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Did you know that we've recently added the ability to download PDFs from HeinOnline directly into your Dropbox Account?

Dropbox is a document storage solution that makes it simple to save all of your photos, videos, and files in one convenient place. 

Dropbox lets you:
  • Get to all your files from any computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Share documents, photos and entire folders easily.
  • Restore all of your files, even if your computer melts down.

From your search results in HeinOnline, simply click on the Save to Dropbox icon:


From inside an article, click the PDF icon to view the print/download options. Choose Save to Dropbox from this screen:

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Check out our video on using Dropbox with HeinOnline!
Using Dropbox in HeinOnline via a Proxy Server:

Users who access HeinOnline via proxy servers have reported problems while using Dropbox. We have determined that this is occurring because Dropbox does not recognize the domain of the proxy server within the HeinOnline Application. 

We have the ability to add proxy server domains to the Dropbox application in HeinOnline.

We encourage users to contact HeinOnline Support with their proxy domains as these will be added individually and will enable all users of HeinOnline to take advantage of this feature.

Please send your proxy domain to or contact us with questions at (800) 277-6995, via e-email, or via Live Chat.


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