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Create Your Year of Progress, Personal Development, and Career Highs in 2013

Do you ever find that when you’re surrounded by an unending list of what needs to get accomplished ,that you ask yourself, “do I have to do everything myself?”
The answer is, no, you don’t. It’s why you put an A-Team in place, not just at work, but at home too. That’s why I have a cleaner, travel consultants, a snow removal service, and recently, a general contractor. For my business, I have a bookkeeper, an accountant, a marketing consultant, and administrative assistance.
None of us can, or should, handle every detail on our own because, to be blunt, we can’t be experts in all areas. It’s why we depend on the abilities of those around us. At work, it may be the additional consulting teams we bring in, experts to support our leadership development, the marketing advisor we talk to, and especially the trusted assistant who schedules our valuable time.
How are you selecting and cultivating your A-team? Do you make a point to find great resources around you? Do you look for learning opportunities? Take the next five minutes and sketch out a list of who you’d like to have on your dream team and what they could do for you to enhance your life? Pick the most important one and get started with implementation right away. Then you’ll be set to maximize your efficiency and gain the extra energy you can use to make 2013 a year of progress and career success.

Thank You and a Gift!

Reach Capabilities just celebrated five years in business—and it’s all thanks to you. To show my appreciation, I’ve arranged for you to attend an one-of-a-kind kind virtual event where you’ll hear incredible speakers and career experts share their wisdom on how to get to the next level and beyond.
The presentations are available twice-a-day via phone or internet for 10-days, from January 21 through to January 31. If you can't attend all the sessions, you can download or listen to the recordings whenever it’s convenient. But only IF you register and only UNTIL February 15!
And yes, I’m presenting too. Learn how to culitvate your capabilities and leverage your natural instinctive talents for growth and success. Join me on Tues. Jan. 22 at 2:00 pm.
And just for registering, you can receive valuable gifts. For example, I'm giving away 10 copies of "Conative Connections" by Kathy Kolbe (see summary in sidebar) and a chance for a Kolbe Profile with an one-on-one phone interpretation. Will you be the winner?
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The Conative Connection: Acting on Instinct


Understanding how we do things the way we do really allows us to make better choices about our work and improves our personal lives too. Kathy Kolbe explains how to harness, rather than work against, the tremendous power of our striving instincts. This is the best of her books and has provided incredible insight into my life.
Buy the book.


Catapult Your Career Success Summit – Details

Helping Executives, Managers, and Leaders Achieve Greater Success and Recognition

January 21 to 31 – 10 days,
20 sessions to change your life
Learn how to:
• avoid the 3-biggest mistakes that
  most executives make
• be a star in your career and life
• increase accountability for your
  personal and professional goals
• discover your sweet spot for
  success and happiness
• get the most important things done
  each and every day
• create a stress-free, productivity
  rich workspace
• leverage your natural, instinctive
  talents for growth
• and much, much more...
Teleseminar presenters include: Viveka Von Rosen, Pauline Fleming, Mike Jaffe, Nicki Weiss, Ed Evarts, Mark Franklin, Garry Schleifer, Dr. Susan Meyerle, and many more (including me, Wayne Smith). All hosted by my colleague, Linda Cattelan, Executive & Career Coach.
Register at NO-COST:

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