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The Cornucopian ~ Bountiful Ideas for Modern Marketing and Design
California Cornucopia Ad
"California Cornucopia of the World ~ Room for Millions [of] Immigrants ~ 43,795,000 Acres of Government Lands Untaken ~ Railroad and Private Land for a Million Farmers, A Climate for Health and Wealth [unreadable] Cyclones and Blizzards"
While undoubtedly well over 100 years old, this auspicious ad provides another excellent example of Tension and Balance, along with the lovely movement of the cascading cornucopia.
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What one-time prolific farmer came up with a food product slogan built around '57 varieties' and why?
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Marcia Macomber is Creator-in-Chief at Cornucopia Creations. From the light bulb idea just going on, to design work, writing and implementation of a business plan, she takes an array of disparate information and gels it into a simple message. In The Cornucopian, Marcia provides current marketing insights, tips, funny stories and whatever else useful comes to mind. Enjoy! 
Heinz 57 Varieties Logo

Quiz Answer

John Heinz was looking for a slogan while riding on a streetcar in New York one day in 1896. He then saw an advertisement for a shoe store; it read “21 Styles.” According to Heinz: “I said to myself, ‘we do not have styles of products, but we do have varieties of products. Counting up how many we had, I counted well beyond 57, but 57 kept coming back to my mind. Seven, seven – there are so many illustrations of the psychological influence of that figure and of its alluring significance to people of all ages and races that ‘58 Varieties’ or ‘59 Varieties’ did not appeal at all to me as being equally strong.”
With that, Heinz immediately jumped off the streetcar, went down to the print shop, and drafted up a card with the new 57 Varieties slogan. Reflecting back, Heinz acknowledged: “I myself did not realize how highly successful a slogan it was going to be."

In fact, in the book and movie versions of "The Manchurian Candidate" Senator Iselin is inspired by the Heinz slogan to state the number of Communists in Congress!
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Made You Look!

Part 2 on the Elements of Good Design
Lamborghini Driving Ad

Do you ever stop to look at an ad in a magazine, billboard or newspaper just because it looks great?

That’s what advertisers are hoping – even if you’re not the target market.

Getting folks to stop and look at a printed ad or an online banner ad is the name of the game. Some marketing executives estimate we are bombarded by upwards of 10,000 messages a day, all vying for our attention. That makes getting the elements of good design across in your ads even more crucial.

Last week we looked at two of the most important elements of good design: light and movement. One example's at the top of the page. Here is another:
Adidas Ad - Olympics Basketball

You may have noticed in the above examples a few other elements of great design. With movement often comes Tension and Balance. Will the Lamborghini bust through the fourth wall? (Into our laps!) Will the basketball player make the shot? Will the pile of people supporting the hoop and backboard collapse in a heap? All of this makes for great tension.

Balance can be a mix of many elements within the ad.  Within the Adidas ad, the focus is balanced between the figure and basketball hoop (as a combined focal point) with the text for the 2008 Olympic game headline on the right.

In the Volvo ad below, balance is achieved by positioning Snow White in the lower left anchor position on the page, with the headline and Volvo logo anchoring the upper right corner. The ad is not symmetrical, but it is balanced asymmetrically.
Snow White Volkswagen Ad

TIP: Tension and Balance go hand in hand in the layout of artwork or an ad. And even if you don’t have a person or a car in motion in your ad, you can give the illusion of motion and create tension by positioning key elements of your ad in strategic positions.

Frequently the bottom right corner of an ad is considered an anchor position. It is common to see the company’s logo and/or contact information in this spot. Why? Because most of Western society reads left to right, top to bottom. The bottom right corner is where the last impression is made.

Of course, there are many exceptions. The above Volvo ad is a clear example of breaking the rule. But sometimes that is best. Look for positioning opposites in your ad. Maybe your headline is in the upper left corner while your logo and contact information is displayed in the lower right corner.

Here’s a perfect example of this rule:
Loctite Glue Ad "As Strong as a Chain"

“Strong as a chain!” – Loctite Glue.
Here’s a more traditional print ad:
Burger King Ad

While I’m personally not a big fast food fan, I can admire the clean, well-balanced layout of this ad. It does a great job of moving your eye from left to right and then down to do the same. Both text and images get equal weight and work equally well. Balance and tension. Made ya look!

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