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photo lAldwin van Krimpen

The Soft World is a Dutch studio based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, specializing in unique felt products for the home and interiors. Launched in 2008 by Beatrice Waanders, the studio is one-of-a-kind for its innovative concept of felting raw and un-dyed wool from special sheep breeds in combination of traditional luxurious materials such as angora, alpaca, cashmere, and silk.

Environmentally friendly, The Soft World does not use chemical products, but rather exploits the rich color palette of the animals themselves. Beatrice travels around The Netherlands to find her wool at hobby-farmers and old heritage sheep-flocks that keep alive the old forgotten sheep breads, often using rare European breeds like the English Wensleydale Longwool, Blue Faced Leicester, and Swedish Gotland Pels. Each breed has a variety in structure and colors range from white to grey to browns.

While the mixture and sheep wool and other fibres is unique to Beatrice and her studio, the felting process is the oldest manner of making fabric. Felting began in Central and North-East Asia and was often used as clothing and shelter for nomadic peoples.

The Soft World's line ranges from products for the home interior including cushions, throws, poufs, carpets, and footstools. The Soft World also makes custom pieces for special projects for architects and interior designers.

Currently, in addition to hand-making her products, Beatrice gives Master classes on the felting process.

100% handmade felt, 100% eco-friendly, 100% craftsmanship, 100% natural colors and no dyeing, 100% wool of old european sheep breeds, from rabbits and goats, 100% animal friendly, 100% slow design, 100% made in Holland: 100% made with love.


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photo by Govin Sorel

The transformative beauty of light reveals the invisible, gives volume and colour to the ordinary. Elevating it to a short-lived instant of enlightenment. Man will go in a quest for inner peace. We will aspire to a time out of time, we will search for a world within a world.

A moment to experience simply being there, trying to make the ordinary extraordinary by simply giving some time to experience everyday motions and generic gestures in order to learn how to recapture energy and share with others. We realise that the gift of light makes our soul swell with a sudden happiness to be alive.

Perfumed candles accompany us in our daily lives and embody our need for well being, for nurturing our senses as well as for warmth and light.

Quintessence, the French candle brand, offers us to enjoy this gift of light and to share it through twelve exclusive fragrances for the twelve months of the year. Simply called "The Movies", the 2013 collection offers twelve stories imagined by movie celebrities to share their olfactory universe.



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One of the significant and singular talents that we have as human beings is positive thinking. Even under difficult circumstances, we try to recover from it, and try to make it better using all knowledge and experiences.

Recently, one application of positive thinking called “nega-po apli” (negative-positive application) becomes popular in Japan. This application has been designed by 3 high school students and won the 3rd prize in the “design competition for all high school students” this year and now it is released as free download dictionary application and also published as a paper dictionary.

What is interesting is that they have not “designed” exactly opposite meaning of a negative word.

For example, if you want to mention someone who is “gloomy”, this dictionary changes this negative word into “settled”.

“he is gloomy”= negative

“he is settled”= positive

“this shop has bad taste, doesn’t it?”= negative

“this shop has a unique world!”= positive

The negative words cause conflict and also make people’s feeling down but we tend to use negative words. This application, however tries to let people stop the negative way of thinking and make us realize how we can think positively.

We see negative news and report on TV and we feel like staying a dark tunnel forever but we come closer to the end and start to see the new light and at the same time, we definitely have learned how we can create the “positive”.

Kaori Ieyasu

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Hadrien, Alexandre and Yann parisians youngsters founded in october THE place where to go in Paris, and to enjoy a real Cheese Burger.

Located in the very nice district of Ecole Militaire, this Diner invites you to enjoy all the american specialities with fresh and good products.

What makes these burgers so amazing ? the quality and the generosity of it ! 

The bread is freshly made by Rachel’s, the cheddar has been selected carefully by the team, the meat is fresh and tasty, the sauce is indescribable and to complete the French Fries are freshly fried at the minute, no frozen product is the deal.

This place is what we are all looking for today, a nice environment, a nice team that welcomes you who will make you feel at home and who won’t judge the way you are eating this dripping burger.

During this meal, you forget that you are in Paris, you are transported to a diner that normally you can only find in the US.

And for the vegetarians, they also have a Veggie burger ! Guess they thought about everything, even take away.

Charlotte Bjorklund


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NOMADISM  "on the road to fashion" summer 2014
BOLD fall winter 2014-2015
CODE NOIR, Frac Haute-Normandie France

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The first U.S. museum retrospective exhibition ever devoted to Gutai, the most influential artists collective and artistic movement in postwar Japan and among the most important international avant-garde movements of the 1950s and ‘60s.


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Lidewij Edelkoort and Trend Union are pleased to present their online trend service, a new fashion forecast that can be downloaded.

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In an age of globalization with fashion trends that change by the day, the quality and workmanship of the great British luxury brands endure and flourish like never before. Valued for their craftsmanship, superlative quality, exclusivity, and the status they confer on their owners, these “heritage houses” have been synonymous with the finest production for hundreds of years.

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Trendtablet explains how trends grow, evolve and flow, and helps us better understand and perceive how they interact in our daily lives. this tool accessed for free is open to comments and new ideas, please contribute and be part of our network .Enjoy!


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David Bowie is will explore the creative processes of Bowie as a musical innovator and cultural icon, tracing his shifting style and sustained reinvention across five decades. The exhibition will explore the broad range of Bowie’s collaborations with artists and designers in the fields of fashion, sound, graphics, theatre, art and film.


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The most comprehensive review of a remarkable contemporary artist's work in an extraordinary package designed by Sagmeister, Inc. Since the early 1990s, New York-based artist Charles LeDray has become known for his miniaturized sculptures of hand-stitched clothing, carved human bone, and thimble-sized ceramics. Their intimate scale and materials poignantly evoke allusions to childhood memory, gender and class stereotypes, and wonder in the everyday. 


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Today’s youngest generations are born into a life dominated by being, playing, learning and sleeping with flat screens (TV, PC, Xbox, Pad, Phone and Pod), living in a shadow area between the second and third dimensions which they would like to connect, and between which they strive.Published by BIS Publishers, this full-colour book features theoretical essays from Paola Antonelli, Lidewij Edelkoort, Ahmed El Hady, Carla Fernández, Hedwig Heinsman, Martine Naillon and Bruce Sterling.


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