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May is ending with some serious summer heat!
The yard is springing to life and the hot tub is up and running. The seasons flow together and so do my projects - my next three framed truck art pieces have been delivered. The LSW inspiration gala was...inspiring, and the painted pots raised a lot of money. *event photos. I was asked to paint a late addition Beastie for AIM Transfer and Storage, the company that provided the Beastie Barn for the artists to work. The next session of VA photography classes starts next week, they are such a fun and low key group to work with. Last week I taught two art classes for high interest day at the school where I teach piano lessons for 3rd grade through 7th grade groups. I should not complain - they are wonderful kids. I just have to concede that handling groups of kids is not my forte. I don’t know how teachers do it every day - it took me two days to recuperate!!! I had a class of 13 and another of 14 with TWO helpers. Though I planned and prepared ahead it was still stressful - kids have so many questions and requests. Of course the project was ambitious. I had them each paint on a 12" square vinyl tile and newspaper sheets with combs to create texture. The elements all needed drying time so they could be glued together and detailed with beads, metallic thread and glitter glue. It was tough to get them to stop painting so the layers could dry! But they really made some wonderful art. Magic Man Tom came in to teach two classes and do a noon show for the entire school. It was a very full day of activities and over stimulation. For me, too.
Mom and I stopped in two cool West Allis shops. Oniomania is a quaint gift shop featuring many local artisans work and other groovy stuff. The owner, Andrea, is delightful. She took on some of my artsy recycled earrings to sell. The other spot was the Peanut Butter and Jelly Deli. They sell…guess…home made peanut butter, jellies, jams and sandwiches made with said items. They opened in February. If you pass the Walgreen's on 60th and Greenfield and see the brick wall just to the west you will see their enormous mural of an astronaut chasing a PBJ sandwich. I purchased FROG jam. It is not actually made from real frogs. The West Allis Farmers Market on 65th and National is open – fabulous produce and other items for sale four days a week. Their new event is a Makers Market evening with 50 craft food vendors, wine and beer artisans and live music on June 13th. Though I will not have any art on exhibit this year – but don't miss Bay View Gallery Night / Bay View Jazz Fest on June 1st. I’ll be out enjoying the event for a change.
The two highlights of my month were: #1 - Piano recital for 27 students! They did a marvelous job and I’m very proud of them. Here is a link to a short 3 minute video of highlight tracks. I picked one child from each grade. Hard to do - they are all terrific! If you want to see the full recital - click the 3 video links. Group 1 (Beg-intermediate), Group 2 (upper intermediate), Group 3 (advanced). Highlight #2 - Beasties™ Safari reveal! My critter “Elephant Dreams” was sponsored by the Heil Family and will be living (along with 17 other Beasties) at the Milwaukee County Zoo all summer. Mine is located at the entrance to the Family Farm, she’s tucked in behind the fence rail so you’ll have to walk up close to pet her. After Labor Day over 40 Beasties - on display all over the city - will be auctioned off as a fundraiser for a new elephant enclosure. YAY! I'm so thrilled to be part of this project. Beastie map link.
Thank you to all who gave their lives and to all who served this country!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day.


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Piano students at the afternoon rehearsal
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Beastie at the Zoo!
Extra Beastie for AIM
Oniomania - def: uncontrollable desire to shop
FROG jam
PBJ Deli Mural

Some student collage art

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