Like them or not, sports tend to offer really great metaphors for life. And perhaps because it’s NFL playoff season, I’m thinking a lot about a fictional Super Bowl back in 1999, when Al Pacino was the coach of a football team in absolute disarray and delivered a speech he only hoped could change the course of the game. Maybe you’ve heard it before? Well, here’s the part of Any Given Sunday that I’ve never forgotten: In the locker room trying to inspire the players at a moment when it seems as if there is no path forward, Pacino says: “life is a game of inches... and the inches we need are everywhere around us.”

In the latest episode of Revolutionizing Activism, “Small-ish”, we talk about the inches it takes to win big for social justice.

Small-ish animation

In Small-ish, filmmaker, writer, and activist Astra Taylor shares her journey from Occupy Wall Street to the Debt Collective and describes her process similarly—moving through toe holds in a mountain, one step at a time. Led by Steve Lambert in conversation with Ricardo Dominguez, Astra Taylor, and Nikola Pisarev, what makes “Small-ish” particularly dynamic is how each activist developed unique approaches to issues such as financial inequality, cross-border migration, and public spending through “small interruptions”. The power of their work is both the unique nature of these playful disruptions and how they continue to make a meaningful impact. This conversation offers a great way to think about the year ahead, the goals we want to achieve, and how we can make them happen inch by inch. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Read on for:

  • Excerpts of our conversation with Astra Taylor, Ricardo Dominguez, and Nikola Pisarev and a link to the full video

  • 3 ways you can go small in order to go big

  • And small updates about big opportunities from our Unstoppable Voters team


Click here to listen to Dominguez tell an amusing story about a micro gesture that involved spending $20 at a mall, and sitting down and playing with these objects in front of the mall’s entrance. [Spoiler alert! This butterfly effect almost led to being arrested!]

Scale is a tactic

Click to hear more about how Taylor learned to go for depth rather than breadth.

Sometimes as activists, we do need baby steps

3 ways you can go small in order to go big

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