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November, 2010

The 11th Month Stretch

November—and year-end—is a perfect time to forecast growth and stretch towards the future.
For those who “reached back” last month, congratulations! Now it’s time to reach forward and open up the possibilities. Over the next three years, what are you excited about in both your professional and personal life?
Download the Reach Forward Success Journal  and begin by completing Column 1. Getting started may be difficult, but keep in mind that what gets written down usually gets done, so brace for success. It may be a business goal, a trip, even a mundane task that’s hanging over your head.

Next, list the obstacles or fears that stand in your way. (These are always there.) Now identify the capabilities and resources that will help you overcome those hurdles.
Having trouble getting to 10? Give yourself one more stretch!

The Art of Possibility: Shifting from Measurement to Possibility

In a competitive environment measured by bottom-line results, can you move beyond a world of measurement into a world of possibilities? 
Yes, according to a groundbreaking book for living life beyond the numbers. In The Art of Possibility, the author describes an experiment with a class of brilliant musicians. Each student was given an A when classes started in September. Their task was then to write a letter to the instructor, dated the following April, in which they looked back and explained what had happened over the previous eight months to be in line with this extraordinary grade.
By changing “expectation to live up to”to “possibility to live into”, the students grew in ways they could not have previously imagined—to be more creative, happier, inquisitive, and confident. In short, they experienced success far beyond a single grade. 
Give yourself an A! For more details, click here to order your copy of The Art of Possibility.

Keep in the Conative Zone

Managers and company leaders take note! According to a University of Arizona study, instinctive or conative patterns of action in our brains define the unique way we work. Working against their conative grain, employees experience more stress, less productivity, greater absenteeism, and burnout. Conversely, working in the conative zone (as advised by Kolbe), employees are more efficient and effective.

Brain Waves

Are you wasting mental energy?

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