Do you have enough velocity to reach your 2012 goals?

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February/March 2012
Soaring Toward Your Goals

Recently I traveled to San Diego where I walked the flight deck of the USS Midway Museum and explored its technology for literally “flinging” planes into the air. Although these aircraft carriers are massive, their runways are too short for planes to safely land or take off. Each jet is first pulled into place with a tow bar, then boosted with a catapult to gain enough momentum (hopefully) to launch it into the air. Within 2 seconds, a 50,000 lb jet reaches 165 miles per hour and gains enough airflow to provide the lift it needs to fly.

How many of us could use this kind of momentum right now? During a rather “blah” time of the year, it’s often difficult getting into a productive groove. And like aircraft carriers, our runways—those deadlines, project timeframes, goal periods—are shorter than ideal, especially if we’re facing a fiscal half-year mark in a matter of weeks.

So how do you—and your teams—build up the energy you need to put your actions into gear? One of the best ways is to blitz towards accomplishing short-term wins. Like the steam-powered pistons on an aircraft carrier’s catapult, these give you the energy and confidence you need—the momentum—for meeting a longer-term goal.
A perfect tool to use is Focus 28™. It helps you map out a strategy that you and/or your team can use, with specific action steps over 28 days. Before long, you’ll be flinging toward high achievements, with the lift and speed you need to guarantee success.

Download a copy for you and every member of your team here.


New Role? Prepare for Transition Acceleration!

25% of managers in large organizations change jobs every year. If you’re one of them, what impact are you going to make in those early days?
According to author Michael Watkins, you’ve got about 90 days to prove they picked the right person. The actions you take those first 3 months in a new job will largely determine whether you succeed or fail. It’s time to get focused—define what you want and set some short-term goals for early wins.
The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels
, teaches “transition acceleration” through five success strategies: promote yourself, accelerate your learning, match strategy to situation, secure early wins, and negotiate success. It’s a comprehensive guide for how you literally “hit the ground running” so you build credibility—often as an outsider— through a 90-day plan for long term success in your new position. It is as much about transition acceleration as it is about failure prevention
Buy the book.

Quick Starts as Natural Catapults

Looking for a sure fire way to gain a short-term win? Involve people who lead in their Kolbe profile with Quick Start on your team—or borrow that Quick Start energy if you’re missing this natural talent for idea generation. You’ll be amazed at the possibilities that can be generated with their positive energy and sense of urgency.
Caution! A little bit of Quick Start can go a long way. In order to draw the best from their unfailing ability for jumping in with enthusiasm, coach them accordingly. Quick Starts need to brainstorm ideas without judgment and are best on short-term projects where they are up against a tight deadline. They’ll work around the clock when needed, so cut them some slack on regular assignments. When the ideas start flowing and the energy level rises, you’ll be glad that you used them as your natural catapults!
For more on Quick Start and the other three problem-solving modes, download your copy of A Guide to Kolbe Best Practices™.


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