HELLO 2016
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A Word From Our Founder
Tears and Cheers!!


As this record setting year for us comes to a close and I sit and type this we find our stable empty for the first time since opening our doors in 2006!  All of our horses posted online as of 12/30/15 were adopted!  We are pouring through our wait list and hitting the track....

We would like to extend a huge thanks to our donors, adopters, volunteers, staff and grantees.

To date we have adopted out 115 unique individuals...7 additional adoptions were repeat placements which makes our total for the year 122 adoptions.  Our come back rate was less than 1% and of those, some were well trained horses donated back to us to use as fundraising.  We castrated and socialized a record number of colts this year...and took in a record number of mending horses.  We broke some to ride and restarted retired broodmares to saddle and a third career.

I am so proud of our team and how tirelessly they work to help the horses and horsemen!

Please remember Second Stride Inc. is a 501C3 tax deductible charity funded by public donations.  We can accept stock donations as well as kind and monetary donations.  Of course we are always in need of volunteers and fundraising and party planning.

Please contact us to see how your syndicate can be involved or to pledge your help!

Here's to another record setting year in 2016!

Kim Smith
Second Stride Inc.





Our hearts and souls were touched by a cry for help and we responded by taking in 15 thoroughbreds of varying ages and condition.  We will begin the chore of cataloguing and identifying those that have tattoos...several we may just have to give new identities, as girls were running with boys and there are several younger horses whose parentage will most likely never be known.  All mares were determined to be not pregnant and all boys were castrated.  The entire herd was wormed and vaccinated.  They had been left for quite some time to fend for themselves.

Because of these unexpected  circumstances we are extending our free adoptions through the month of January for these special in-need beautiful animals. Of course all donations will be gladly accepted as re-conditioning and transitioning this group to what they once were will be not only time consuming but also very difficult with those that were born wild and have not been handled.  We have an awesome group of adopters and donors and applications keep coming in for pre-approval.  We are confident with your help ALL of these extraordinary horses will find loving homes.

Side note: My personal plea!
When you consider adopting please remember that caring for these horses is not free although we are offering them to you for free! 
It seems to me that if you have the means to continue their care...
you could help with a small donation to cover
what we have done to make them available to you.

Thank you,
Toni Hindall

Look for pictures and updates on these project horses on our website:


Donor Highlight

We would like to give a shout out to one of our Donors:
Stephen Dunn is a trainer and owner that we can always count on.  We appreciate all that he does to support us.  He sends quality horses our way that always adopt out quickly and he always seems to remember us when things are going in his favor!  Thank you Steve for being one of our many supporters that help us thrive...we truly appreciate what you do!

Volunteer Highlight
We have so many awesome volunteers it is difficult to choose just one to highlight.  However at the time of this newsletter, one comes to my mind that I just worked with two days ago (gathering the new 15 horses)...
Amy Lent
Amy is not only willing and able to jump in and help... she brings back-up...her Mom, Elaine!  Both are very capable "horsemen" that have tamed wild Mustangs for competition.  Amy is also a repeat  adopter and competed in last years RRP on two Second Stride graduates.  She is gearing up for this years competition as well, but has found it in her heart to help with the handling and taming of our new projects!  Thank you Amy and Elaine your help is invaluable!

Board Member Highlight
A monstrous thank-you to Paul Rutherford!  Paul very graciously gave Second Stride a great Christmas Gift!  Not only did he spend much of his time over the holidays showing horses in the cold rain to prospective adopters, he found time to re-vamp and update our adoption contract.  We are extremely grateful to have him on our Board and in our corner!  Thank you Paul for always having our back.

Our Henry County facility could use some donations to cover the painting of our "new" round-pen and paddocks...they have been several years without paint.

Other items include: duct tape, poultice, Nolvasan, anti-biotic ointment and fly spray