Mental health research highlights from 2018.
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The Mental Elf

We've published over 100 high quality mental health research blogs so far this year. They are all written by experts and blogged by elves.
Most Popular Blogs in 2018
After the crisis: self-management and peer-support

Jenny Collom, Maria Giorgalli and Derek Tracy summarised an important new RCT, which demonstrates the benefits of peer-supported self-management for people discharged from mental health crisis units.
“Where I End And You Begin”: A personal commentary on Russo’s ‘Through the eyes of the observed’ #PsychDrugDebate

Sarah Carr shared her own experiences of psychiatric medication and provides a critical reading of Jasna Russo’s new discussion paper. Don't miss this incredibly powerful and moving blog.
Mental health diagnosis: views and experiences of service users and clinicians

Vanessa Pinfold and Jennie Parker from the McPin Foundation explored a landmark systematic review of service user, clinician, and carer perspectives on mental health diagnosis.
Sexual function matters to people living with serious mental illness

Rudiger Pittrof and Elana Covshoff from SHRINE (Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Inclusion and Empowerment) broach a topic that is rarely discussed: the sexual health of people with severe mental illness.
Power Threat Meaning Framework: innovative and important? #PTMFramework

Paul Salkovskis and Irene Sutcliffe explored the Power Threat Meaning Framework published by the British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology, which generated a significant amount of heated debate.
School-based mental health services: a good idea?

Pooky Knightsmith wrote her debut elf blog on a meta-analysis of school-based mental health services for 5-10 year old children, which had some practical recommendations for implementation in schools.
This is your brain on social media

Anne-Laura van Harmelen and Susanne Schweizer published their debut elf blog on a recent narrative review of social media use and brain development during adolescence. Timely stuff given the current public conversation about the dangers of social media.
The Lancet Psychiatry Commission on psychological treatments #SeeingFurther

Ioana Cristea highlighted some of the key ideas from the Lancet Psychiatry Commission on psychological treatments research. Plus you can listen to our podcast with the Commission authors.
Antidepressants can help adults with major depression

André Tomlin blogged about this major new network meta-analysis on antidepressants for the acute treatment of adult depression, which received a signiifcant amount of coverage in the popular media.
Mental Health Question Time

Around the world, the legal status of cannabis is changing. Now is the time to ask hard questions: With increasing evidence supporting the medicinal use of cannabis, what shifts policy? What is the evidence for a link between cannabis and mental illness? Is it possible to change the law in a way that maximises benefit, and minimises harm?

Join us 6-8pm on Wednesday 26th September for what promises to be a fascinating discussion. Book your FREE TICKETS for the event in London, or follow us online at #MHQT.

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