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December, 2010 

Stepping Stones for Stepping Higher
Feeling a bit bent out of shape? Our last two newsletters had you reaching back and reaching forward in a stretch toward your goals. Stick with it—December is a perfect time for putting all those goal-setting exercises together into The Commitment Blueprint™. We’re not talking about a list of huge “I don’t think I’ll ever accomplish them” New Year’s resolutions. The Commitment Blueprint helps your goals actually happen.

First, set out 10 commitments for your personal and business life over the next year; then identify resources and capabilities that will help you achieve them. Now break each commitment into smaller steps, noting their success criteria. The small steps are critical for making each a reality. Remember, no one climbed Mount Everest without making it to base camp first. We’re talking about setting yourself up for success!

Tip: Don’t attempt this exercise while multitasking or driving. Find a quiet place—perhaps a cozy coffee shop—and give your thinking some space. Now, start planning what you’d like to achieve over the next three months, three months after that, and for the rest of the year. By setting attainable goals, it’s all within your reach.

Put a Bit of Kaizen in Your Life
Spending too much time focused on one big goal that’s just not happening? Contrary to the idea that we must shoot for the big stars to create impact is the kaizen philosophy of making big changes in our lives by taking little steps.

One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer, Ph.D. explains how our brains actually register a fear response when we attempt large-scale change and set goals way beyond our immediate reach. Our concentration, even our creativity, shuts down.

But smaller changes sidestep this effect and build a powerful roadmap for getting to where we want to go.

“Put a bit of kaizen into your life,” suggests Maurer. Ask smaller questions to dispel fear; solve smaller problems when facing a crisis; recognize smaller, yet crucial moments in your life; and reward yourself and others for smaller, yet important, achievements. Want to learn more, click here to buy the book.

The Best Kolbe Ever – FREE! 

Is there a family or staff member in your life who’d benefit from a KOLBE profile?

Send us a story of how Kolbe worked for you (150-200 words) and we’ll reward the best story with a free KOLBE profile and phone interpretation for the person of your choice.

Send your submissions to: inquire@

Deadline: December 31, 2010.


At the holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible. It is in this spirit we say ... thank you and best wishes for the holidays and a happy new year.


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