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Amended and Annotated Criminal Code of the People's Republic of China With Official Interpretations 2nd Edition

The 14th Title in Hein's Chinese Law Series

The Criminal Code has been amended eight times and about one hundred official interpretations to the code have been promulgated by the legislative, judicial, and administrative branches of the Chinese national government. Although various versions of the English translation of the Chinese Criminal Code have been available in print or on the Internet, none of these English translations are annotated with the official interpretations. Now available in the new 2nd edition of Amended and Annotated Criminal Code of the People's Republic of China With Official Interpretations are all of the new amendments and updated interpretations of the code.

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Dear Miranda,

This is the third month in a row that I am pleased to announce a new library! Congress and the Courts is now available as an a-la-carte library in HeinOnline!

In addition to the new library, we have some news and updates about HeinOnline's Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals and U.S. Congressional Documents Collection, along with a couple new features you'll want to learn more about below.


Take care,

Miranda Rosati
Marketing Department

May Content Release

Below is a snapshot of the May Content Release:
  • 32 Libraries Updated
  • Congress and the Courts: A Legislative History 1787-2010 now available as an a-la-carte library
  • International Journal for Education Law and Policy (IJELP), John Marshall Journal of Computer and Information Law, Miskolc Journal of International Law, National Security Law Brief, Tijdschrift voor Constitutioneel Recht (TvCR), Warwick Student Law Review added to the Law Journal Library along with five other new journals
  • Missing Congressional Record Appendix Volumes from the 83rd Congress added to U.S. Congressional Documents Collection
  • 4 new titles added to Intellectual Property Law Collection
  • 15-volume Summary of Tariff Information, 1929 on Tariff Act of 1922 added to U.S. International Trade Library
  • 22-volume Mining Reports by Robert Stewart Morrison and Emilio D. De Soto added to Legal Classics
Click here for a detailed list of new titles and content updates.
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New A-la-carte Library Now Available!

Congress and the Courts

We're pleased to announce Congress and the Courts is now available as an a-la-carte library in HeinOnline. This library, featuring William H. Manz's Congress and the Courts: A Legislative History 1787-2010, brings together materials reflecting congressional concern with the composition and structure of Article III Courts and to provide all relevant documents prepared by various Congresses relating to the purpose, formation, organization, and restructuring of the federal government.

This new library focuses on development and growth of the federal courts and the judiciary as a source of original material of congressional fact finding and decision making. Decades of legislative intent, testimony, and pre-enactment history is provided in one centralized library.

Congress and the Courts features:
  • Congress & the Courts: A Legislative History 1787-2010 Compiled by William H. Manz
  • Federal Judicial Center Publications
  • Other Related Works, including Administrative Conference of the United States: Recommendations and Reports - Vols. 1-4, 1978-1995 (1968-1995)
  • Periodicals, including Federal Probation - Vols. 1-75 (1937-2011)
  • Links to Scholarly Articles
  • CFR Title 28 - Judicial Administration
Click here to view a complete brochure for this collection.

Do you already subscribe to Congress and the Courts in print? If you are on standing order for Congress & the Courts: A Legislative History 1787-2010, you have been set up with complimentary access to this library in HeinOnline until the end of 2012. This means that you will see Congress and the Courts under your subscribed libraries when you log on to your HeinOnline account. Please contact marketing@wshein.com or 800-828-7571 for more information.

In the News

The Michigan Law Review published an article authored by Fred Shapiro, Yale Law School and Michelle Pearse, Harvard University, last week that used HeinOnline, along with other databases to conduct a study of the most-cited law reviews. The article, The Most-Cited Law Review Articles of All Time, used features like HeinOnline's ScholarCheck to conduct and analyze the study. Here is an excerpt from the article:

"HeinOnline’s ScholarCheck and Web of Science might be thought of as “slow and steady.” They deal with much more controlled and definitive data and tend to use more quality control." Continue Reading»

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals Update

2,854 New Articles and 300 New Reviews Added

We're pleased to report HeinOnline's Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals is completely up to date with the addition of 2,854 articles and 300 reviews from 2011 #4 edition of IFLP. This material is currently available only in HeinOnline as this issue of IFLP has yet to go to print.
New Enhancements to IFLP!
We've also added two new enhancements to HeinOnline's IFLP. Author and subject facets have been added to your search results, which will allow you to further narrow your search, along with language, section type and date. We have also added the option to search only the title which the full text is available in HeinOnline when searching IFLP. Simply click the box that says "Show only results for periodicals included in HeinOnline" when conducting a search to use this new feature. Click here to view the IFLP Quick Reference Guide.

Click here to view a complete brochure for HeinOnline's Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals.

U.S. Congressional Documents Collections Enhancements

Congressional Record Appendix Volumes Now Available
A special thank you goes out to the Library of Congress which has enabled us to include the Congressional Record Appendix  Volumes 100 (83rd Congress, 1954 through Volume 113 (90th Congress, 1967) in HeinOnline’s U.S. Congressional Documents collection. The Library of Congress has allowed HeinOnline to digitize this material and over the next few months we will continue to add these appendices which were not originally part of the bound volume. Richard J. McKinney explains this material in his An Overview of the Congressional Record and Its Predecessor Publications:

"Commencing with volume 100 ( 83rd Congress, 2nd Session, 1954), the Appendix to the daily edition was dropped altogether from the bound version of the Congressional Record until volume 113 (90th Congress, 1st Sess.; 1967 only). During this thirteen year period from 1954 through 1966, only material in the daily Appendix that was considered germane to Senate and House proceedings was published..."Continue Reading»

Congressional Record Daily Edition Now Updated Daily

We will now be updating the Congressional Record Daily Edition every day to include the most current Congressional Record Daily Edition, just as we do with the Federal Register. We previously were updating content for the daily edition on a monthly basis.


New Enhancements

Treaties and Agreements Library Reorganized!

Did you know our Treaty Index in our Treaties and Agreements Library is updated monthly? This comprehensive collection brings together more than 18,000 treaties and agreements and is indexed in five unique ways: numerically, chronologically, by country, by subject, and by geographical subject. All official treaty series are included: Treaty Series - TS 491-A - 892, Executive Agreement Series (EAS) - EAS 1-506 (1929-1946),Treaties and Other International Acts Series (TIAS) - Vols. 1-13 (1776-1949). We continue to work to create the most complete and comprehensive collection of treaties found anywhere.

This month, we have restructured this library to present more prominent browse options. From the top of the library's homepage, you can now browse by All Titles; Treaties, Books and Texts; Treaty Publications; and Important Treaties and Agreements Links. The new browse options also allow you to search these sections separately. Furthermore, we've added a keyword search to the Treaty Metadata Search allowing you to search our treaties by keyword or phrase.

Not subscribed to this library? Contact us to learn more»
Email Search Results Feature
You will now have the ability to send your search results to an email address of your choice. Slightly coinciding with the MyHein features, simply check off the search results you would like to send via email, scroll down to the bottom of your results to where you would normally save to your MyHein account, and select  "Email Selected Results" from the dropdown menu. See screenshot below.


Notable Titles Added to the Law Journal Library

John Marshall Journal of Computer and Information Law, Vols. 1-25 (1978-2008) Title Varies: Vols. 1-11 (1978-1992) as Computer/Law Journal. The Journal of Computer and Information Law is focused on providing current, relevant legal analysis regarding international information technology and privacy law. The Journal strives to publish articles that are both scholarly and practical, and achieves this goal by involving international insight, keeping abreast of evolving technology, and including input from several viewpoints including academia, government, business and private practice.

International Journal for Education Law and Policy, Vols. 1-7 (2005-2011) Including Special Issues from 2004-2005, 2010. The peer-reviewed International Journal for Education Law and Policy (IJELP), which is the official Journal of The European Association for Education Law and Policy, provides a critical review of contemporary developments in educational law. The academic journal combines analysis, commentary and documentation on national educational legislation and European and international developments in education. It gives high priority to articles that provide a comparative perspective and offer a link between law and policy issues. Apart from scholarly articles, IJELP features special thematic reports and contains special country reports. Each issue contains country reports covering the latest developments in the field of education law, articles of a comparative nature by leading experts in the field and book reviews. The International Journal for Education Law and Policy meets the needs of both academics and practitioners dealing with education issues.

National Security Law Brief, Vols. 1-2 (2010-2011). Founded in April 2009, the American University National Security Law Brief (Brief) is the nation's first student-run law school publication to focus on the ever-growing field of national security law. The Brief is a biannual print publication featuring journal-length, academic legal articles analyzing all aspects of United States national security law, from traditional security issues such as counterterrorism, intelligence collection, and nuclear proliferation, to cutting-edge developments related to soft power and cybersecurity. The Brief also has an extensive online component, featuring student-written pieces on current topics as well as focus pieces from noted national security law practitioners and academics. Given its location in Washington, DC and its growing relationship with the legal community, the Brief serves as an ideal platform for innovative ideas in national security law.

Warwick Student Law Review, Vol. 1 (2011). The Warwick Student Law Review seeks to publish the very best of legal scholarship written by students at Warwick and other leading law schools. Administered entirely by members of the student body of the university, the journal seeks to contribute to the research culture of the law school and, in publishing the exceptional work of students reading law at Warwick, to improve their educational experience.
Ownership Option Now Available for U.S. International Trade Library

We are pleased to announce that a new digital ownership option for the U.S. International Trade Library is now available. This option gives you ownership of more than one million pages of content related to international trade. Click here to view a complete brochure for HeinOnline's Digital Ownership Program.

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