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A fellowship ends, and a new one begins.
In this update, meet three of our ten 2017 fellows and get a highlight of their work, as well as the names of the 10 Foresight Fellows for 2018.

We can't help but feel moved as the inaugural 2017 Fellowship is ending.

Heartfelt congratulations to our 2017 inaugural Fellowship class. We are humbled by the incredible work that our 10 Fellows produced this year - from presenting their research at our invitational workshops, to speaking at our Vision Weekend, to chairing our upcoming Nanotechnology workshop with Nobel Prize Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart - our Fellows are going above and beyond in their commitment for creating positive futures via beneficial technologies. See our Fellow profiles here and their interviews here.

Featured here are three of the ten 2017 fellows: Cosmo Mielke for his work in Longevity, Chuyang Cheng for his work in Molecular Machines, and Michael Skuhersky for his work in Mind Uploading. They close our 2017 featured fellows, as a new chapter of our great adventure begins.

Three 2017 fellows and how they are improving the future of humanity.

Cosmo Mielke - 2017 Foresight Fellow in Longevity.

Cosmo Mielke is currently the founder of, a nonprofit research project to study aging with user donated quantified self data. Cosmo received his PhD in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology from the Biodesign Institute and the Mayo Clinic, and a B.S. in Astronomy, Physics and Mathematics from the University of Arizona. He is also a data scientist in the UCSF Memory and Aging Center, where he manages the computational pipelines to analyze MRI scans of Alzheimer’s patients. He is inspired most by the rapidly changing landscape of science.

Chuyang Cheng - 2017 Foresight Fellow in Molecular Machines.

Chuyang Cheng is currently a Postdoc Researcher working in Sir Fraser Stoddart’s group at Northwestern University, from which he received his Ph.D. in Chemistry. He received his BS in Chemistry from Peking University. His research focus is on design and synthesis molecular machines as well as incorporating molecular machines into functional materials. Mr. Cheng was the recipient of the 2015 Distinguished Student Award from the Foresight Institute. He is most enthusiastic about controlling molecules to do what he expects them to do precisely.

Michael Skuhersky - 2017 Foresight Fellow in Mind Uploading.

Michael Skuhersky is a graduate student in the Synthetic Neurobiology group at the MIT Media Lab. Previously, he was at the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms, working on protein docking dynamics, rapid fabrication techniques, and spatial computing architectures. Before that, he conducted research in various areas of particle physics at MIT and UCLA. He is passionate about devoting his time to making mind uploading a reality in his lifetime; currently he is attempting to build and validate an emulation of a simple brain that will respond to and deliver external stimuli in the exact same way as that of a real organism. He has also dabbled in practical applications of transhumanism while running a novel prosthetics startup aimed at the Chinese market. In his spare time, he goes hiking, studies world politics, and composes experimental music.

We can't wait to co-create positive futures with our 2018 Foresight Fellows.

Results for our 2018 Foresight Fellowship application are here! Incoming applications this year were overwhelming both in quantity and quality and making the selection of 10 Foresight Fellows was a difficult process. We thank everyone for their effort and encourage those who we could not accept this year to apply for future fellowships.

Congratulations to those 10 humans we were able to accept for our 2018 Fellowship class:

Peter Scheyer - Fellow in Corporate Artificial General Intelligence
Ryan Carey - Fellow in Artificial & Collective Intelligence
Roman Yampolskiy - Fellow in AI Safety & Security
Damien Sluysmans - Fellow in Single-Molecule Characterization of Molecular Machines
Sanghamitra Mobassarah Nusrat Jahan - Fellow in Molecular Machines
Bharath Ramsundar - Fellow in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchains
Grigory Tikhomirov - Fellow in DNA Nanotechnology
Sergei Kalinin - Fellow in Electron Beam Atom by Atom Assembly
Edgar Andres Ochoa (Cruz) - Fellow in AI for Life Extension
Jane Lippencott - Fellow in Blockchain Governance

These applications were outstanding in their ambitiousness, realizability, and alignment with Foresight’s mission - we are beyond excited to co-create positive futures with the 2018 Foresight Fellows! - Stay tuned, you will see much more of them soon.

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