This Thursday: Revolutionizing Activism: Feasts!

Join us this Thursday, September 15th at 12 pm EDT as we marinate on food as the message and the medium. What does it look like when food is utilized to make an impactful critique, bring people together, and creatively navigate uncomfortable and sensitive discussions? Featuring Jon Rubin and Dawn Weleski of Conflict Kitchen, and artist, cook, and writer Tunde Wey — learn how activists are using food-based gatherings to make real and lasting change. Also, we can’t think of a better way to spend your lunch break!

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Want to Relive The Party?

Revolutionizing Activism: Parties (Memorable Highlights)

Last month’s Revolutionizing Activism: Parties featured Steve Lambert in a vibrant discussion with Jay Jordan, Kate Kelly, and Paata Sabelashvili. We traversed a truly global dialogue about Georgia’s Raveolution in 2018, Shout Your Abortion’s recent U.S. based demonstrations, and Reclaim the Street’s activities in the United Kingdom in the early 1990s, and there’s no need to fret if you were unable to attend! You can watch a few memorable highlights and stay tuned for the full conversation, including the transcript and additional reading, coming soon!