Are your goals for 2011 desperately needing a shot in the arm? Kickstart your achievements with Focus28.
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Kickstart Your Goals

There’s truth in the old description of “slow as molasses in January.” It’s common to get stuck in a January slump, with your goals for the new year desperately needing a shot in the arm.

It’s time to get the energy flowing again! Like a successful runner, start with a short sprint—a 28-day dash to be exact. Focus28 helps you kickstart a larger goal or reach the first step in that goal.

  1. Choose a goal, or one part of a larger goal, that you can complete in 28 days.
  2. For that business or personal goal, answer each of the questions provided. This will help you get clear and identify what actions to take. (There are two examples included as a guide.)
  3. As you’re off and running — hopefully within a week of reading this— use the notes section at the back to track your progress.

In 28 days, congratulate yourself for breaking free from the January doldrums and check off your first victory for 2011.
Warning! This exercise is likely to cause an energy boost and may bring about feelings of exhilaration and accomplishment.

Are You Leading Change or Simply Managing It?

World-renowned change expert John P. Kotter asked this question in his 1985 book, Leading Change, after studying success and failure in business change initiatives. According to the Harvard professor, “Organizations are over-managed and under led. Most of today’s experienced executives were never taught to lead. They were taught to manage.”
Kotter describes an 8-step process organizations can follow to bring about successful change: create a sense of urgency, recruit powerful change leaders, build a vision and effectively communicate it, remove obstacles, create quick wins to consolidate gains, and build on your momentum.
The book carries a serious warning: do the steps in order, and take your time to avoid critical mistakes that could slow your momentum or even stop change in its tracks. For example, if you fail to communicate your vision—and communicate it 10 times over—your plans for real change are likely to fail.
Finally, the process requires a strong team that’s united behind a common vision and committed to “leading” not just “managing” change.
Buy the book.

It Really Is Rocket Science!

Joe Williams leads high performance teams for NASA at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Joe recently added Kolbe to his repertoire of leadership tools after identifying his own Kolbe score and formally studying the model with Kathy Kolbe herself.
Joe writes in his blog:
“… if you are a leader seeking to build and lead high performance teams, or are attempting to diagnose issues with teams not performing at peak effectiveness, give Kolbe a look. You may be amazed at the results.”
If Kolbe is good enough for rocket scientists, isn’t it time you gave it a try?



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