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photo by craig - creative commons -

Will it ever stop?

Of course, it is true that I am actively lobbying for yellow as the major fashion colour; after all, I truly believe in the power of yellow with its strength and radiance, able to change all volume and all surfaces, giving glow to all matter. Therefore we have to analyse the growing power of yellow in fashion magazine pages as well as in window displays. We see yellow making its way into bridge collections such as Hugo Boss or Isabel Marant. They all use plain yellow monochromes to deliver the radiant message of hope and optimism.

In many cases we will also see yellow as an accent colour in interior design and industrial design, able to give a quick fix to an otherwise neutral colourcard; able to spread sunshine into an otherwise neutral harmony. In plastic, painted wood and textiles of course. These brights are incredibly solid and strong, no doubt about their presence and intensity, giving pigment power to humble materials.

One of the most important yellow colours is egg yolk yellow, from the palest farm egg to the darkest ostrich one; in daily life, yellow can be a foodie’s dream of egg-based recipes. The best eggs in Paris are the Café Flore's soft boiled eggs with “soldiers”; strips of toasted baguette with salted butter, flaky salt and cracked pepper. People from all over the world have indulged into this amazingly simple dish, which can become the highlight of your day – the Café Flore version is also the most expensive egg in the world! And then there is the omelette, best when Spanish with bits of chorizo and potatoes to appease a body suffering from fatigue or a hangover. 

Also amazing are scrambled eggs when mixed with mustard to give them a rounded and softer edge; they need to be stirred continuously so as not to have any solid pieces disturb the experience; just one big mass of mellow snotty yellow. And let's not forget the hard-boiled egg, a typical French invention. On all zinc-tops in all cafés, in all of France, the hard boiled egg is the staple of happy hour snacks, able to calm growing hunger and to absorb hard liquor.  The most simple culinary experience. 

Once at lunch with the Missoni family, I was served pasta with fresh tomatoes and beautiful little fried eggs, a multitude of perfect yellow eyes looking at me from their egg-white spheres.

Are eggs the gold of everyday life?

To be continued…

Liidewij Edelkoort

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photos by edaniel costa 

Daniel Costa is a design poet who hails from the Tyrol. Like a breath of fresh mountain air, his endearing personal style and enchanting optimism mix freely with his creative skills and mature sense of beauty.

After studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Daniel completed an internship at Studio Edelkoort in Paris, where he immersed himself in the city to redefine his work and expand his identity. In Self-reference, Daniel has responded to the organic grains of a found piece of wood before taking it on a journey of transformation to create a series of contemporary fossils.

The contextual designer explains:"I found a tree trunk in the forest, which was cut every 50cm. A very pragmatic human interaction with the tree as a movement in time and space. I take this found piece and give it a more sensitive shape. Following the grain, the structure, the architecture of the tree. I cast the new shape in ceramic to observe the qualities of this shape in a different material.

The shape is still human – I start to burn and brush it. The grain comes out and the smooth shape starts to have a structure that is logic towards the shape. Again I cast the new shape in ceramic. I burn the shape even more. Deformation. Cast in ceramic. I sand the grain structure away to observe the deformation – anew burning the shape and casting. Anew sanding and observing the deformation...

Autonomous shapes arise that refer to themselves and their origin; shapes and surfaces that need contexts in our world. They show us potentials and new design qualities but also a strong relation to our body. It is a research that evokes an archaic quality that seems to harmoniously combine the contradictions of us humans in our troubled world with the roots of our existence. An alchemistic approach to design and our contradicting lifestyle. My longing for tactility and structure. My wish to appreciate the complex beauty of the most elementary things." 

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photo by david bargiel

You bred raptors ? is an Astoria, Queens based band, established in 2009.The Trio comprised of Epileptic Peat on 8-String bass, who also is responsible for the songwriting, Zach Schmidlein on drums, Kinderklavier and Glockenspiel, and Bryan Wilson on cello. They play prehistoric postmodern rock and dedicate their music to the research of dinosaur cloning. Interesting and rather absurd motivation.

Since their inception in 2009 they brought out three albums in three years. They are assiduous and have played 150 shows in the last fourteen months. Furthermore, they are contracted to score seven films for two production companies over the next year and a half. Their new album Hammond came out in February of this year.   

Y.B.R. ? is a member of the Music under New York Program (MUNY), MTA’s art for transit program. Hence you will infrequently see them in the light of day. You can however find them in stations such as Union Square, Times Square Mosaics and Herald Square to name a few.

The most interesting fact about these quirky gentlemen: the audience is never ever able to see the musician's faces directly. Peat, Bryan and Zach veil their faces consistently with different types of masks during every show, their last appearance they were donning venetian style masks. The disguise evokes an anonymity between the musicians and the audience and support their mysterious, folkloric instrumental sound.

If you want to experience these unique performances, their next shows is on July 26th in the Paper Box, Brooklyn.

David Bargielut 


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photo courtesy of childsown - by eilen age 8 

When we were kids we all have dreamed that our favorite drawing could be a real cuddy toy or a 3D doll to cherish… Child’s Own Studio makes this dream come true, by celebrating children’s art and their imagination with handcrafted one-of-a-kind soft toys.

Wendy Tsao started her home-based craft business after having the simple idea of making a recognizable comfort toy for a 4 year-old boy based on his drawing.

Since then, she has custom made a few hundred soft toys, based on children’s drawings that was sent to her. Details and color choices are reproduced as closely as possible so that the stuffed toy that is sent back in the mail is immediately recognizable to the child who designed it.

Each toy is as unique as the child who drew it.

Sofie Brodén

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photo by emmanuelle linard

Aspen, Colorado, is an interesting little town. Remote from large hubs yet nestled in the heart of the United States, it hosts a tight-knitted community of 5,000 committed people, which grows to 30,000 during the ski season. The scenery is terrific; you can enjoy the views by riding up with the gondolas to a peak perched at a 12,000 ft altitude.

Aspen’s history is one of cultural heritage; it was founded around 1888 by Jerome B Wheeler, an industrial and financier who brought his wife Harriet Macy, heir to the Macy’s department store, to Colorado, in search of a place with pure air to help cure her respiratory problems.

(I can witness indeed that the air in Aspen is quite pure, at such oxygen-deprived altitude, breathing while exercising is surprisingly smooth.)

Jerome Wheeler started mining for silver and made a flash-fortune in 4 years during which he built cultural establishments and structures for larger crowds that would welcome the intelligentsia of the East Coast as well as thinkers, politicians, business people and artists from Europe.

The hotel Jerome is a witness to this glorious past, being at the heart of Aspen by its central location but also by its noble construction: large of 90 rooms and still decorated in the turn of the 20th century style, it displays a charming obsolete European grandeur while offering the warmth of cosy winter lounges, majestuous hallways, bars and a 4,000 sqft ballroom.

Ever since that time, and even after crossing three major depressions that brought the town to its knees to total poverty, a tradition of culture and international flair persists. Aspen gathers thousands of people for world class events, the famous Food and Wine Classic event being one of them. I was attending recently there the three day Global Wellness Summit, an American venture founded in 2006 reuniting each year a growing community of spa executives worldwide, while the green energy summit was also happening at the hotel Jerome. Famous people spoke at both events, amongst them the governor of Colorado, former Davos CEO Philippe Bourguignon, or Jose Maria Figueres Olsen, president of Coast Rica from 1994-1998, now president of The Carbon War Room and an engaged activist for sustainable industry practices. Inspiring people.

What struck me during the three day- spa conference is that most speakers brought health to the center stage of the discussion; I believe that wellness establishments will become the clinics of the future, where prevention and rewards for patients in good health will prevail, in reaction to a system that has become more of a sickcare system than a healthcare one, where diseases are engines fueling chemical cures from pharmaceutical giants, for patients marketed as products.

The obesity debate also took center stage. A heavy  topic in social media as well, especially in America, where ¼ of the population is overweight, where a plane passenger recently was un-boarded for being too big for one seat, where a chain food burger costs $.99 and a salad $4.99.

The group of spa students who won the prize at the Global wellness Summit student competition this year is from California: four cheeky girls who imagined the concept of a spa for VIGs, Very Important Girls, targeting girlfriends and sisters in a  12-18 age bracket, who gather to relax, interact and receive beauty treatments in a man-free environment. A man-free environment! Wow, young girls are empowered beyond feminism these days. Interesting trend to notice next to the new father trend that Li recently mentioned in the Trendtablet newsletter: the masculine is in need of a make-over.

Aspen is an inspiring place; I will go back during ski season, to see how it feels to exercise in the snowy pure air while getting stimulated by cultural events…

Emmanuelle Linard

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CHICAGO July 31 - PORTLAND August 2 - NEW YORK August 16 -


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Contemporary sculpture from South Africa displays the colourfulness and variety of forms of contemporary art in South Africa. Work by around thirty South African artists will be on view in several location in The Hague, the Netherlands. 


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Lidewij Edelkoort and Trend Union are excited to announce their first online trend service, a new fashion forecast that can be downloaded.

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Although separated by time, Miuccia Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli—both Italian, both feminists—share striking affinities in terms of their design strategies and fashion manifestoes.Presented as an intimate "conversation", Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations is the current exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The volume is a “book within a book” that reflects the conceptual and inventive nature of their creations.


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Trendtablet explains how trends grow, evolve and flow, and helps us better understand and perceive how they interact in our daily lives. this tool accessed for free is open to comments and new ideas, please contribute and be part of our network .Enjoy!


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On view from May 15 to October 21, 2012, the exhibition Histoires de voir: Show and Tell presents the works and narratives of over 40 painters, sculptors and filmmakers from around the world. They emerged as artists and developed their talents in uncommon circumstances; they have often been considered as naïve artists. Fondation Cartier, Paris.


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This book explores the amber, its history and its many artistic expressions. From prehistory to the present day, amber has ceased to be a subject of interrogation and admiration : amulet, rosary or adornment, everyday object or precious inlay,it is one of the few materials present in all the figures of the decorative arts, traditional and popular worldwide.


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Over the last few seasons we have seen flowers starting to bloom on textiles, experimental plants invading dresses and witnessed leaves whirling onto scarves.Therefore, we have created a magazine that is much like a bazaar, containing all the types of fashion that flowers have to offer, exploring their influences to the fullest.


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Post Fossil. Excavating 21st century creation. This catalogue was printed on the occasion of the exhibition in Tokyo.


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"Young people born with and behind the screen live in a shadow aera; a no man's land between the second and the third dimension that they wish to connect .."


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