Happy Halloween!

It’s scary times out there! But we have just the things you need to fight demons 👹 🥊 and enjoy your trick or treats 🍭 👄 all before the end of the holiday.

Read on to:

  • Meet Unstoppable Voters Fellow Andrew Dinwiddie and learn all about his work with Democrasexy, exorcising demons from the Texas capitol

  • Join a Texorcism online TODAY

  • Learn about our Utopia Project experience coming up at the Smithsonian (!)

  • Get inspired by past WITCH-y activists hexing Wall Street

  • And party hard with the help of Revolutionizing Activism

Of course, as the Program Director of Unstoppable Voters, I have to share that the best way to fight these scary times — and protect all the people and freedoms you hold dear — is to… VOTE! Voting is underway across the US, and the final day to vote is next Tuesday, November 8. But why put off til tomorrow what you can do today? Head here if you need to get your voting info, or just reply to me and I’ll be happy to help.

Yours in fighting demons — of democracy and so much more,

Unstoppable Voters 2022 Fellow Spotlight: ANDREW DINWIDDIE

Andrew Dinwiddie was born in Atlanta, raised in the Southern Labor Movement, and educated in experimental performance. Most recently he was Chief of Staff of New Georgia Project and New Georgia Project Action Fund, shepherding strategic projects and Cultural Organizing.

Through Unstoppable Voters, Andrew is collaborating with Becky Bullard of Democrasexy in Austin, Texas. Democrasexy makes democracy sexy so more people will do it. Launched in September 2021, Democrasexy curates events and creates content connecting issues we care about with actions we can take, in a way that excites rather than overwhelms.

During the midterm election season, Andrew and Becky have the objective of engaging 1111 Texans to get them to mobilize a total of 9999 high-opportunity Texas voters to the polls.

How? With Texorcisms of course!

With spooky season and election season upon us, Becky and Andrew combined the two into a Texorcism to cast the evil out of Texas. Learn all about the mystical ritual and do it yourself here — or keep reading to learn how to do it live online today!

Andrew and Becky also hosted a big artistic activism event last week featuring live astrology, drag performances, and a wonderful witchy panel all about the state of abortion in Texas.

Becky and audiences enjoying getting ready to vote at last week’s Texorcism. Photo: Nicki Lemon

Learn more about Unstoppable Voters Fellow Andrew and his project with Becky

Texorcise TODAY

Join Becky and Jane Claire Hervey for the Texorcism ritual today

🎃 Today at 12:11pm ET on Instagram Live, join Becky (@democrasexy) and Jane Claire Hervey, founder of Future Front Texas (@futurefronttexas) — a non-profit amplifying women and LGBTQIA+ creatives — as Becky guides us through the Texorcism ritual to cast the evil out of Texas and manifest some good this election.

📝 Just bring 2 pieces of paper, a pen, and a candle & lighter if you’ve got one. 🕯

Folks who've done the ritual so far said it immediately made them feel more empowered. Don’t miss it! And you don’t have to live in Texas — you can do the ritual to harness your power for elections wherever you are.

(Can't join the Instagram Live? There's a video version and a written version you can follow whenever it's convenient at

A Smithsonian Exhibit on Artistic Activism!

Smithsonian Exhibit on Artistic Activism

We’ve collaborated with the Smithsonian over the past year to create a new exhibit at their Anacostia Community Museum in Washington, DC. It’s called The Utopia Project: Inspiration for Creative Activism! 🌈 We helped the Smithsonian develop this immersive experience filled with inspiring stories of artistic activism, in an exhibit that walks visitors through the process of creating their own campaigns. If you’re going to be in DC on November 6, RSVP to join us at the opening! Or visit anytime between November 1 and March 1.

From Actipedia: WITCH

Feminist activist group WITCH, most often short for “Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell,” was born on Halloween 1968. They were the militant wildcard of the Chicago Women’s Liberation movement, the rebellious sisters of the Redstockings. Unabashedly anti-establishment, WITCH publicly hexed Wall Street, allegedly causing the Dow Jones to drop five points. Following this, autonomous WITCH covens popped up all over the continental US.

While each WITCH coven operated independently, all engaged in public performance art pieces meant to further the Women’s Liberation movement, while boldly reclaiming an identity that had condemned thousands of women to death centuries prior.

Learn more and claim your WITCHiness

Don’t Forget to Party

Explore how to party and make a difference

Now… go vote!

Hope this email took some of the scary out of today! A reminder to — what else — vote as soon as you can if you’re in the US, and do all the rituals you need to keep you and your loved ones and democracy safe wherever you are.