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Good luck with your results!

Semester 1 results will be published on Wednesday 6 July 2022. Receiving a fail grade or a result that you're unhappy with can be very stressful. It's good to remember to take a deep breath and know your academic rights.

If you want to appeal a mark, you have 15 working days from the date you received your mark. For final exam and assessment results published on 6 July, the deadline for your stage 1 appeal is Wednesday 27 July 2022. This is the appeal you make to the person who decided your grade. Find out more about appeals below!

SUPRA is here to provide you with free, professional, confidential and independent support if you need any help – just contact us. Our professional caseworkers can give you all the information and advice you need.
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How to appeal your grade

Start by reading our comprehensive guide to academic appeals for coursework students. This explains how appeals work, the different stages of an appeal (there are 3 possible stages!), what kinds of things you can appeal and what you can't appeal.

You have 15 working days to begin your appeal – the deadline for your stage 1 appeal for marks released on 6 July is Wednesday 27 July 2022.

Still have more questions? Read our stage 1 appeals: frequently asked questions to check if we've already answered them.

Need help with your appeal? Our professional caseworkers can help you understand the appeals process, know what to include in your appeal, and help revise your draft appeal with you. Contact us for help.
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What to do if you've been accused of academic dishonesty

Get free advice from SUPRA as soon as you receive your allegation!

Consult with one of our professional caseworkers for advice before attending a meeting with the Educational Integrity Coordinator (EIC), or investigator, or writing a response. Contact us for help.

Find out more about academic dishonesty allegations, how the process works, and what to do if you receive an allegation.
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Appeal or complaint?

It can be confusing to know whether you want to make an appeal or make a complaint.

An academic appeal allows you to challenge a specific academic decision, such as a grade, or the outcome of a special consideration application.

A complaint is a way to raise an issue with the faculty or the University over matters such as discrimination, harassment, or an issue with the quality of teaching or assessment.

Find out more about whether to make an appeal or complaint.

If you need advice about whether to make an appeal or complaint (or both!) contact our caseworkers.
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Can I discontinue a unit I failed?

If you have experienced special circumstances that were beyond your control, such as serious illness or misadventure, and special consideration is not appropriate for you, you can apply for late discontinuation under special circumstances. If your application is approved, you will receive a DC grade.
A DC grade does not count as a fail grade, it doesn’t affect your Weighted Average Mark, and you will receive a fee refund or remission for the unit. 
Contact our professional caseworkers for help with your application.
Find out more about discontinuing a unit.
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