, 1950
Burstein, Abraham

State in the New Testament
1v. New York: Scribner, 1956
Cullmann, Oscar

Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law
55 new titles added, including:

Belle Scott; or, Liberty Overthrown! A Tale for the Crisis

1v. Columbus: D. Anderson, 1856

Colony of Citizens: Revolution & Slave Emancipation in the French Caribbean, 1787-1804
1v. Chapel Hill: Published for the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg, Virginia, by the University of North Carolina Press, 2004
Dubois, Laurent

De Bow's Review
40v. New Orleans: J.D.B. De Bow, 1846-1869

Facts and Opinions Touching the Real Origin, Character and Influence of the American Colonization Society
1v. Boston: John P. Jewett and Co., 1853
Stebbins, G. B.

Travels in South and North America
1v. London: Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., 1853
Marjoribanks, Alexander


State Reports: A Historical Archive
2 titles updated:

Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Appeals of Tennessee

51v. Columbia: E. W. Stephens Publishing Co., 1925-1963

Texas Court Reporter: Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals, and the Courts of Civil Appeals of the State of Texas
20v. Austin: Ben C. Jones & Co., 1900-1908


U.S. Attorney General & Department of Justice Collection
17 new titles added, including:

Supermax Prisons and the Constitution: Liability Concerns in the Extended Control Unit

1v. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Dept. of Justice, 2004
Collins, William C.


U.S. Federal Legislative History Library
37 new titles added, including:

Legislative History of the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act of 2009

12v. Cambridge: Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Harvard Law School, 2009

Legislative History of the Drug Amendments of 1962: P.L. 87-781
3v. Washington, D.C.: Kirkland & Ellis, 1962


Women and the Law (Peggy)
13 new titles added, including:

Marriage-Contract and Sacrament: A Manual of the Laws of the Catholic Church on Marriage for the Use of American Lawyers

1v. Chicago: Callaghan & Co., 1957
Risk, James E.

Women, a Documentary of Progress during the Administration of Jimmy Carter, 1977 to 1981
1v. Washington, D.C.: Executive Office of the President, 1981
Haugen, Barbara, Editor


World Constitutions Illustrated: Contemporary & Historical Documents and Resources
10 new titles added, including:

India under Dalhousie and Canning

1v. London: Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, & Green, 1865
Argyll, George Douglas Campbell

Revised Guide to the Law & Legal Literature of Mexico
1v. Washington: Library of Congress, 1973
Clagett, Helen L.; Valderrama, David M.


World Trials Library
11 new titles added, including:

Trial, Execution, Autopsy and Mental Status of Leon F. Czolgosz, Alias Fred. Nieman, the Assassin of President McKinley
1v. S.I.: s.n., 1902
MacDonald, Carlos F.; Spitzka, Edward Anthony
The months leading up to February have been extremely busy for our Publications team at Hein, and we're excited to introduce the following new legal titles:
Research Guide to Chinese Copyright Law, Second Edition

This book is not merely a revision of the first one (Guide to China Copyright Law Studies); instead it is a complete rewrite. The new
second edition attempts to capture and reflect the changes in the dramatically transformed landscape of Chinese copyright law
since the first edition was published in 2000.

Item #: 11911
ISBN: 978-0-8377-4044
Pages: xxvii,238p.
Price: $99.00
Published: Getzville; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2017.

Comparative Criminal Procedure: History, Processes and Case Studies, Second Edition

In a globally connected world, criminal conduct can easily transcend international borders. Citizens of one country might find themselves being prosecuted in another country for conduct committed within that country’s borders. Therefore, it is important to understand the unique differences in criminal justice systems across the world.

Item #: 60875
ISBN: 978-0-8377-4033-1
Pages: xiv, 312p.
Price: $99.00
Published: Getzville; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2017.

Prince's Dictionary of Legal Citations: A Reference Guide for Attorneys, Legal Secretaries, Paralegals, and Law Students, Ninth Edition

This title assists the legal profession in citing legal authorities according to the rules given in The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, 20th ed. (2015). This title is a companion to The Bluebook (not a replacement) and applies Bluebook rules to a representative collection of common legal authorities. The citations included are based on Bluebook rules, and the abbreviations are those found in The Bluebook or derived from its guidelines.

Item #: 59297
ISBN: 978-0-8377-4038-6
Pages: vii, 564p.
Price: $64.95
Published: Getzville; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2017.

Designing Law and Other Academic Libraries: Building Upon Change, Third Edition

Designing Law and Other Academic Libraries: Building upon Change, now in its third edition, is a must for every academic, architecture and library science library. This 2016 revised edition features extensively revised chapters with much new material. Eight new librarian and architect contributors provide expert guidance on new and traditional topics, from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design to WiFi connectivity to display cabinetry.

Item #: 6987
ISBN: 978-0-8377-4040-9
Pages: xxxvii, 520p.
Price: $149.95
Published: Getzville; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2017.

Finding English Law: Quick Access to Key Titles

Finding English Law: Quick Access to Key Titles provides a listing of current and informative books on one hundred topics of English law. Each list is preceded by an instructive 'thumbnail' description of the legal subject giving the researcher an outline of the rudiments of the topic, by way of a quick description, a discussion of the topic's component parts, and the details of any legislative provisions which guide the law of that subject. Each of the listings of titles orients the reader toward a roster of important titles of all types, from those written for public and student consumption, through practitioner-oriented works to the academic and theoretical. Researchers from outside the United Kingdom will find the topic descriptions and listings most useful and those based in the UK will find utility in a current, wide-ranging list of legal titles.

Item #: 1004943
ISBN: 978-0-8377-4052-2
Pages: xv,192p.
Price: $79.95
Published: Getzville; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2017.

Each March, the United States pays tribute to the women whose contributions to nature, the environment, and society in general have been invaluable. HeinOnline's Women and the Law database brings together books, biographies and periodicals dedicated to the role of women in society and the law. This unique collection of materials provides a convenient platform for users to research the progression of women's roles and rights over the past 200 years. Also included are more than 70 titles from Emory University Law School's Feminism and Legal Theory Project which provide a platform to view the effect of law and culture on women. 

Check out biographies of famous women, including abolitionists and women's rights advocates the Grimke Sisters and Lucretia Mott. Read articles written by notable female scholars and browse categories on various aspects of the law as it specifically applies to women, including abortion, employment, suffrage, and education.

The most-cited female journal article author in HeinOnline is Judith Resnik. Read her scholarship here. Resnik is the Arthur Liman Professor of Law at Yale Law School, where she teaches about federalism, procedure, courts, prisons, equality, and citizenship.

Celebrate International Women's Day 2017 on Wednesday, March 8. This year's theme is Be Bold For Change. Learn how you can participate!

Our monthly update of Session Laws continues as we index states to the chapter level or act level. All 50 states have now been indexed back to 2000.

We are currently working on indexing the full coverage of California, New York and Maryland to completion.

Learn more here.


HeinOnline is excited to announce a new help video series, created by the masterminds at Quimbee, which is now available on the HeinOnline YouTube channel!


What do Tilikukum and circus elephants have in common? They have both profoundly impacted people's views on animal rights by increasing the public's knowledge the mistreatment of animals, which in turn has affected the legal community.... Find a wealth of information in HeinOnline.


Since President Donald Trump took office on January 20, he has issued several executive orders. To understand the importance and potential consequences of these actions, let's review legal scholarship on the topic in HeinOnline.


Each February, Americans honor both people and significant events in African-American history during Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month.


HeinOnline's ScholarCheck is a series of tools which help researchers locate and access related material  from inside HeinOnline and via Fastcase. ScholarCheck also keeps track of the number of times articles are cited by other articles and cases. One of the more recent metrics tracked by ScholarCheck is the number of times articles have been accessed within a rolling 12-month period by other HeinOnline users. The HeinOnline development team recently ran a report of the articles which had the greatest increase in the number of times accessed between January 2016 and now, and some trending topics are discussed below.


On January 31, 2017 Judge Neil Gorsuch of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit was officially nominated by President Donald J. Trump to fill the U.S. Supreme Court vacancy.  The vacancy was created by the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia last year on February 13, 2016.


This guest post highlighting the new update of Cataloging Legal Literature is written by the author, Melody Lembke.



The American holiday of Presidents' Day was originally established in 1885 in recognition of the first President of the United States, George Washington. It was officially called Washington's Birthday and observed as a federal holiday on February 22nd, Washington's actual day of birth. Washington's Birthday was the first federal holiday celebrating the life of an individual American, joining only four national bank holidays – Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Independence Day, and Thanksgiving. Read more about the history of President's Day in HeinOnline.


Civilization has long been concerned with the quality and safety of foods and medicines. Up until the late 20th century, there were few laws regulating the ingredients of food products or the misrepresentation of medicinal substances. Read more about the history of food and drug law in HeinOnline.


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New on Ex Libris Juris: Legislative Histories of Cybersecurity Laws Enacted by the 113th and 114th Congresses via HeinOnline

New video interviews are available in An Oral History of Law Librarianship in Spinelli's Law Library Reference Shelf, which now includes more than 200 videos!

The video interviews this month feature:
  • Richard E. Ducey - Retired Director of the University of Tulsa Law Library and Retired Professor of Law - University of Tulsa - Tulsa, OK
  • Marie Summerlin Hamm - Assistant Director for Collection Development - Regent University Law Library - Virginia Beach, VA 
  • Janet R. Tracy - Retired Professor of Research and Library Services - Fordham University - New York, NY
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If your library is in possession of this type of material and is willing to donate to us for digitization, please contact Shane Marmion at or 716-882-2600. Please note: we would prefer to be able to cut the material for scanning and would provide electronic copies (PDFs) and/or credit in return.

Termes de la Ley or, Certain Difficult and Obscure Words and Terms of the Common Laws and Statutes of This Realm Now in Use Expounded and Explained (corr., enl.)
Kept: hein.lbr/termley0001
Deleted: hein.lbr/tlcdow0001
On Civil Liberty and Self-Government
Kept: hein.beal/oclsgl0001
Deleted: hein.cow/oclsgl0001
Anti-terrorism Authority Under The Laws Of The United Kingdom And The United States (RL33726)
Definitions of "Inherently Governmental Function" in Federal Procurement Law and Guidance (R42325)
Social Legislation (2nd ed.)
Kept: hein.beal/soclegisl0001
Deleted: hein.beal/slegis0001
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act: A Brief Overview Of Selected Issues (RL34279)
Unforeseen Tendencies of Democracy
Kept: hein.cow/unfornte0001
Deleted: hein.beal/unfsetndmc0001
Advancing Justice Through DNA Technology Act of 2003 (H.R. 3214): A Section-by-Section Analysis (RL32469)
July 13, 2004
Air Quality Issues and Animal Agriculture: EPA's Air Compliance Agreement (RL32947)
January 21, 2009
Alaska Land Transfer Acceleration Act: Background and Summary (RL32734)
January 14, 2005
Army Future Combat System (FCS) Spin-outs and Ground Combat Vehicle (CGV): Background and Issues for Congress (RL32888)
November 30, 2009
Brazil's WTO Case against the U.S. Cotton Program (RL32571)
June 21, 2011
Bunker Busters: Sources of Confusion in the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator Debate (RL32599)
January 10, 2005
Chief Justice of the United States: Responsibilities of the Office and Process for Appointment (RL32821)
September 23, 2005
Congressional Oversight Of Intelligence: Current Structure And Alternatives (RL32525)
May 14, 2012
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES): Background and Issues (RL32751)
February 5, 2008
Debt Limit: History and Recent Increases (RL31967)
October 15, 2013
Debt Limit: History and Recent Increases (RL31967)
May 16, 2011
Kept: hein.tera/crser0294
Economic Implications of the Long-Term Federal Budget Outlook (RL32747)
August 16, 2011
Kept: hein.tera/crser0323
Economic Implications of the Long-Term Federal Budget Outlook (RL32747)
August 27, 2008
Electoral College: Reform Proposals in the 108th Congress (RL32612)
June 30, 2005
Electoral College: Reform Proposals in the 109th Congress (RL32831)
March 12, 2007
Emergency Communications Safety Net: Integrating 911 and Other Services (RL32939)
August 25, 2008
Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA): A Summary (RL32683)
November 17, 2008
European Union's Arms Embargo on China: Implications and Options for U.S. Policy (RL32870)
January 26, 2006
European Union's Arms Embargo on China: Implications and Options for U.S. Policy (RL32870)
May 27, 2005
Flat Tax, Value-Added Tax, and National Retail Sales Tax: Overview of the Issues (RL32603)
March 14, 2000
Global Peace Operations Initiative: Background and Issues for Congress (RL32773)
January 31, 2008
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA): Interactions with Selected Provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) (RL32913)
February 13, 2008
Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004: National Standards for Drivers Licenses, Social Security Cards, and Birth Certificates (RL32722)
January 6, 2005
Journalists' Privilege to Withhold Information in Judicial and Other Proceedings: State Shield Statutes (RL32806)
June 27, 2007
Medical Device Approval Process and Related Legislative Issues (RL32826)
January 2, 2009
Mercury Emissions from Electric Power Plants: An Analysis of EPA's Cap-and-Trade Regulations (RL32868)
January 13, 2006
National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center: Issues for Congress (RL32891)
July 19, 2007
Navy Ship Procurement: Alternative Funding Approaches--Background and Options for Congress (RL32776)
June 15, 2007
Overview of the Administration's Strengthening America's Communities Initiative (RL32823)
March 7, 2006
Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA): Reauthorization of Job Training Programs in the 109th Congress (RL32778)
January 9, 2007

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact

Congrats to:

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February Trivia:
Q: Where in the World is Hein?

What is the exact number of periodicals that are currently available in the Law Journal Library?

Hint: The HeinOnline Welcome Page is loaded with useful database information!

There are exacatly 2,366 titles in the Law Journal Library as of February 1, 2017.

Email your answer to by March 31, 2017.
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