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Future Salon - Tuesday 1st of October 6.30


Longevity Day! The Science of Staying Healthy for Longer!

Location: 376 Brunswick St Fitzroy 3065 VIC Australia ph: 9419 8600 <-- it's the building with the big baby on it!  What the hell? OBimdo Deluxenly $4 for Pizzas from 7pm to 11pm - and they all are really healthy and scrumptious!  There is beer there too.  We will be likely upstairs where it is quieter (whether permitting).  If you are lost call me on 0421 979 977

"Google vs Death" - Who will have the last laugh?  Lets celebrate the impetus for research and development into mitigating the harmful effects of aging, increasing the likelihood of a world free of age-related disease!
Now you know you should be coming for a fascinating discussion on recent developments in R&D into longevity/rejuvenation research.  Can you dig it?  Ben Goertzel discusses Google's Anti-Aging Initiative this interview hot off the press!

Forthcoming is an interview with Aubrey de Grey on the aforementioned subject that will and presented at in our group at Bimbo.  Also there will possibly be a couple of lightning talks, if not we can all just confabulate over a few pints.

From SENS Research Foundation:
In today's TIME Tech Exclusive Google vs. Death, Larry Page announced Calico, a new Google firm focusing on the challenges of healthcare, aging and associated diseases.

"Illness and aging affect all our families. With some longer term, moonshot thinking around healthcare and biotechnology, I believe we can improve millions of lives," said Larry.

Arthur D. Levinson, Chairman and former CEO of Genentech, Chairman of Apple, and director of Hoffmann-La Roche, will be CEO and a founding investor.

"We focus on early-stage, proof-of-concept research as a non-profit here at SENS Research Foundation. That sort of work is appealing to only the most visionary of investors in the for-profit world. But the ultimate goal of Peter Thiel and our other early supporters has always been to kickstart real anti-aging industry, so it's very important news." said Mike Kope, CEO of SENS Research Foundation.

"I applaud the vision of Google in choosing to devote their energies toward solving the problems of age-related disease, and warmly welcome Art Levinson to this new initiative."

After speaking at a Google Tech Talk in Mountain View last month, SENS Research Foundation co-founder and CSO Aubrey de Grey was asked to opine on the news in a response at TIME, also published today.

"The 'beginning of the beginning' of the war on aging began in the 1990s. Since then, the battle for hearts and minds as to that quest’s feasibility has been proceeding at full tilt. With Google’s decision to direct its resources toward aging, that battle may have been transcended. The curmudgeons no longer matter," said Aubrey. "It's no exaggeration to state that the end of the beginning may have arrived. I won’t go so far as to say that my crusading job is done, but for sure it just got a whole lot easier."

For more at TIME: Finally, The War On Aging Has Truly Begun

Science Technology & the Future Conference

Nov 30 - Dec 1st 2013 <- put it in your diaries! 

We will address the latest game changing developments in exponentially growing technologies. Together the world's leading thought leaders will explore areas such as biotechnology & bioinformatics, energy & environmental systems, networks & computing systems, AI & robotics, medicine & neuroscience, and nanotechnology.

The human species is at a unique stage in history. Scientific and technological progress is accelerating. Renowned inventor Ray Kurzweil predicts technological paradigm shifts will become increasingly common, leading to “technological change so rapid and profound it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history“.
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Activities:  General discussion on all things future…
A presentations may be given – if so they will be videoed.
IF it is NOT held at a pub, you can try BYO drinks and nibbles (there should be a nearby kitchen).
What is it? The Singularity / Future Salon is a (mostly) monthly discussion group where people get together for educational, fun, and challenging presentations, discussions, and dialogue on important trends and innovations in science, technology, business, and social change. The meta-theme for the Salon is a multidisciplinary inquiry into accelerating change, and the implications, issues, and challenges that rapid ongoing change creates.
The importance of being an open-minded, broadly-interested and informed lifelong learner is one of the personal implications of accelerating change that we seek to internalize and model.

From our perspective, Future Salons serve three main purposes:
A. Education about interesting, practical, and useful trends and tools in our rapidly changing world
B. Networking among a multidisciplinary community of positive, practical and passionate change leaders
C. Socializing among future oriented people, forming a regular, supportive, and fun community.
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