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Future Salon

Future Salon - Thursday 6th June


Tim van Gelder: Argument Mapping

Argument mapping is diagramming the structure of argument, construed broadly to include any kind of argumentative activity such as reasoning, inferences, debates, and cases. This entry briefly surveys the nature, benefits, and historical context of this activity.
"Bringing visual clarity to complex issues"

Geoff Allshorn: An Evolution of Human Ethics

- One Humanists view - future challenges facing Humanist ethics and philosophies.

Time: Thursday 6th June at 6.30pm (people will be there earlier for casual chat)
Venue: RMIT Sutherland Lab which is in Building 14, Floor 11, Room 38 (14.11.38), 414-418 Swanston Street on the corner of Swanston St /La Trobe St Melbourne.
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Activities:  General discussion on all things future…
A presentations may be given – if so they will be videoed.
IF it is NOT held at a pub, you can try BYO drinks and nibbles (there should be a nearby kitchen).
What is it? The Singularity / Future Salon is a (mostly) monthly discussion group where people get together for educational, fun, and challenging presentations, discussions, and dialogue on important trends and innovations in science, technology, business, and social change. The meta-theme for the Salon is a multidisciplinary inquiry into accelerating change, and the implications, issues, and challenges that rapid ongoing change creates.
The importance of being an open-minded, broadly-interested and informed lifelong learner is one of the personal implications of accelerating change that we seek to internalize and model.

From our perspective, Future Salons serve three main purposes:
A. Education about interesting, practical, and useful trends and tools in our rapidly changing world
B. Networking among a multidisciplinary community of positive, practical and passionate change leaders
C. Socializing among future oriented people, forming a regular, supportive, and fun community.
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