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Title flip, Chandelier, Kitchen Coffee Chats w Luna & Eshi, The Muse

Woo-hoo! The revised "Memories From the Black Forest” files and new “I Married a Latvian Refugee With 9 Lives” (I flip flopped on the title) were both submitted. The order is still being processed, so we don’t have hard copies yet. It was a long process. Pleasing all the family members regarding what childhood stories could and could not be shared at the ninth hour turned out to be a challenge. But in the end – it was totally worth it. After our trip to Germany last fall, we gathered new photos of Mom’s home town and childhood pics of her that we used in the revised addition. And with the extra time evaluating my Dad’s story we determined that there was room to include his memorial letter at the end as well as his sister’s essay: “How I Learned 6 Languages and Survived.” The book is worth buying just for that. My Auntie Aija was a fascinating women. If she was still alive, I’d encourage her to write a book about her life, too. The tentative book launch date is the afternoon of Sunday, April 28. More details coming!

Mom is selling the fabulous 1927 'wedding cake' crystal chandelier from our old house. Asking price is $950. I've seen them online for twice that price. Feel free to share if you know anyone interested. We had it installed in her apartment dining room and it was wonderful to enjoy it again after being in storage for 30 YEARS! But as Elsa likes to say, it's time to "let it go."
I had two 'kitchen coffee chats' this month. I really enjoy doing that. It’s great to have one-on-one or small group time to really get to know someone and find out not just about their art, but other cool things about them. Discovering connections and inspiring each other is always time well spent, I say. Anyone that wants to get together let me know. Really. My first guest was Irena “Eshi” Morris. We met at a mutual artist friends party. She is an artsy gal, too. She’s tough and smart and has a very interesting life story. She is an immigrant from Croatia who came to this country alone with just a suitcase when she was 20. She paints and gained some fame creating virtual fashion design, studied nursing, and then got educated about numbers enough to became a financial advisor at Northwest Mutual. Wow, right? She is currently seeking to assist creative types and small business owners in navigating finances and investments. I have not known her long but she appears to know what she is talking about.
Renee “Luna” Bebeau was also a coffee chat guest. Though we have crossed paths at art receptions, I’ve never had the opportunity to get to know her. Despite the fact that we have over 150 mutual friends on Facebook. How did that happen? She has an amazingly diverse collection of work. Her work is earthy and grounded. Nature. Flowers. Food. She paints with and on a multitude of mediums - canvas, fabric, leather and people. She does glass etching, plays drums, and gorgeous henna work, too. Her husband is the also insanely talented Todd Mrozinski - a recent Pfister Artist in Residence. Their studio space is “The Nut Factory” in Riverwest. I tried, but failed, to get there for a gallery event a while ago. Judging by the photos, the space is ginormous. Plenty of room for both to spread out and work in their diverse mediums, teach classes and inspire others. This connection happened because Renee is curating art at The Muse and I have a show coming up there. We thought it would be nice to connect. It was. It was also really inspiring. The long term exhibit coming up at The Muse Gallery and Guesthouse features a group of women artists. The reception will be on the afternoon of May 5. It’s been too long since I’ve had an exhibit there. Lovely people, owners Andrew Meechan and Mary Ellen Hermann. Big arts supporters obviously. I think life coaching and running an artsy urban B&B was a gig Mary Ellen was born to do. And nobody puts up a party spread like she does.
I was so happy that each of these women reached out to me. Cheers to creative people that are reaching out in the world and inspiring others. You help make the world a better place. We could use more of that. Next on my to do list… Taxes.


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