Will you be productive this summer?
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June/July 2011
Getting Things Done Between the Hazy and the Lazy

Summertime and the living is easy—maybe too easy. With long weekends and vacations, relaxed hours and relaxed dress codes, July and August can pass quickly with little productivity.
Summer is a great time to disappear for a week or two and recharge your batteries, no disagreement. But work still needs to be done. Deadlines still roll around, customers still require service, sales and profit goals remain in front of us.
How do you plan to remain productive so that by the end of August you’ve successfully completed at least some tasks?
Here’s one article that can help: 50 Tricks to Get Things Done Faster, Better, and More Easily. Even selecting just five of the 50 tips can make a difference. You might decide to get up an hour earlier, set more attainable goals, create a better privacy zone, unclutter your personal or work space, or develop a To Don’t List.
Another excellent way to accomplish a goal or project over the summer is to create 28-day sprints—one for July and one for August. By dividing each project into manageable chunks, you can monitor your progress daily and get going with your goals.
Download the 28-day sprint tool.
The result will be a truly rewarding summer. By the time you ask, “Where has the time gone?” you’ll be relaxed and fulfilled—because of down time you’ve enjoyed and accomplishments you’ve achieved

But Are You Happy?

I just finished a great book that’s perfect for summer reading: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Rubin’s ideas and suggestions resonate as soon as you open its pages. Take any section at random and see what happens!
Rubin sets out to find a way to experience daily happiness. Through extensive research on happiness and how others had found ways to uncover this often elusive state of mind, she created a year-long chart of resolutions or personal commandments. The resolutions became the basis for her blog and subsequently the book.
Rubin did boost her happiness during the year of her experiment. She discovered, however, that happiness didn’t depend on any single resolution but instead, adherence to her resolution chart and daily review.
Her challenge to each of us is to create our own happiness project. Through her book and blog she provides a rich supply of information, tips, inspiration and suggestions for doing so.
Even if you all you do is review Rubin’s 12 Commandments—with advice such as Let it go, Spend out and No calculation—you’ll uncover tremendous food for thought this summer. And quite possibly, a boost in happiness.

>>Buy the book!

Power Up Your Team for Fall

Starting to plan your next off-site or team meeting for the fall? The My Strengths Advantage™ half-day workshop is ideal for teams that need to discover, or be reminded of, their natural talents, strengths and capabilities.
The workshop builds on self-assessment tools, including Kolbe, that help individuals and teams uncover their instinctive ways of problem-solving and getting things done. By using The Reach Capability Synthesizer™, for example, individuals create an inventory of key strengths. The result? Effective action plans for further growth and development, achievement and life satisfaction.
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