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July 2022 - Weather, Safe Ring Art, Proposals, Lottery, Cold Sweat, Summer Fun

Hello peoples,

Summer has finally rewarded us with some beautiful days. Several of the past weeks have either been too hot, too rainy, or whatever. But it's nothing compared to the flooding, fires, or triple digit heat being experienced around the country - and the world. The climate devastation and resulting loss of life or hardship is heartbreaking. How anyone doesn't see it as an existential threat is mind boggling. The price of gas should not even be a blip of concern on our radar. 
Back to art and other topics...
I delivered a custom piece of digital art titled 'Safe & Rings' to Paul's Jewelers. The client loved it, and even purchased a second piece of art! That was really gratifying. I also just completed another call for artist submission for a mural on North Ave. I'm proposing an art installation instead - with face painting to turn members of the community into 'art' on mural panels. Writing these proposals takes an enormous amount of time - thinking up the concept mainly, then creating sample sketches or more developed art, submitting a description of why your idea is more brilliant than the other guys, and why they should pick you. Also, your bio, materials, costs, timeline, referrals, and other recent work that is comparable. And then you throw your hat in the ring and hope they like it. Well, it's a chance. The odds are much better than winning the lottery! 

Below: Art created from photos of the clients safe & rings, layered with an abstract painting. Proposal sample - MKE letters with ideas for 'painted' faces from the community dropped into a photo of one of the actual wall locations. 
Generally regarding lotteries - we don't play. No winners or prizes at normal and regular intervals is quite unappealing to me. It's deliberate greed on the part of the organizers to jack up the number of suckers who will take a chance to win an obscene amount of money. The odds have skewed ridiculously in recent years. Check out this article about lottery odds compared to other life events > LOTTERY ODDS

But If I did win the lottery, hmmm. First, I'd hire a financial expert. And I know I'd stay here. I like our city. I'd get a house with a bigger art studio, and a private room for piano lessons instead of the living room - and I'd give free lessons. When I'm not traveling. I'd get a house with a massive arcade game room for my hubby. I'd buy a house for the kids and really cool gifts (or houses) for all my family and friends. Old friends. I guess I'd be suspicious of new friends. How would you not be? I'd donate a lot of money to improving the planet and bettering life for people. There is so much need. Why is it that rich people spend stupid amounts of money on spaceships and buying politicians? 
The Veterans in Focus group met at the Wehr Nature Center for our last session. Getting out in nature was so relaxing. Our friend Nick works there, and he recently did a promo video on Channel 6 to introduce their new all terrain accessibility accommodations. Nick is quite a guy. He was one of my husband's students about 30 years ago. And they remained friends. He has a masters degree, a great sense of humor, and political astuteness that I really appreciate.  > Check out his video
My honey's band, Cold Sweat and the Brew City Horns, played a last minute fill-in gig at the Summer Sounds festival in Cedarburg last night. Someone in the cancelled band had covid. Sad for them, lucky for CS. The weather was perfect, the crowd was amazing (5000+) and the band ROCKED. They had the mother of all hospitality suites set up - complete with lounge chairs, games, open bar, food tickets and a vintage airstream trailer for a dressing room! And for a bonus there was a dazzling fireworks show afterwards - leftovers from rain cancelled 4th of July events gathered from around the county. Weeeee. I started posting videos on YouTube  - check back for more > YOUTUBE. Catch the band in the afternoon at the Bay Shore Root Beer Festival on Aug 6 / and Saz's stage at State Fair on Aug 6 & 10. And Classic Lanes Festival on Aug 20. Among many other gigs. I wanted to post their new awesome website that I designed, but they are really lagging on getting the last few elements in place to make it live. Follow here > CS FB page
We had several fun dates with family and good friends this month - Ren Faire, Lunch at Mader's, an awesome dinner with beer and gin cocktails with my Godfather's family, fun visits with piano families, and a patio 'happy hour' cocktail date that lasted 6 hours! Life sure is good.

Hope it continues to be for you, too.

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