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Hi - It’s Dave here at, welcome to our fortnightly recommendation email where we give you some tips on what’s great to listen to and watch.

It’s the last recommendation email before Christmas so get stuck in, and do get in touch via the socials with your own Christmassy suggestions.

For Your Ears

A little bit of Christmas

It’s Christmas (nearly) and if you’ve seen any Mumubl social media you’ll have seen my love of Christmas songs. I’ve got a little playlist going of what are maybe slightly different takes or lesser known Christmas songs so why not check it out and send us your suggestions!

A little bit of Christmas on Spotify

Spotify’s Netflix Hub

Another Spotify link (I do use other streamers!) but if you haven’t seen it already there is now a Netflix page. It’s a bit sparsely populated but should hopefully be a great repository for the soundtracks to all their programming. Some of which, like the previously recommended Sex Education, have some great tunes on. Pleased to see El Casa de Papel (Money Heist) has an entry.

Netflix on Spotify

A little extra

I normally add two things to each section but wanted to give a shout out to Scouse songstress Zuzu who’s Queensway Tunnel album has been on repeat for me for the past few weeks.

Queensway Tunnel on Spotify
Queensway Tunnel on Apple Music

For Your Eyes

Get Back

There’s one thing from the past few weeks that has stood out as the big thing to watch. I’m only part way through because it’s a bloody long watch, but that said I’m enjoying it, even if it is the ultimate hangout watch with not much happening. Things such as seeing Paul McCartney bring the song Get Back together in the space of five minutes as well worth the runtime. It always serves to remember that these guys are still under 30 as well at the time.

I’m still on the fence as to whether Peter Jackson’s complete inability to edit anything down and lean towards the long and sprawling is the right choice or has alienated a group of viewers who aren’t going to commit a good chunk of a day to watching this. Even my wife, a Beatles fan, has checked out and is just going to return to watch the rooftop gig at the end. Still check it out and make up your own mind. A watch for fans of songwriting and not just the Beatles

Watch Get Back on Disney+

A bit of reading

I’ve already plugged it in the last email but do check out the book recommendations on the blog, for a last minute gift suggestion or to just add to your own reading list. I’m always open to suggestions for stuff to read in the future so if you have a favourite that’s not plugged then get in touch!

Book recommendations on


We’ve already got a few Christmas songs added to the site, go and check them out, and I’ll be adding mine in the next week or so. But if you have a beloved favourite or recommendation then why not sign up and add it?!

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