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June 2022 - Jan 6, Everything, Recital, Festivals, Seek Joy, 4th

Dear Readers,

It's a black month; for women, for men, for the country. For my head and my heart. The supreme court overruled Roe v Wade. Don't forget to set your clocks back 50 years. I’m furious. And I’m newly determined and dedicated to fighting back against this injustice. If this ruling was really about babies, we would have full medical coverage for pregnancy, extended paternity leave, universal preschool, free diapers, formula, and childcare. It was never about babies. It was always about control, disproportionately harming poor and minority women. Women’s healthcare must not be at the mercy of the next election or their zip code. But if women are forced to carry a child, the fathers should provide mandatory child support at first detected heartbeat and cover 50% of medical expenses, living costs, education, etc. for the next 18 years. Fair is fair. 
It was suggested that same sex marriage rights and contraception availablilty should be reconsidered, too. This from a judge in a mixed race marriage - whose wife is under investigation for abetting the capitol riots and undermining voting rights. The irony is astounding. The court also upheld praying in public after school sporting events. How would they feel about no games on the Sabbath? And maybe Muslim prayer at halftime? Let's organize some! 
A gun law passed that is so weak it is almost negligible. No assault weapons were banned. Yet another Supreme Court ruling struck down a NY law on carrying concealed guns, hindering law enforcement's ability to get illegal guns off the street and protect the public. One solution was to raise the minimum age for committing mass murders to 21. HA. This is such a shitload of mess that it is difficult to comprehend how we got here. Too many people are willfully blind and ignorant. Or misled and arrogant. We have so many things to worry about - climate extremes, broken immigration, crumbling infrastructure, the war in Ukraine. It’s overwhelming. Everything needs our attention. 
On the bright side, though it’s horrifying to watch, the Jan 6 hearings are pressing ahead full steam with new shocking revelations. And it is receiving full media coverage - everywhere except for Fox 'News' - which is funny and not at all surprising. Don the Con's day will come soon enough. I only pray that it is well before the November primary. Our future depends on people getting WOKE and fighting like hell! Republicans are long overdue to WAKE UP from the Trump nightmare and finally see and accept the truth. He is a lying, narcissistic, opportunistic, misogynistic, racist, rapist. And he’s your top candidate. 
My piano students did an excellent job at their recital > VIDEO playlist. Click on all and give them some love. I even added a bonus track at the end of me doing a Beethoven Sonata that I dusted off after many years. I must admit it's not 'recital perfect'. But I posted it anyway in solidarity with my students. It was too long at 8.5 minutes (just the 1st movement) to perform at the recital. With 17 students each performing two songs, the concert was already plenty long! It was more fun to congratulate each of them, take photos, and cut and serve the cake. I’m a very proud teacher.  

* Piano Superheroes! 13 in person, 4 'participated' in pre-recorded videos.
I met with a local jeweler client to create custom art featuring his jewelry and safe. I've also been playing with digital design using images of the Brooklyn Bridge by client's request. I alter the proportion, and customize with digital layers of abstract paintings, maps and other textures. I'm pretty firm about only using my own photos, but they didn't offer to pay for a trip to NYC. I would have gladly done the art for free. That goes for other locations too. Free Paris art, anyone? 
Also on the bright side - we are celebrating all things Elsa. Mama turned 86 this week and the parties are raging. The Veterans in Focus photo group has come back around and so has Summerfest. Saturday has an all star old school line up of KC and the Sunshine Band, the Commodores, War, the Village People, and a host of local favorites - Jr Brantley, Vivo, and the 5 Card Studs. It's the first time in years that I actually want to attend. But I’m torn. I don’t like the crowds, overpriced parking, nor paying $9 for a beer. Now that thought made me feel old and sad again. I was on a roll of happy news for a minute. But it goes to show, you can turn around negative thoughts if you seek out your joy.

* Elsa w Black Forest cake and my siblings, Maris & Tania.
Ending on a happy note. Come see my honey Tommy Burgermeister perform close-up magic on July 4th at the Jackson Park Farmers Market from 9-10:30am.

Let's celebrate AND FIGHT FOR all the things that are still great about this country - life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - on our Independence Day!

Peace and love,

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