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New blogs this month on the mental health charity sector evidence system, youth suicide prevention, the rising rates of self-harm and a fascinating study of locked versus open wards.

Latest news
11th July 2016
Exploring the mental health charity sector evidence system

A guest post from Caroline Fiennes, Director of Giving Evidence, who has today published a new report that explores in the ways in which UK mental health charities use evidence in the development of their services.
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Popular blogs this month
20th July 2016
safeTALK for youth suicide prevention: new review finds no evidence of safety or efficacy

Olivia Kirtley and Alys Cole-King appraise a new systematic review of the safeTALK school and community based youth suicide prevention intervention, which finds no evidence of safety or efficacy for this well established programme.
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29th July 2016
Locked wards vs open wards: does control = safety?

André Tomlin summarises a 15 year observational study published today in The Lancet Psychiatry, which provides fascinating insight into suicide risk and absconding in psychiatric inpatient units with locked wards and open door policies.
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27th July 2016
Self-harm on the rise, but many denied mental health assessments

Katrina Witt explores a recently published paper that draws on the Multicentre Study of Self-Harm in England. The cohort study found that around one-half of self-harm patients do not receive psychosocial assessment, despite 2004 NICE guidance that recommends everyone who has self-harmed should have a comprehensive assessment of needs and risk.
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28th July 2016

ITI-007 for schizophrenia
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26th July 2016

Making research findings available: join the More Open Access Pledge
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25th July 2016

Neurofeedback for ADHD in children
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22nd July 2016

Self-stigma interventions for people with schizophrenia
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21st July 2016

Can pharmacotherapy help smokers with severe mental disorders?
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19th July 2016

Parent-focused treatment for anorexia in adolescents: more efficient than family-based treatment says new RCT
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18th July 2016

Socially Moodier? High social media use may increase depression
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14th July 2016

Outcomes in first episode manic psychosis
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13th July 2016

Treatment is uncommon for common mental disorders
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12th July 2016

Institutional smoking bans reduce secondhand smoke exposure and harms, but more research is needed
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8th July 2016

People’s experiences of taking antidepressants
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7th July 2016

Evidence-based guidelines for treating bipolar disorder
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6th July 2016

#PreventableHarm discussion 20/7/16: Can risk assessment in mental health be evidence-based?
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6th July 2016

Telehealth for depression: large pragmatic RCT of complex intervention
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5th July 2016

Do prompts help sustain engagement with digital interventions?
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4th July 2016

The apples and oranges of social relationships: what are we measuring and how?
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1st July 2016

Is email good for your health?
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29th June 2016

Depression may be an early symptom of dementia
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28th June 2016

How much mental health presents in emergency departments? We don’t really know
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27th June 2016

Schizophrenia and urban deprivation: When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do?
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24th June 2016

#CannabisMatters conference report
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23rd June 2016

The delirium conundrum: are antipsychotics a good idea?
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22nd June 2016

Risk, relationships and moral work
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21st June 2016

Magic mushrooms promising for treatment resistant depression
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And for your listening pleasure...
Preventable Harm: the podcast

Can mental health services use new research into risks of self-harm, harm to others, and violence from others to make better decisions? Or is risk assessment simply a box-ticking exercise, and might overemphasis on risk damage patient care?

On the 20th July we hosted our first public discussion in partnership with The Lancet Psychiatry and the UCL Division of Psychiatry.

Listen to the complete recording of this event on our blog.
safeTALK for youth suicide prevention

This podcast interview features Stanley Kutcher, Alys Cole-King and Olivia Kirtley all talking about a new systematic review by Prof Kutcher and colleagues, which finds no evidence of safety or efficacy for the safeTALK suicide prevention intervention.

The safeTALK programme sold by Livingworks has become one of the most popular suicide prevention commercial products in recent years.

Listen to the safeTALK podcast on our blog.

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