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Ciao <<First Name>>,
Buona domenica!
A reader emailed me last week and asked me: "How do you say "to look" in the sense of "You look really great" or "That looks good on you"?
There are lots of ways to do this, so I'm just going to throw out a bunch of (hopefully) entertaining examples.
If you want to be specific with what piece of clothing looks good, you can say:
-- Stai VERAMENTE bene con quel vestito. - You look REALLY good in that dress.
-- Stai bene in quel completo. - You look good in that suit.
-- Sta bene senza camicia. Ha gli addominali a tartaruga! - He looks great without a shirt. He has six-pack abs (literally: turtle abs)!
-- Sei così bella in quel colore! Sta bene con i tuoi occhi. - You look so beautiful in that color! It goes well with your eyes.
-- Quella giacca ti sta meravigliosamente! Prendila! – That jacket looks wonderful on you! Buy it!
If you're talking about someone being in shape, you can say:
-- Sei in gran forma! - You're in great shape!
If you're being more general, you can say:
-- Ti vedo bene. – You look good.
-- Ha un bell'aspetto. - He looks good.
-- Hai un bell'aspetto, sei in ottima forma, e sei intelligente. Sei il pacchetto completo! - You have good looks, you're in excellent shape, and you're smart. You're the complete package!
-- Passo del tempo con lui solo perché ha un bell'aspetto. - I only hang out with him because he looks good. (Ouch.)
-- L'hai visto? È bellissimo, no? - Did you see him? He's really gorgeous, right?
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Un abbraccio grosso,
PS. Ti vedo benissimo. ;]
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