Sept 2019 - Cohen Stoneware, Liebers, Uihlein Mystery, Pops Memorial

I am Falling in Love with this Fall Weather!
I am almost done collecting my unsold art from 3 exhibits. I missed having the ‘kids’ at home. I made a new abstract painting to fill the space while they were gone and sold 3 commissioned Truck Art prints and a metal urban print in addition to the sales at the Sabrosa reception. So it’s been a good run. I don’t have immediate plans for the next exhibit, but feel free to contact me for a private art tour at the house if you want to buy something.  I just finished rebuilding a website for Steve Cohen – good friend and Milwaukee’s Musical Triple Threat: harmonica, vocal and guitar player. He has added another artistic element to his world - Cohen Stoneware pottery.  Check out the photos and website link on where to find his work.
The Lieber reunion was a hoot. How many Lieber’s does it take to hang a clock…at 1:30am? Six. #1 Tom Burgermeister deeply desired the kitchen clock and took it off the wall to see where it was made. We discovered the nail it was hanging on was loose in the drywall and 3 people brilliantly tried to use a fork to keep it from sinking into the plaster so we could rehang it. #2 Martin Lieber tapped the wall and find a stud. #4 Anita Burgermeister (unsuccessfully) used a salad tong as a hammer. #5 Hanna Fredericks hid the clock in the closet and told us we're all nuts and we should wait until morning (but it WAS morning!) #6 Eric Friedericks found a HUGE rock in the yard to whack the nail. (Eric & Anita determined we were both too drunk to risk putting that big of a hole in the wall). Sherry supervised as Martin Lieber saved the day by skillfully using the rock as a hammer. Ta-da!
Sherry also had the funniest moment with Donna (my brother’s wife) who was leaving and declared that she was not much of a hugger. Aunt Sherry moved towards her with both hands open and grasping. Donna was quite alarmed and jumped back and covered her chest. We all almost died laughing. Sherry was going for a hand to hand clasp. Nothing else intended. But it sure LOOKED like something else. Maybe you had to be there, but I think we have a new Lieber goodbye. It really was wonderful to see all the family. We visited House on the Rock and others went kayaking. And mostly just hung out together.
We toured part of the Uihlein Mansion on Lake Drive during an estate sale 2 weeks ago. The house was split up into 6 condos back in the 1980s. The unit next door was recently sold too, there was a video tour of the ground and interior. VIDEO Wow, what a house. But there is much more to this story. My mom, Elsa, dated a young man who lived in that mansion before she met my dad. They met in 1958 and were in love, despite the fact the neither of their families approved. They took a trip to Chicago late in 1959 and on the way home were in a car crash. The young man died from his wounds a few days later. Needless to say, this was a traumatic event for mom. She quite literally blocked out all memory of him and told herself over and over that it never happened. She threw away all photos, jewelry and mementos of their affair after the funeral. For many years she had no recollection of anything. But there were scars and some lingering head trauma from the accident. Over the years pieces of the story have come back to her…many details. Except for the young man’s name. His grandparents would have been Joseph and Ilma (Vogel) Uihlein. The mother (we believe) was one of the daughters and had a different last name. We have been searching for quite a while for clues to lead us to a name. It’s surprising how information about such a prominent family from 60 years ago can be so hard to find. The census only goes back to 1940. We have a few good leads and are hoping to fill in the blanks on this old family mystery. If you know anything to help, please let us know!
I will wind up this month with my dear Papa. After almost two years, tiny vials of his ashes were distributed around the world as he requested. Last fall we took some to Germany in a vineyard by a bench where my folks used to rest. Some went to Latvia, where cousin Toms spread them on the old farmland we still own. The beautiful family in Puerto Rico really went all out and gathered everyone - all dressed in white, with white flowers to toss in the ocean, and completed the ceremony with a toast of wine. They played and sang auf wiedersehen as they waved goodbye. Lastly, our Milwaukee contribution. My brother scattered ashes near the Lakefront tennis courts that Pop loved. From all these pieces I complied a short memorial video. I started it off with his 80th birthday party. He and his friends sang a Latvian song about death knocking on the door - but you could buy more time if you gave death some beer. Sadly he died 5 days later. Must not have been enough beer. As luck would have it, the video was completed on 9/11 – my parents anniversary. Love you and miss you, Pop.
Dreaming of a Happy Impeachment for the holidays!
Elsa at Uihlein Mansion / EVOLve print sold / Cohen Stoneware / Liebers
Two new abstracts, large and small
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