2013 A Year of Transformation

Body Renewal

21 Days to A New You!
Take 21 Days  at the beginning of this year to renew your body!  Over a 3-week period you will experience four relaxing and rejuvenating Acupuncture treatments that will decrease stress, hunger and cravings.  You will take all inflammatory foods out of your diet and be given delicious, healthy, easy recipes to guide you to a new way of eating.  By the end of the 3 weeks, most people notice weight loss, better sleep and more energy! 

All of this for only $200.00 !

A great way to start your 2013 transformation!

Call 503.308.9363 or email today to get more information. 

Testimonial of Participant:

"My 21 day cleanse was excellent.  I felt the benefits immediately.  I do not like needles and was fearful about the acupuncture.  I found the acupuncture treatment very soothing.  The immediate impact of taking away some of my food choices was surprisingly beneficial.  I dreaded that it would be difficult and that I would experience cravings.  It had been many years since I went without caffeine and artificial sweeteners.  Instead I  felt energetic and enjoyed the  new food choices.  Really glad I did this.  Lost about 6 pounds, too!" - M.K.


2013 is a Year for Transformation

Year of the Black Snake

In the Chinese zodiac 2013 is the year of the Black Snake and starts on Sunday, Feb. 10th. 
This is a perfect time to shed the old and bring in the new you.  Have you been sitting on the edge of wanting to make a big change in your life?  Do you want to finally learn how to eat for your body and be healthier? Are you ready to reduce stress in your life and become more organized?  The energy of the transformative snake is just what you need to nudge you into a new healthy direction, to help you thrive!  Luckily, there are tools offered through Black Pearl Acupuncture that can help with your transformation this year.  Check out the details for starting a 21 day cleanse in this newsletter.  Learn how Acupuncture can help you finally tackle that back, neck or shoulder pain you have been trying to ignore.  Start 2013 in your best health to set the stage for your transformation!

 Try Acupuncture In 2013

1) Decrease stress and neck/shoulder tension with Acupuncture.

2) Suffering from Headaches?  Stop!  Use acupuncture to eliminate headaches and migraines.

3) Use Acupuncture for Womens' Health Issues & Fertility.

4) Increase your Energy with Acupuncture and make 2013 the year to get things done!

5) Allow Acupuncture to Clear Your Head and help you be at peace.

Here's to your Wellness & Health!

Stay Well!

We all know someone who has been sick already this year or maybe you have been sick yourself.  Use this tea recipe to drink on a regular basis to keep your immune system high functioning and the flu/colds away!
1 bunch of green onions chopped
2 orange peels chopped
5 slices of ginger root 1/8" thick
1 TBSP of brown sugar (do not use any other sugar substitutes)
2 quarts of water
Boil ingredients for 10 minutes, strain and enjoy!
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