The other day, I watched Battleground, my friend Cynthia Lowen’s incredible new documentary about the fight over abortion rights. She profiled three anti-abortion activists over the past year because she wanted to understand how that movement could be so effective when more than 70 percent of Americans believe in the right to choose.

The documentary was super interesting to me in part because the leaders of the anti-abortion movement are using creative activism methods that we talk about here at the Center, like effectively engaging young people through compelling storytelling and experiences that feel urgent, collaborative, and celebratory.

This reminded me that those of us who strongly believe in a woman’s right to choose abortion must understand why and how the other side is effective; we must use the powers of creativity and cultural relevance BETTER than they are, and we must use those powers to mobilize people to vote this Roevember. Read on for inspiration and resources on how you can do all of this.

Vote Neigh

Back in June, we were lucky enough to work with some of the leaders of the incredibly creative Vote Neigh campaign, which was working to secure abortion rights in Kansas. We (virtually) sat back down with a member of the campaign, Melissa Stiehler, who shared key insights about what worked in The Freedom State — and what can work for all of our artistic activism campaigns:

Vote Neigh Interview (fragment)

We’ll have a full video out soon. Stay tuned!

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Getting ready for Roevember

It’s not just abortion that’s turning out voters in Kansas. This past weekend, the Unstoppable Voters team lead a workshop in Ohio, which is among several states that have had noticeable upticks in voter registration—especially by women—since June’s Supreme Court decision. Some people are renaming November and the election season Roevember, for the potential for the decision to greatly impact voting across the country.

Are you ready to vote this November/Roevember?

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Join the Battleground

The Battleground film we mentioned is in theaters. From experience, we can tell you that watching it can really help compel your community to take action. You can host a screening - see the Battleground website to contact the filmmakers and then have a discussion about what your group can do next. Let us know how it goes.

Learn more and find Battleground in a theater new you

And see their TAKE ACTION page for resources about how to get involved!

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“The Indians have landed!”

In honor of Indigenous People’s Day, we want to share one of our favorite stories of artistic activism: the occupation of Alcatraz Island by Native American activists for eighteen months(!) in the 1960s. This example feels relevant and still exciting today because the activists used humor and surprise in delightful and strategic ways. Read all about it in Actipedia, our open-source database of artistic actions.

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Images: Alcatraz Occupation Image by Ralph Crane/The LIFE Picture Collection, via Getty Images and NYT.