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Foresight $45,000 Challenge Grant.
Until the end of the year (or until the $45K runs out), the Grant will match you dollar for dollar to double your contribution.

Why do it?
This has been one of the most eventful years in Foresight’s 30-year history.
We have had workshops with leading scientists, engineers, students, and funders on, for instance, Artificial Intelligence for Nanotechnology, and Atomic Precision for Longevity, generating well-received research papers and ongoing projects.
We have given Feynman Awards, and one of our Feynman Award winners has also landed a Nobel Prize.
We have added frequent Salons – free events mostly in San Francisco – on transformative issues of our day.
We launched a Fellowship Program and are having our first Vision Weekedn in a decade tomorrow!
More below, with links to the events.
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New Website

Foresight launched its updated and unitary website. There are several thousand archival pages nested within the site.
In May we had the AI for Nanotechnology Workshop
This yielded the AI NanoMind Project Proposal and this video.
In September, we held the Atomic Precision for Longevity Workshop – final video and white paper to come…but there were a couple of videos at the workshop worth noting, by David Forrest, of the DOE and John Furber, of Legendary Pharmaceuticals.
The 2017 Feynman Prizes were also awarded at the workshop’s Feynman Prize Banquet. One of our Feynman Prize winners was granted a Nobel Prize.

Fellowship Program

Foresight launched its Fellowship program, which is: “…an exclusive one year supportive program committed to giving change-makers the support and mentorship to accelerate their bold ideas into the future. Our mission is to catalyze collaboration among leading young scientists, engineers, and innovators…” 

The Fellows have been paired with experienced mentors - professors and researchers, - have and are being given mentions in the Foresight Updates, along with other benefits. Most have attended one or more Foresight Workshops this year, where Foresight has produce professional videos of their words, aspirations, and appreciation of the program – said videos soon to be on the website.

While maintaining our primary focus on nanotechnology and molecular manufacturing, Foresight has also participated in broadened activities consistent with its charter to include other technologies of fundamental importance to the human future, such as Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Blockchain Technology, and a mention of Inheritance Day in a paper authored by Christine, Allison, our new Senior Fellow, Google Scientist, Mark S. Miller..
We have instituted a series of Salon activities, every few weeks, open to the public. These salons have been presented at a very low cost – close to self-sustaining at this point. We are using them as membership-gathering opportunities, publicity generation, video content, and are considering expanding them as profit centers.
To date, the salons have included:
  • Building Better Futures on the Blockchain, of which event we have posted video.
  • Brunch with David Brin – video here.
  • The Next Frontier: Blockchain Meets Object Capabilities.
  • Playa Speed Salons at Burning Man, where both Allison and Steve gave speed salon talks.
  • The Existential Hope salon (not as yet posted)
  • In November, Foresight will be having its Vision Weekend in San Francisco, with several notable speakers – the first such event by us in nearly a decade.

The Tropostat Video
And check out the Foresight YouTube Channel for much more.
Foresight appearances at non-Foresight events.
UCLA Risk Symposium
At and after the The First Colloquium On Catastrophic And Existential Risk (2017) at UCLA, a paper, “Cyber, Nano, and AGI Risks: Decentralized Approaches to Reducing Risks,” was co-authored by Christine, Allison, and Mark Miller, one of Foresight’s Senior Fellows
EA 2017

Allison and Christine facilitated conducted a workshop on Effective Altruism: Evaluating Hard-To-Measure Projects at the Effective Altruism Global 2017 conference in San Francisco
BIL SF 2017

Christine, Steve and Allison each spoke at the 2017 SF BIL Conference. Videos yet to be posted, along with narrated slide deck. In chronological order, their talks were:
  • Allison: “Why Existential Risks Matter – and some decentralized approaches to reducing risks.”
  • Christine: “Cyber Risk: My favorite catastrophic risk & how to fix it.”
  • Steve: “Nanotech & Abundance: What, How, and Why?”

AI for Scientific Progress Workshop Report (it’s great)
Artificial General Intelligence timeline and policy meeting (draft).

In November, Steve moderated a panel on Artificial Intelligence, with plugs for Foresight and the Visions Weekend.
Additionally, during the final months of 2016, we held a workshop in September: AI for Scientific Progress: Bringing Digital Control to Physical Matter, which yielded a noteworthy 2017 workshop report.
November saw a new event, “The Great Debates of Our Time,” in San Francisco. This event was very well-attended and resulted in several videos that covered a fraction of the event: a summary, “Live Longer and Better,” “Drop Everything to Work on AI,” and “Tomorrow and the Day After.”
Also in November 2016, Christine spoke on “Nano, Bio and Artificial Intelligence Tech that will Transform Your Tomorrows” at the Future Forum in Santa Barbara County.
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