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Welcome to the 24 June 2012 Paint Basket Newsletter.

We take a look back at everything that happened over the past week at Paint Basket.  Feel free to share the newsletter with your friends.

In this edition:

  • FREE - Colour mixing live replay webinar
  • Paint Basket TV goes Mobile
  • Upcoming Classes

Regular features: 

  • Oil and watercolour live webinars of the past week
  • Favourite member artwork
  • Buzz on the forum
  • Watercolour tip of the week
  • Oil tip of the week

FREE - Colour mixing live replay - the backbone of art

The secrets of learning how to mix any color you want using easy steps and principles will be revealed in this class on colour mixing.

After completion of this class you will be able to mix colours like a professional. You will never mix another batch of muddy paint again or waste piles of paint trying to match the correct colour. From now on you will even be able to re-mix the same colour over and over again.

In this comprehensive colour mixing class you will learn:
1.    The components of colour (Hue, Value and Chroma)
2.    How your eye sees colour, including how to mix black.
3.    Primary and secondary colours that make up the colour wheel.
4.    How to use the colour wheel to match a paint colour.
5.    The colour mixing rules that are used to mix highlight and shadow colours.
6.    How to create dimension / depth in your paintings using the colour mixing rules.

To unlock this FREE class go to the Paint Basket TV page, click the Previous Class list button and go book them, as easy as that.

*Remember to check out the site for all the other amazing classes that you could purchase and there are also free watercolours and oil painting classes if you would like to try your hand at that.

Paint Basket TV goes Mobile

Yes! you heard right!. Finally you can watch your favourite replay classes on your iPad or Android device. From the studio to the sunshine, whever you have an Internet connection. To book any of the previous classes, go to the Paint Basket TV page, select the Previous Class list and off you go.

Upcoming Live Classes this Week: 

Watercolours : FREE - How to cut mats for your paintings
Oil / Acrylic
: How to paint Seascapes Part 2

Full details for the classes are available at www.paintbasket.com/paintbaskettv/  

*Remember to check the date and time for your region. There is also a countdown timer on the Paint Basket TV page to help you.

How to paint Seascapes Part 1

Oil class: This weeks class was the first part of a two part Seascape class. This week we painted the sky and deep sea and learnt how and why we see the colours we do on the water. We also learnt how to show the waves in the distance correctly. In the next class we will learn how to paint the breaking waves in the foreground as well as the water crashing over the rocks. You can book this weeks class here

Buzz on the forum

Primary Colours:  Dennis gave this feedback about primary colours from this forum post. Remember that there is not just one particular colour that is a primary colour. For practical purposes any red, blue and green combination works for us artists. Witness the 2 reds, 2 blues and 2 yellows I mention in the 6 part colour wheel article I posted some time ago. You can even use other reds and blues and yellows in it as long as there is a warm and a cool colour for each. Most use Cad Red, Cad Yellow and Ultramarine in their colour wheel and people tend to take these colours as gospel. Everyone should make a colour wheel with the actual colours you use in your box. Most artists have their own favourite reds: Cad red, Aliz crimson, magenta, rose madder, premanent rose ...... and so on. All can be used as primary red. The same for the blues and yellows.

Member featured painting

Topdoginuk is our featured member of the week (oil): Topdoginuk did an outstanding job of his painting of The Eggsecution. The degree of realism is simply wonderful. This still life is truely a masterpiece. Well done Topdoginuk!!. You can view the painting HERE. You can also learn to paint a still lifes like Topdoginuk, go HERE.

Oil Tip

Tip of the week:  When drawing in your horizon line for a seascape, always remember that water lies level, so estimate the level at one edge of the canvas, then measure that distance from the top or bottom of the canvas with a ruler. Then transfer that measurement to the other edge of the canvas. Use your ruler to draw a straight horizon line across the canvas by connecting the two marks you made. You can then use masking tape to first mask off the bottom of the horizon line when painting the sky and then the top of the horizon line when painting the sea to ensure the line remains straight. Join Nolan for the second part of the seascape course HERE.

How to paint effective Autumn trees

Watercolours class: As part of the series on how to paint trees - in this weeks class Dennis showed us how to paint magestic Autumn trees. This was the last part of a four part series on painting effective trees. Dennis teaches how you will be using new techniques and also in more detail to satisfy those who like painting detailed work - at least we will be giving the impression of lots of detail.  You can grab the replay HERE.

Watercolour Tip

Tip of the week: When painting trees make the branches thinner and thinner as you get to the ends. Don’t try and connect every one of them up as there are leaf clumps in front of them in places. The tonal ranges get lighter and lighter as they move towards the open area of light. To make the leaves glint in the sunlight splatter fine masking fluid spots. Add two figures to complete the painting and to give it a focal point. They tell a story whereas without them it would be only a bland record of the street. Catch the replay of how to paint Autumn trees HERE.
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