Dear Friends,

As this year comes to a close, I can't help but reflect on how 2022 was my first year working with the Center for Artistic Activism. When I started as the Unstoppable Voters Program Assistant back in February, I don’t think I knew just how much this organization would impact me and the many other people and organizations I’ve gotten to know as a result of Unstoppable Voters.

Playing a part in helping turn out voters in record numbers via our first ever Unstoppable Voters Fellowship, trainings and workshops for close to 350 folks, and supporting creative campaigns filled with such excitement, inclusion, whimsy, and joy has been an honor. In fact, our new testimonial video — included below — highlighting our Unstoppable Voters 2022 cohort of voting champions brings happy tears to my eyes. Seeing what was accomplished—together — this election season is truly rewarding.

Please enjoy the new video, along with more info about all Unstoppable Voters accomplished this year, a look back and a look forward at the incredible work our Research CoLab is getting up to, and a final bit of inspiration from Actipedia, the artistic activism archive.

Here’s to more artistic activism that stirs up voter excitement, joy, whimsy, accessibility, safety, and fun in 2023 and beyond! This work is only possible with YOUR SUPPORT so join us and donate today + we’ve got some especially fun donor gifts available now!

Happy New Year, y’all!

❤️, Krystal

Unstoppable Voters’ Biggest Year Yet

In 2022, Unstoppable Voters helped more people bring more creativity, innovation, and impact to their pro-voter work than ever before.

Watch our new video to hear directly from the wonderful voting champions we worked with. Learn about the challenges they faced, how they overcame them, the successes they achieved — and how Unstoppable Voters helped.

Unstoppable Voters: 2022’s Voting Champions

Watch our new video featuring 2022’s inspiring and Unstoppable Voters.
Production Company: Gutsy Media

New research on Artistic Activism

Back in July, we told you about our work facilitating the generation of an international CoLab of researchers on creative activism. Since then, the CoLab has become a space to share new research insights from different regions of the world.

The image above, for example, comes from Common Life, a project led by Molemo Moiloa from the ungovernable. It brought together 5 arts initiatives across the African continent, in collaborative research with 5 researchers, to explore the ways in which they practice making better worlds. Molemo’s work addresses notions of collaborative action research, the possibilities of creating tools that emerge from this kind of work, and proposes the concept of "integral activism."

Next year we will launch a website to share these and other research experiences, like Elspeth Tilley’s project "Research Partnership Models: Co-Developing Indigenous-led Evaluation for Creative Activism" developed in New Zealand/Aotearoa and Julia Ramirez Blanco’s research on the aesthetics of protest in the British environmental direct action movement of the 1990s, the global justice movements of the late 1990s and early 2000s, and the 15M movement in Spain.

Stay tuned!

From Actipedia: Barbie Liberation Organization

A leaflet from the Barbie Liberation Organization with a GI Joe and Barbie saying "Liberate Us!"

On December 31, back in 1993, the New York Times published the story, “While Barbie Talks Tough, G. I. Joe Goes Shopping:”

For the last several months, a group of performance artists based in the East Village of Manhattan has been buying Talking Dukes and "Teen Talk" Barbies, which cost $40 to $50 each, painstakingly swapping their voice boxes and then, with the aid of cohorts, replacing dolls on the shelves of toy stores in at least two states.

The group, which asserts it has surgically altered 300 dolls, says its aim is to startle the public into thinking about the Stone Age-world view that the dolls reflect.

The result is a mutant colony of Barbies-on-steroids who roar things like "Attack!" "Vengeance is mine!" and "Eat lead, Cobra!" The emasculated G. I. Joe's, meanwhile, twitter, "Will we ever have enough clothes?" and "Let's plan our dream wedding!"

Included with each doll is a leaflet from the group, claiming credit and calling itself, appropriately enough, the Barbie Liberation Organization.

May your December 31, 2022, be as surprising and liberating as a Barbie doll shouting, “Attack!”

Read more about the Barbie Liberation Organization

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