Unleash your potential! Take your strengths inventory and discover your strength themes.
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Taking Stock: Have You Tested Your Own Strength Lately?

Last time you said, “Hey, I’m stronger than I look!” you were probably talking about physical strength. But all of us have another kind of strength that’s greater than we think—strength from our capabilities. We just don’t realize it until we take stock of the knowledge, talent and skills we bring to the workplace.
The Capability Synthesizer™ is an effective tool for taking your strengths inventory. Unless it’s been way too long since you’ve updated your resume or profile, the first two sections should be easy to complete. Fill in your education, certifications, designations and awards, as well as your Kolbe profile.
The middle section is taken from the Clifton StrengthsFinder™, an online evaluation that identifies your raw talent. Once you’ve completed a set of questions (be prepared to take 35 minutes), write in your 5 themes and their key attributes.
In the bottom section, include capabilities and knowledge uncovered from other profiles you’ve collected, such as feedback from a 360°. Add in what others have said about you, comments from a performance appraisal, perhaps a testimonial.
In one page, The Capability Synthesizer brings together information about your talents and demonstrates how you’ve successfully leveraged those abilities into credentials and achievements. The exercise is guaranteed to give your self-assessment a boost: “Look out, I do know my own strengths!”

Unleash Your Potential by Discovering Your Strengths.

According to Tom Rath, author of StrengthsFinder 2.0, many of us focus on improving what we’re not good at rather than nurturing our existing strengths. When you’re in this mode of continuous improvement, everything can be an uphill climb. The book explains how to unleash your greatest potential by focusing on strengths instead.
Your StrengthsFinder assessment names 5 natural inclinations or “themes,” along with a description of each theme. Knowing your themes helps you exploit your innate abilities and ultimately, achieve at a higher level.
As well as giving you a clear understanding of your strengths, Rath’s book helps you understand what activities will bring you most satisfaction, what will be easier to learn, and how best to complement—and manage— other people’s natural talents.
The book comes with an access code so you can complete the Clifton StrengthsFinder questionnaire online and reveal your themes. With 33 million possible theme combinations, no matter what your profile you’ll know you really are one in a million.

Buy the book.

Your Best Work and How You Work Best

Once you’ve completed the Kolbe A* Index, the Kolbe Career MO+* is an excellent way to uncover your perfect role in the workplace and how best to manage your Kolbe profile so you can move toward this ideal.
The central premise of the Career MO+ is that you’ll enjoy and excel at a role that lets you tackle challenges in a way that works for you. Once the Career MO+ is completed, the 12-page report provides a list of careers where someone with your profile is most likely to thrive. There’s also an analysis of why certain careers align better, or not as well, with someone with your Kolbe score.
End result: You’ll know which jobs are best suited to your natural way of taking action, and which jobs go against your grain. Not only is this extremely helpful information for writing stronger resumes and cover letters, and accentuating your strengths in a job interview, it’s also critical for knowing how to advance your career—while enjoying yourself along the way.

To learn more about your Kolbe Career MO+ click here.

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