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Naturally Combat your Allergies

Spring is in the air! That means more sunshine, more flowering plants and more of the pollen that causes allergies. Try these 4 natural remedies to relieve your allergy symptoms so you can get outside and enjoy what spring and summer have to offer!

1)  Load up on omega-3 fatty acids. Omega -3 fatty acids can help support a healthy immune system, decrease inflammation and reduce your susceptibility to allergies, according to research. Take two grams of EPA and DHA, two fatty acids found in oily fish and fish oil supplements to get the benefits—salmon, sardines, flaxseeds and walnuts are all good sources to get you started.

2)  Get Acupuncture. Every year I see more and more people for allergies. I have had great success with allergy sufferers through acupuncture and herbs. Acupuncture treatments help to reduce inflammation and can stop the sneezing, watery eyes, sinus pressure and other allergen responses. I have helped allergy symptoms go away completely for the season. Allowing people to be outside and be able to enjoy the great outdoors!

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Shower at night—and don’t forget your hair. It’s not just your clothes and shoes that track in allergens—it’s your skin and hair, too. Make sure you aren’t bringing them to bed with you by showering before going to sleep…and lather up your locks while you’re at it. Products like gels may keep your hair perfect, but they’re also pollen magnets.

Don’t re-wear clothes. Make room in your schedule for extra laundry days—the clothes you wear outdoors bring home a ton of allergens during heavy pollen season. An investigation published in the journal Grana found that a single large T-shirt trapped seven million pollen grains in one day. “The high numbers of pollen and airborne particles trapped on fabrics may act as a primary source for indoor allergens particularly public indoor areas, e.g. the work environment where large numbers of people come in from the outdoors wearing the same clothes throughout the day,” the researchers write. Also, when you wash your clothes wash them in Hot Water, this will help reduce the pollen grains more than washing in cold water.

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Here is to a great allergy free Spring and Summer!

In Health ~
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