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SUPRA Statement on the right to abortion

Recently, many members of our communities have heard that the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v Wade. This, effectively, establishes that there is no constitutional right to abortion in the US. While this does not absolutely ban abortion in every American context – several states continue to protect abortion through state laws – it does mean that several states will be able to effectively ban abortion, with tremendous consequences for the sexual health and reproductive rights of women and people with uteruses.

SUPRA supports the rights of women and people with uteruses to access abortion. We are disappointed with the US Supreme Court decision, and are working hard in NSW to improve access to services for women, non-binary and gender diverse people, in university spaces, and to make these spaces human-affirming and safe. We will work with diverse equity groups to ensure that our futures are safe, humanitarian, equitable, and egalitarian. We call on the University to provide abortion education, share information of services in Sydney and Australia to our communities, and affirm that access to abortion is a human rights issue.

Read our full statement.

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Abortion rights in NSW

Below are some legal points to understanding your abortion rights in NSW.

Up to 22 weeks' gestation the choice to have an abortion is the patient's decision – a doctor must provide information about counselling if they assess that the patient needs and is interested in this.

After 22 weeks, it is the decision of two specialist medical practitioners – they need to decide whether an abortion is appropriate in all the circumstances and must consider medical, physical, psychological and social circumstances. The law also states that they may seek advice from a multidisciplinary hospital committee if they want. They must also provide information about counselling to the patient.

Where an abortion is necessary to save a pregnant person’s life, the above restrictions do not apply.

Practitioners who conscientiously object to abortion are legally obliged to provide you with information on a practitioner who doesn’t conscientiously object to abortion, or to transfer care to another health service provider at which the termination can be performed.

If you require support or information about an abortion, please don’t hesitate to contact our casework service.

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Check your pay slips for increases

Increases in award and minimum wages and an increase in superannuation rates started on 1 July 2022. Other changes to superannuation mean that employers are now required to pay superannuation even if you earn under $450 per month.

Check your payslip to make sure you're getting paid what you are owed!

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Is your rental contract ending or do you need to break your rental contract?

We have information about renting on our website, including information about your rights when ending a rental contract. The Tenants' Union of NSW also has information about getting your bond back

Take good quality photographs or video when you leave your rental property in case you need to contest your bond. 

Contact us if you need help with a tenancy matter, or emergency accommodation.

a photo of water damage on a white ceiling

Leaking or flooding in your house? Repairs when renting

If your roof is leaking with all the recent rain, you should contact your agent or landlord to notify them of the damage, and ask for repairs if needed. Always ask for repairs in writing. Check the Tenant's Union's fact sheet on repairs and maintenance for more info.

If your rental property is damaged by floods and the premises is unsafe or not secure, you can ask for urgent repairs to be done. The landlord or agent should attend to urgent repairs as soon as possible. In a disaster, you might also want to negotiate a rent reduction or to terminate your tenancy. Find out more about disaster damage and your rights and options as a tenant.

Remember to keep out of unsafe premises and obey directions of emergency services. Contact us if you need more tenancy advice.

Fun Fact

The native hickory wattle regenerates following fire. The seed coat can sense both when a fire has occurred, and when enough rain has fallen for successful regeneration.

Other things to know about

Good luck with your results!
If you want to make an appeal or need information about academic dishonesty, find more information in our results newsletter published yesterday.

Flooding and evacuations in your area?
Check the State Emergency Service (SES) website for up-to-date information, alerts and evacuation orders. Obey the directions of emergency services and do not drive through flood water. Check for major road closures. If you are affected by flooding, you might be eligible for financial assistance.

Wicked Research for HDR students
A new series of events launching on 1 August. Join fellow researchers in a relaxed, collaborative setting to share research and seek novel solutions to some Wicked Problems.
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