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Hallo! Bonjour! Sveiki!
OK, I threw in Latvian at the end. In ten days I am leaving for Europe with my mom and brother’s family. I am so excited! We are going to Germany, France and Switzerland. There is no Swiss translation on google apps - wish us luck. There are still details to organize. The weather looks to be mid-70’s. I don’t think it could get more perfect. All the Airbnb accommodations are in place, rental van, train trip to Paris, visits with family, a reunion with Mom’s classmates, train ride in the Alps, a stroll in the Black Forest and more. Got my wardrobe, mostly, and it’s all going in one carry-on bag. ‘Course everyone else in the group is taking massive amounts of luggage, so I’ll still get stuck waiting by the carousel. Rick Steves is my travel inspiration.
But before the trip – I can hardly believe this – Tom and I just spent a few days up north with his family, I have an art opening - Aug 31, Art Bar ‘True Colors’, and we are hosting a massive yard party with Tom’s band. Also crushed into these last 10 days – I’m teaching piano and craft classes, attending: a garden cocktail party, our block party, Oktoberfest, and a wedding! My roller skates are ready. Even for me, this is busy. The craft class is the second half of a session I am doing with the Amazing Alice Konkel at the Washington Park Senior Center. Last week we did a bead making class with Sculpey (like Femo). Super fun! Next time (after the beads have been baked) we’ll string them up. The group of 17 loved it and the organizers have already asked us back to do more classes. My mom and her friend Brenda even joined us. All the ladies were really nice and the facility was perfect, with huge windows overlooking the park and loads of table space. Mom and I got so excited we went out and bought our own clay and started making more jewelry. Here is a link to all the senior activities in the area – BTW – you only need to be 50 to join. Somewhere in this time frame I have to pack my suitcase.
I've completed 8 of 12 Fusion Foto Art commissions for JX trucking (formerly Peterbilt) – they surprised me by ordering three additional pieces for special clients. I am thrilled! (Link to art presentation). I sold three pieces of Fusion Foto Art this week. Two were purchased as gifts and the buyer decided she needed one for herself too. Boo-ya! I needed it this month. Not only do I have to pay for my trip, but sadly my Art Mobile is slowly dying. Time for a replacement. Sigh. But I did get some really good news, my two Beasties raised big money for the Zoo - $4000 each!


On the music scene Tom and also went to our first Animal Crackers Concert at the Racine Zoo with some dear friends. I’ve wanted to go for ages and the setting – on a hill overlooking Lake Michigan – was sublime. And of course, so was the music of the elegant Karrin Allyson. One of my favorites, I believe I have at least ten of her CD’s. We also had the pleasure of listening to another favorite, the Bob Maynard quartet, (with Steve Lewandowski, Larry Tresp and John Parrot) at the Villa Terrace Café Sopra Mare (courtyard concerts thru Sept). Bob is amazing to hear, but equally amazing to watch. Right from the front row if possible. He does a dance of joy with the vibes. (video link).

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye!
Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you.  😊



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