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Update from the President

Welcome to ALCAS’ spring 2014 newsletter.

I have just returned from the NZ LCA Conference in Wellington, New Zealand, where I enjoyed a fabulous exchange of ideas and experience with LCA practitioners from throughout the Asia Pacific Region.
To contribute to our region, ALCAS is forging ahead in establishing an Australasian EPD and PCR system, in partnership with LCANZ and SEMCo.  The EPD Programme is the missing link between AusLCI data and LCA tools needed to ensure easy implementation of LCA principles.  All stakeholders using LCA and developers of LCA tools will benefit by accepting the verified EPDs.
The EDP Australasia website is now live, with a wide range of EPDs and PCRs already available for search.  New PCRs are being completed every month, as others are developed and opened for consultation.  I strongly encourage all ALCAS members to contribute their thoughts and experience to ensure the system is robust and workable.
The AusLCI database is also moving forward apace, providing data based on a robust methodology and compatible with the EPD Programme.  Last month saw the release of 150 new agricultural processes into the database. We have also updated the requirements document to resolve some outstanding methodology concerns.  Specifically the issue of recycling allocation within the database has been resolved, with AusLCI adopting the approach outlined in the European Standard EN15804.


Attendance at conferences to share ideas and remain current is vital for LCA practitioners.  The SETAC Asia/Pacific 2014 Conference is opening in Adelaide on 14 September, presenting another opportunity to learn from others in our region.  I look forward to hearing reports from ALCAS members in future committee meetings.

Best regards,
Rob Rouwette


New Agriculture Data Released for AusLCI

ALCAS has released 150 new processes into the AusLCI database.  Data includes production of wheat, barley, sugar, cotton, maize, bananas, strawberries and many more.

New AusLCI Requirements Published

AusLCI data are governed by the requirements document which outlines the methodology used in the development of the database. An update has been published, resolving some outstanding methodology issues.

Pasta & Couscous PCR Open for Consultation

ALCAS, in conjunction with LCANZ and SEMCo, is developing an Australasian EPD and PCR system.  ALCAS members are strongly encouraged to provide feedback as PCRs are being developed.

Adelaide hosts SETAC Asia Pacific Conference

The 9th SETAC Asia/Pacific 2014 Conference opens in Adelaide on 14 September 2014 and explores Advancing Science for a Sustainable Environment.   MORE »

LCA Face to Face Courses

GBCA and Edge Environment have partnered together to bring you a specialised training course focused on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).   MORE »

NorLCA Explores Northern Approaches

The  5th Nordic Life Cycle Association in October 2014 will be themed Global Sustainability Challenges - Northern Approaches.   MORE »

Building a Better New Zealand Conference, Auckland, 3-5 Sept

CIRP LCE 2015, Sydney, 7-9 April 2015

LCM 2015 - 7th International Conference on Life Cycle Management, Bordeaux, 30 Aug - 2 Sep

Indian Conference on Life Cycle Management (ILCM 2014), New Delhi, 29-30 Sept

LCA XIV, American Centre for Life Cycle Assessment, San Francisco, 6-8 Oct

LCA Food 2014, San Francisco,  8-10 Oct

4th International (avnir) Conference, Lille,  4-5 Nov

4th International Seminar on Social LCA, Montpellier 20-21 Nov

SETAC 20th LCA Case Study Symposium, Novi Sad,  24-26 Nov


SETAC 20th LCA Case Study Symposium

SETAC Europe are calling for submissions for the 20th LCA Case Study Symposium “LCA in promoting eco-innovation and sustainability: education, research and application” in Serbia, Nov '14.  Submissions due by 15 Sept.   MORE »

CIRP Life Cycle Engineering conference

The Sustainable Manufacturing and Life Cycle Engineering Research Group (SMLCE) at The University of New South Wales are calling for submissions for the 22nd CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering  in Sydney, April '15.  Submissions due by 10 Sept.   MORE »


Five Green Stars for LCA in Perth

KS1, an office tower in Perth’s Kings Square master-planned precinct, has gained a 5 Star Green Star – Office Design v3 rating, the first project in the precinct to achieve sustainability certification. It is also the first office building in Australia to incorporate Green Star’s new life cycle assessment points.

GRDC Benchmark Cropping Impacts

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has funded a project to identify national opportunities for grains emissions mitigation and other environmental improvement using LCA.

Green Star enshrines LCA & EPD in new tools

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has adopted LCA in all its current range of tools as a new 'Innovation Challenge' credit.  GBCA is now consolidating their building related design/construction tools into two integrated tools.

Continuing Grains Production LCA Studies

The Department of Primary Industry's Dr Pip Brock is the Leader of the 3-year long project ‘Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for farming systems in NSW’ with Dr Sally Muir as the project officer responsible to complete the research by mid-2015.  Dr Muir provides an update on progress to date.

NSDO Reviews Standard Following Feedback from ALCAS

A recent National Standards Development Organisation AGM considered proposed changes to NS 11000 series of ecolabelling and environmental declaration standards following feedback from ALCAS.


UNEP SETAC Life Cycle Initiative SURVEY

UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative is conducting a survey for a global assessment on the status of the promotion and development of life cycle approaches, networks and databases.  We encourage ALCAS members to participate in this survey, which will be online until 10 September.

Global Guidance on LCA Impact Assessment

The Life Cycle Initiative team on Life Cycle Impact Assessment has just published a global guidance paper on environmental life cycle impact assessment indicators.


LCA Compendium Released

The first volume of a major new book series: LCA Compendium -The Complete World of Life Cycle Assessment is now available.   MORE »

LCA Features in Science Magazine

LCA and other life cycle approaches received significant attention in the June 6th edition of Science magazine "Rethinking the Global Supply Chain".   MORE »

Life cycle based water footprints of primary metal production

CSIRO has evaluated the application of life cycle based water footprint methods to primary metal production systems.  MORE »

Improving Odour Assessment in LCA

The LCA community has not accorded odour problems and metrics the same level of methodological effort given to other indicators like carbon and water footprints.  This article is an attempt to redress this.    MORE »

LCA in Technical Inter-Organisational R&D

This article makes explicit some of the tacit knowledge, which LCA practitioners have gathered regarding the pitfalls of working for research managers who don't have personal experience of doing LCA.     MORE »
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