U.S. International Trade Library is Now Available!
Now Available: U.S. International Trade Library!

We are pleased to announce HeinOnline's newest library:
U.S. International Trade Library: A Current and Historical Archive is now available!

Featuring the exchange of goods and services between the United States and other nations, as well as the history of Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930, this new library brings together more than one million pages' worth of content. Included in this library:

USITC Publications Archive 1962-2012

More than 4,000 publications from the USITC dating back to 1966, with nearly 300 relating to Section 337. These publications investigate responsibilities on matters of trade. Browse the publications by Publication Number, Category, and Document Type.

CFR & U.S. Code Title 15 & Title 19

This library includes access to Title 15: Commerce and Foreign Trade and Title 19: Customs Duties of both the Code of Federal Regulations and U.S. Code available from inception to date.

Legislative Histories

  • Bilateral Free Trade Agreements
  • Tariff Act of 1909
  • Tariff Act of 1930 P.L. 71-361
  • Trade Act of 1974 P.L. 93-618
  • Trade and Tariff Act of 1984 P.L. 98-573
  • Omnibus Foreign Trade & Competitiveness Act of 1988

Scholarly Articles

This section includes links to hundreds of articles chosen and reviewed by our editors relating to International Trade.  Using Hein’s ScholarCheck, you can see which other law review articles from the Law Journal Library cite the article you are reading and quickly link to those articles as well!

Notable Publications

  • GATT Multilateral Trade Negotiations: The Uruguay Round (1994)
  • Trade Agreements Program of the United States Annual Reports of the President (1989)
  • Dictionary of International Trade Terms (1996)

Section 337 Investigations History

Coming Soon!

Section 337 Investigations files digitized from ITC microfiche archives including the public proceedings, notices, determinations and orders dating back to 1976! Nearly one million pages of Section 337 files will be included.

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Presented in HeinOnline’s research platform, the functionality of this library will allow you to easily browse and search between these different sections of the U.S. International Trade library all in one place!


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